Volvo Confirms 300-HP, AWD C30
Volvo Confirms 300-HP, AWD C30

Think Volvos are just for soccer moms? Think again. The Swedish purveyor of "safe" has just confirmed plans for a 300-horsepower, all-wheel-drive edition of the Kammback-cool C30 hatch. This is a nice antidote to increasingly bland entries like the V70 (no longer with turbocharged power), and...Read More»

2008 Toyota iQ
Toyota's iQ to Sport Rear Window Airbag

According to the folks at Carscoop, Toyota will be implementing the first-ever rear window airbag on its upcoming Toyota iQ minicar. Perhaps to allay fears of crash protection in the raft of ever-smaller vehicles becoming popular as energy costs soar, the bag adds protection to rear passengers'...Read More»

2007 Toyota Prius
Question: Should Toyota Make a 100-mpg Prius?

Should Toyota play it safe with the new hybrid it's bringing to the Detroit show in January--or shoot for the moon with a 100-mpg Prius? We've shown you spy shots of the 2010 Prius before its anticipated intro at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. But where the Prius has...Read More»

2009 Honda Fit Sport
2009 Honda Fit: What's Inside Counts

Our last post gave you the rundown on what's so special about the 2009 Honda Fit. For one thing, it's hard to find anything wrong with the second-generation city car Instrument panel follows a flowing—yet very functional—form, with plenty of storage cubbies, well-positioned vents, and controls...Read More»

2009 Honda Fit Sport
2009 Honda Fit: First Drive

Just a few days ago, after we’d already spent several hours driving and scrutinizing the 2009 Honda Fit, I felt the need to go back and spend some extra time with our test car just looking for flaws, for something worth criticizing, to counter the collection of beaming positives that I’d...Read More»

2010 Kia Soul
2009 Kia Soul: Now for the Engines

Try as you might to ignore the 2009 Kia Soul, the Korean automaker is intent on letting you know something about the upcoming four-door wagon on a monthly basis. In advance of this week's London motor show, Kia let loose with the details on the Soul's engines. The four-cylinders range from 1.6...Read More»

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit
Volkswagen Looking for Cost Cuts on Next Rabbit

Volkswagen's been hammered by the sinking dollar for years--but the German automaker has a plan to spread its currency pain more evenly. Along with building a U.S. factory due to be announced last month, the automaker's trying to slash production costs for its next generation of vehicles, including...Read More»

2011 Ford Fiesta
Viva Mexico: 2011 Ford Fiesta Finds a Home

The 2011 Ford Fiesta is on the way--and along with the four-door sedan already in the product plan, Ford's decided to bring along a three-door to the U.S., too. At this year's Detroit auto show, I talked to Ford's new marketing chief Jim Farley about the future of the Verve concept the company had...Read More»

2008 Scion xD
Hot Lava! Scion xD Launches Series 1.0

Isn't it about time Scion launched another of its home-brewed Release editions? Of course it is. And possibly inspired by the B-52s, the new Scion xD Release Series 1.0 gets a fabulous Hot Lava paint job to go with its added kit. For $1,999 more than the base manual-gearbox Scion xD (priced now...Read More»

Evo and STi: Different Creatures

A weeklong drive of Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution GSR impressed jaw-dropping performance, but it also served to help reinforce, quickly, what I liked better about the Subaru WRX STi that I’d driven a few months back: greater livability, drivability, and practicality. First off, both of...Read More»

Volvo Boosts C30 With R-Design

Volvo Cars of North America has announced that the limited edition C30 R-design will be available in April and priced at $25,700, not including destination. The C30 R-Design is a striking version of the new C30 hatchback. A car tweaked like this new version has to have the power to back up the...Read More»

Honda Shapes Up With New 2009 Fit

Honda pulled the sheets off its new 2009 Fit hatchback at the New York auto show today, just two model years after the city-sipping hatchback first joined the Japanese automaker's lineup. What left us a little verklempt was the lack of complete powertrain info on the new vehicle, which doesn't...Read More»

New Honda Fit Coming to New York

Honda's throwing a new Fit in New York, and unlike those thrown by the celebuclowns over on Gawker, this Fit is entirely deserved. In a press release posted late last night, Honda says that an all-new Fit will make its debut at the New York auto show next month. "The current Fit has been a...Read More»

Mazda Confirms Three-Door 2

For the first time, the Mazda 2 will be available as a three-door car, and it will make its debut at March’s Geneva Motor Show. The news means a sporty “hot hatch” version – to wear the Mazda Performance Series (MPS) badge in Europe – is now more likely than ever. The Mazda2 is based on...Read More»

GM Makes Trax for City Cars?

There’s no doubt that we’re more interested in subcompacts, here in the days of $2.50 a gallon gas. But can Chevrolet make it happen where Toyota, Honda, even smart, have such a head start? The brand will test the waters at the New York auto show with a trio of 1.0-liter concept...Read More»

In the Driver’s Seat: VW Rabbit 2.5

Naming cars isn’t an art, and it isn’t a science—sometimes it’s just a stab in the dark. Hence the entrance and exit of the Five Hundred nameplate at Ford—and now, the return of the Rabbit moniker at VW. Americans have dim, dark memories of the Rabbit, but it’s...Read More»

Vibe Getting “G” On in NYC?

We’ve been planning for the next coming of the Pontiac Vibe in lots of ways—pulling out our Vibe-themed centerpiece for the holiday table, composing Vibe haiku, journaling about what the Vibe has meant to us in our daily lives. Now it turns out that could all be going to waste. Our KGP...Read More»

2008 bmw efficientdynamics motorauthority 006
Audi Going Down with A1

MINI’s got one. So does BMW, and so does Benz. Even Volvo has a small, small car—and now Audi’s lined up a place to build its own entry-level car. The European press is calling the new car the A1. Speculation says it’s going to be a hash of VW Polo and Golf underpinnings...Read More»

MINI Clubman: The Name Sounds Familiar

For almost two years, reports out of Oxford said the long-wheelbase MINI was going to be called the Traveller. Concepts came and went—and we waited, and waited, and the blogs came up with Clubman as the putative name of the stretched MINI. This week in Geneva, no less than Dr. Michael Ganal...Read More»