For The Crafty Procrastinator: 7 Car Gifts You Can Crochet At Home
For The Crafty Procrastinator: 7 Car Gifts You Can Crochet At Home

You've done it again. Maybe you're a chronic procrastinator. Maybe you'd hoped that the Mayans were right, and you'd be off the hook this year. But whatever the reason, you now find yourself just a few days from Christmas, with a very long, very unfinished shopping list. Sure, you could slog to the...Read More»

'Stormville' by Kevin Cyr, featured at
10 Perfect Presents: The Car Connection's Holiday Gift Guide

It's been two weeks since Black Friday, and still you're struggling to find gifts for the last few folks on your holiday shopping list. You've hit the malls, you've followed Groupons and coupons down virtual rabbit holes lined with impersonal gift cards and bland gewgaws that wouldn't even tempt...Read More»

Dr. Who keychains
12 Cyber Monday Gift Ideas From The Car Connection's Holiday Gift Guide

We know what you're thinking: "Another holiday gift guide?" But hear us out, because this one's a little different. For starters the following 12 goodies are geared toward commuters, tinkerers, and other car fans. Whether they're shade-tree mechanics or shuttle-service soccer moms, there's...Read More»

2010 Chevrolet Aveo
7 Worst Cars To Gift Anyone, For Any Reason

We are finally at the season of giving once again. A time to reflect on the things we wish we had, then again, it can also be a time for thinking about the things you are thankful you don't have. Funny thing about gifts, most are given with good intentions. Sadly, not all gifts can be a blessing...Read More»

christmas holiday gift
7 Worst Automotive Gifts

'Tis the season for holiday cheer, and all that. But for car-crazy people, it's also the season for a heap of seemingly useless automotive gifts, most of which will be stowed away until your next white elephant exchange or passed along to the novice driver in the family. Well-intentioned relatives...Read More»

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