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VW Scirocco Teases U.S. Dubheads, Again
VW Scirocco Teases U.S. Dubheads, Again

The original was a hit in the Seventies, its successor was popular in the Eighties, and now, 34 years after its debut, one of VW’s most famous badges has returned. Finished in a vibrant red paint, the Scirocco coupe was one of the big attractions at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. At...Read More»

At Rolls-Royce, It's What Wasn't Mentioned

Late last year, an unnamed Rolls-Royce source told the media about the possibility of the development of a fourth model. Then the first spy shots of the smaller Rolls appeared in British magazines. So it's no surprise there were plenty of questions about the small Rolls-Royce at the Geneva Motor...Read More»

Fiat's 500 Gets the Abarth Treatment

Fiat continues to bask in the glory of having the retro-styled 500 crowned European Car of the Year, and two new versions were unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The first was a concept and badged the 500 Aria and is designed to be among the most eco-friendly vehicles on the road. Using a 1.3-liter...Read More»

Mitsubishi Prototype-S Headed to the U.S.

Mitsubishi doesn’t really do concept cars, just very thinly disguised versions of production models. Change the front the lights, swap the big wheels for more sensible ones, and you’re pretty much there. And so it is with the Prototype-S, the firm’s Geneva Motor Show concept...Read More»

Hyundai HED-5--Or Is the i-Mode?

Hyundai will launch a new compact minivan in the near future, and the Korean firm’s Geneva Motor Show concept hints at the styling and functionality. Bizarrely it has two names, either HED-5 – because it’s the fifth production the from Hyundai European Design center – or the...Read More»

Geneva Accord Redux

Photos of Honda's new Accord and Accord Tourer (wagon) were first released several weeks ago, but the automaker showed the vehicle in the flesh for the first time on its Geneva stand. Again, the model is a different car completely than what is sold in the U.S. under the same name but closely...Read More»

Nissan Building Worldwide Momentum

Nissan kicked off the Geneva show this morning with its GT-R super sports car. Even though the stunning, long-anticipated sports car was unveiled in Tokyo and shown at L.A. and Detroit, its European debut attracted as much attention. Carlos Tavares, executive vice president of Nissan Motor Corp...Read More»

2008 Geneva Motor Show
2008 Geneva Motor Show Coverage

The Geneva show hails the beginning of auto show season in Europe. As the second big international auto show, after Detroit, the Geneva show is traditionally the kick-off of the spring selling season on the Continent, as well as a way for the world's automotive braintrust to gather over new...Read More»

2008 Hyundai HE-5 Concept
2008 Hyundai HE-5 Concept

Hyundai will launch a new compact minivan in the near future, and the Korean firm’s Geneva Motor Show concept hints at the styling and functionality. Bizarrely it has two names, either HED-5 — because it’s the fifth production the from Hyundai European Design center — or the i-mode. The...Read More»

The 9-1 in Disguise? Saab Reveals 9-X BioHybrid for Geneva

Saab has just released the first details of the 9-X BioHybrid, the concept car it will unveil tomorrow at the Geneva motor show. The 9-X could be the precursor to a new 9-1 hatchback, if Saab enthusiasts and brand directors have their way. For now, Saab only says in a press release that the new...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

The Geneva motor show is upon us--the ever-predictable diesels, hybrids and city cars as well as the Rinspeed flake-o-rama. What keeps us up at night: why is Geneva a "motor" show and Detroit an "auto" show? Who's got Jerry Seinfeld's cell? Despite some clever electronic traps set--like, um, FTP...Read More»

Lithium's Working? Daimler and GM Promising Better Hybrids

We've had our doubts about lithium-ion battery technology for hybrids. But with General Motors, Toyota and Daimler AG working on the more powerful batteries, a breakthrough was more likely than not. The great leap forward has happened--and it's hybrid latecomer Daimler that says it will deliver the...Read More»

Scirocco Pics Sweep the 'Net, Tease U.S. Fans

First it was a no, then a noncommittal maybe then a definitive no. At least we won't have to fret too much over Volkswagen's newest generation of the Scirocco, the coupe it will unveil at the Geneva motor show next week. The reason we're not getting the new two-door is simple. Volkswagen's U.S...Read More»

Sportback Debut in Geneva: Mitsu Details Prototype-S

A Lancer-derived concept is coming to the Mitsubishi stand in Geneva, and these are the first photos to be released of the new vehicle. Mitsu’s Prototype-S takes the stage for the first time in Geneva, and the Japanese automaker says it’s derived from the existing Lancer. With a...Read More»

Lambo Numbers Gallardo LP560-4 For Geneva

Despite the rash of spy photos and Photochops circulating the ‘Net, you haven’t really seen the new Lamborghini due next week at the Geneva motor show. And if you don’t speak numbers, you might not even figure out what the new version of the Gallardo actually is, even after Lambo...Read More»

GranTurismo S: Maserati Joins the Tweakers

Maserati’s stunning GranTurismo coupe is adding a new flavor just in time for the Geneva motor show, in the form of the GranTurismo S. At last year’s Geneva show, we brought you the first look at the GranTurismo, the effortlessly sexy replacement for the previous Coupe. Styled by...Read More»

BMW X1 Spied - The MINI Ute Gets a Sibling

Our Scandinavian lensman just snagged some new photos of the BMW X1 in the midst of some cold-weather tests. Our latest look at BMW's sub-X3 SUV comes along with some new information on the X1's promising technical specs. Reports from Britain's Car Magazine tell us that a ZF-supplied eight-speed...Read More»

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics tech
2008 BMW X5 EfficientDynamics Concept

Hybrid-electric technology, with a modern, clean-diesel engine, really makes a lot of sense for U.S. driving. Diesel engines are at their best in steady-state highway cruising, while hybrid componentry greatly improves efficiency in start-and-stop congestion. Now BMW is bringing out a vehicle that...Read More»

Fiat Punches up Midget 500 to Abarth Spec

Fiat’s racing division, Abarth, has worked it magic on the recently crowned European Car of the Year and will go public with the results at the Geneva Motor Show. Designed to evoke the spirit of the legendary Abarth version of the classic 1960s Fiat 500, it’s powered by a 1.4-liter...Read More»

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