Link Love From The Car Connection: Fabio FAILs, Gas Stations That Rule, And Going Big (Wheels) On Easter Sunday
Link Love From The Car Connection: Fabio FAILs, Gas Stations That Rule, And Going Big (Wheels) On Easter Sunday

  Full service style -- No matter how you feel about gasoline, the stations that provide it can be pretty rad, and luckily for us, someone has pulled together a handful of architectural homages to America's fave fossil fuel. Not on the list? Barbie's Beer Barn and Discount Unleaded. Clearly, the...Read More»

The Moon-1 Humvee
Mars Researchers Hope Humvee Will Get 35 Million Miles Per Tank

The public has not always been kind to the Mars Institute. Over the years, the organization has been criticized for being unreasonable, impractical, and unnaturally fixated on Star Trek (the William Shatner version, natch.) The public has not always been kind to Hummers, either.  Folks who drive...Read More»

2009 Chevrolet Avalanche
No Fear: GM's Trucks Will Survive

The big news from General Motors this year hasn't been its great new trucks and cars. It's been a constant drumbeat of dire news, down to the "substantial doubts" about its ability to stay out of bankruptcy. There's no need to fear, though. As long as there is a General Motors, there will be Chevy...Read More»

GM Logo
GM Going Green And Very Lean

The Scottish poet Robert Burns once said, "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Why bother planning then? Well, as Congress made abundantly clear during the Big 3 bailout talks last fall, you have to have some kind of plan in place before you can expect any help. (Unless, of course...Read More»

2009 HUMMER H3
SEMA 2008: HUMMER's Still Here

Despite being up on the auction block, HUMMER still beats with a GM heart, at least as of SEMA '08. The purveyor of over-the-top SUVs says that its H3T Weekend Warrior concept "demonstrates the added extreme capability and functionality that can be accomplished with the H3T and a few weekends in...Read More»

Car Fire
Microheat Cooked by GM Recall

Recently announcing that it would become ever tougher on underperforming suppliers, GM has not only banished Microheat as a supplier of heated windshield washer systems for its premium vehicles, but it has allegedly withheld payments since June and wants Microheat to pay between $ 20 and 25 million...Read More»

GM to Offload HUMMER, Parts Plant in France

GM plans to sell a parts plant in Strasbourg, France as well as offloading its HUMMER division, in new announcements that it plans to speed the pace of its $10 billion in cost cuts to stem losses totaling $69.8 billion since the end of 2004. These initiatives were announced by GM treasurer Walter...Read More»

Last HUMMER Dealer in Vegas Shuttered

Towbin HUMMER is history--and in its death throes are a larger lesson on GM's HUMMER experiment. Towbin was one of HUMMER's largest retailers in the nation. It's the eighth HUMMER dealer closure in 2008, and eliminates any retail outlets for the brand in notoriously spendy and splashy Las...Read More»

Henderson and Wagoner
More Big Cuts: Can GM Hang On?

Barely a month after announcing massive cuts, notably on the truck side of the business, General Motors today revealed a new plan aimed at coping with the "dramatic" rise in fuel prices and the steady downturn in the American auto market. The numerous steps outlined by GM CEO Rick Wagoner at the...Read More»

GM Announces Big Cuts in "Plan to Win"

Stay tuned all morning as we begin to deliver updates on the massive cuts General Motors is announcing. The automaker's CEO, Rick Wagoner, told employees early today that "Our plan is not a plan to survive. It is a plan to win." But can slashing costs, trimming thousands of jobs, and more get the...Read More»

Standard Taxi HUMMER
HUMMER Turning to the Taxi Cab?

With all the uncertainty surrounding GM's HUMMER division, manufacturing partner AM General is looking for business to fill its Mishawaka, Ind., plant. And that business could include producing taxi cabs, if a report from HUMMERGuy's Web site is correct. VPG Autos is in negotiations with AM General...Read More»

What Cuts Will GM Announce Tomorrow?

The news is apparently going to be big - big enough that General Motors not only put out a series of media advisories, but made sure to call just everyone up and down the journalist food chain to ensure they know about CEO Rick Wagoner’s big announcement Tuesday morning. What’s in store? The...Read More»

GM's Wagoner: "No Bankruptcy"

General Motors has no intention of declaring bankruptcy, despite the dire warnings of some leading industry analysts worried about the worsening health of the domestic auto industry in general and GM, in particular. "We have no thought of (declaring bankruptcy) whatsoever," said the automaker's...Read More»

Could GM Be Ready to Trim More Brands?

How deeply will GM plunge the knife? As it struggles to halt the hemorrhaging, the ailing automaker is considering just about every option available, and that could include still more job cuts – and the sale of one or more of its brands. “Nothing is off the table,” a well-placed source tells...Read More»


Our colleague and friend, Katie Merx, from the Detroit Free Press, has taken an interesting look at the future of General Motors’ troubled HUMMER brand. We won’t summarize all the specifics, as you might be better heading to the site for her take on the story. But here are a few...Read More»

2008 HUMMER H2
GM Has a HUMMER Problem

This morning's shareholders' meeting with General Motors held a few surprises, with GM CEO Rick Wagoner announcing a new Chevrolet compact car to be produced in the U.S., and confirming that GM's board had funded production money for the Volt plug-in hybrid. Mentioned almost off-hand, but to no...Read More»

HUMMER Greens Up With E85

You can color HUMMER's H2 a little greener for the 2009 model year. General Motors says the large SUVs will be offered with a flex-fuel, E85-capable engine for the new year. Both the H2 and the truck-bedded H2 SUT are ready for ethanol power in 2009. And by 2010, HUMMER general manager Martin Walsh...Read More»

Pic Tease: 2009 HUMMER H3T Alpha

Back in January, we showed you all the photos of the 2009 HUMMER H3T we could score from GM's massive public-relations mothership. We also previewed HUMMER's baby truck in advance of a review we'll bring you soon. Until then, we'll just tease you by proxy. GM released a wad of new high-resolution...Read More»

IIHS Crashes Cars, Video Servers, While Murano Looks Good

Car crashes make for good viewing fun--how else to explain TruTV's nightly lineup? But they also make good fodder for car shoppers--and today's results from the latest crash tests from an insurance industry research group gives SUV and crossover shoppers some vivid video to study. The Insurance...Read More»