Honda Carves Fans' Faces Into Pumpkins
Honda Carves Fans' Faces Into Pumpkins

Ever since Honda hit the one million Facebook fan mark this past spring, it's been showing the love for its fans. Last Halloween, it held a Facebook contest where fans posted photos of their Honda-inspired pumpkin carving. This Halloween, Honda has decided to show the love by having the faces of...Read More»

OnStar's "Monster Dodger" service. Image: GM Corp.
OnStar Wants To Be Your Monster Dodger Service This Halloween

Every year, come Halloween, there's talk about zombie outbreaks. And while such an undead invasion has yet to come to fruition in this writer's lifetime, you just never know when one might take place. This Halloween, OnStar is going to provide Monster Dodger services to all its customers. OnStar...Read More»