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Arizona becomes third state to offer digital license plates
Arizona becomes third state to offer digital license plates

Following California and Michigan, Arizona last week became the third state to introduce digital license plates as an option for motorists. Arizona said that its digital plates come the same firm that makes the technology for California and Michigan, Reviver Auto. The license plate, called the...Read More»

California digital license plate
Michigan puts digital license plates on the road

Following their high-tech debut in California last year, Michigan's Secretary of State on Thursday green-lighted the roll-out of digital license plates by the end of 2019. The digital plates are made by Reviver Auto and use the same technology as those now legal in California and Arizona. Called...Read More»

Reviver digital license plate and platform
Want an electronic license plate connected to the DMV? This startup has one

For historians, the 16th century was the height of the Renaissance. The 18th century was all about the Enlightenment. And the 2000s may one day be described as the Great Networking: the era in which people, communities, and corporations became linked to one another via a series of online networks...Read More»

Texas license plate featuring Confederate flag
Supreme Court Nixes Texas Confederate-Flag License Plates

Specialty license plates have become big business in recent years, but they've brought their share of troubles, too. While some plates feature innocuous school crests or happy, friendly natural landscapes, others court controversy with politically charged slogans. That's made things tough for DMVs...Read More»

Paranoia at Work (photo by Flickr user Apionid)
DEA Is Spying On Millions Of U.S. Drivers With License Plate Readers

Technology does awesome things. It lets us communicate with loved ones, no matter where they are on the planet. It lets us collaborate with colleagues and entrepreneurs thousands of miles away. And of course, it lets us lounge on the sofa in our threadbare, monogrammed Snuggies and order brand-new...Read More»

The Secret World Of License Plate Tracking (Yes, It's As Shady As You Think)

Few people like license plate readers, or LPRs. Despite the safety they promise, they're at best imperfect, and at worst, a grievous invasion of privacy. If you're one of those folks who's wary about LPRs, you might want to steer clear of an article recently published in Wired. It makes abundantly...Read More»

Repo Man
You & Your License Plates Are Being Watched (By America's Repo Men)

We've written before about licence plate readers, or LPRs, which can be found in cities across America. But like all high-end technology, once-pricey LPRs have become more affordable, and now they're being used by mom and pop businesses -- especially repossession companies -- to keep tabs on...Read More»

Hawaii license plate
Wyoming, Hawaii Have America's Favorite License Plates, Delaware Not So Much

Few of us pay much attention to license plates. They're just slices of metal printed with numbers and letters -- useful for identification purposes, but little else. But like everything in our manufactured world, license plates are fully designed objects. People spend months, if not years, choosing...Read More»

Electronic licence plate from Compliance Innovations
California Could Be The First State To Get Electronic License Plates

Several months ago, news feeds were buzzing about Compliance Innovations, a South Carolina startup hoping to bring electronic licence plates to cars across the country. According to ArsTechnica, such plates will soon be a reality, but they'll probably appear in California first. If you've not heard...Read More»

Camera lens
You Are Being Watched: ACLU Shows Extent Of License Plate Tracking: Slideshow

Last fall, we told you about the widespread use of license plate readers -- cameras deployed by government agencies to scan and track plates as cars move across town and across the country. License plate readers can be put to great use finding stolen vehicles or hunting down kidnappers. The problem...Read More»

LGBT equality license plate from Indiana, sponsored by the Indiana Youth Group
Indiana, South Carolina Offer License Plates For LGBT Equality: UPDATED

UPDATED: See below Specialty license plates can raise big bucks for schools and advocacy organizations, but they can also raise a good bit of controversy -- just think of the anti-abortion license plate recently proposed in North Carolina or the religious plate approved by Texas' Department of...Read More»

California's New Whale Tail Plate. Image: California Coastal Commission
New CA License Plate Saves Whales, Angers Original Artist

Another week, another license plate controversy. California has offered drivers a whale-themed license plate since 1997, when a Wyland-designed plate went on sale. The artist, famous for his marine-themed artwork, loaned his whale-tail image to the state for use on a plate funding coastal...Read More»

1952 MG TD
Marilyn Monroe, Volvo S40 And V50, 1939 Plexiglas Pontiac: Today's Car News

This Saturday Marilyn Monroe's car will roll across the auction block. This car graced the backsides of Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, Cary Grant, and Marilyn Monroe. [MotorAuthority] Women drivers protested the Saudi driving ban by circling the embassy in Washington, D.C. [TheCarConnection] Have...Read More»

Texas already allows advertising on license plates. Image:
This License Plate Brought To You By McDonald's

Times are tough all over, but in Illinois the state is considering selling ad space on license plates. That’s not to say that vegan residents from the Land of Lincoln will soon be forced to drive around with a “Sponsored by Whattaburger” tag. Instead, the state is considering the...Read More»

Georgia license plate
Should Deadbeat Parents Lose Their Car License Plates, Too?

Deadbeat parents can be jailed, have their wages garnered, can lose their business licenses and even their passports--but should they lose their car tags, too? In metro Atlanta, the DeKalb County District Attorney's office has decided that license plates are fair game when it comes to getting...Read More»

New license plate design to be issued by New York State in 2010
New York State Backs Down, New License Plates May Be Free

Last week we wrote about New York State's plan to issue new license plates, ostensibly to replace old ones whose reflective material may have worn off. The new and clearly retro design was meant to evoke the bright yellow plates used from 1973 to 1986. But in reality, the sole purpose of the $25...Read More»

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