Geneva Motor Show

Scirocco Pics Sweep the 'Net, Tease U.S. Fans
Scirocco Pics Sweep the 'Net, Tease U.S. Fans

First it was a no, then a noncommittal maybe then a definitive no. At least we won't have to fret too much over Volkswagen's newest generation of the Scirocco, the coupe it will unveil at the Geneva motor show next week. The reason we're not getting the new two-door is simple. Volkswagen's U.S...Read More»

Sportback Debut in Geneva: Mitsu Details Prototype-S

A Lancer-derived concept is coming to the Mitsubishi stand in Geneva, and these are the first photos to be released of the new vehicle. Mitsu’s Prototype-S takes the stage for the first time in Geneva, and the Japanese automaker says it’s derived from the existing Lancer. With a...Read More»

Lambo Numbers Gallardo LP560-4 For Geneva

Despite the rash of spy photos and Photochops circulating the ‘Net, you haven’t really seen the new Lamborghini due next week at the Geneva motor show. And if you don’t speak numbers, you might not even figure out what the new version of the Gallardo actually is, even after Lambo...Read More»

GranTurismo S: Maserati Joins the Tweakers

Maserati’s stunning GranTurismo coupe is adding a new flavor just in time for the Geneva motor show, in the form of the GranTurismo S. At last year’s Geneva show, we brought you the first look at the GranTurismo, the effortlessly sexy replacement for the previous Coupe. Styled by...Read More»

BMW X1 Spied - The MINI Ute Gets a Sibling

Our Scandinavian lensman just snagged some new photos of the BMW X1 in the midst of some cold-weather tests. Our latest look at BMW's sub-X3 SUV comes along with some new information on the X1's promising technical specs. Reports from Britain's Car Magazine tell us that a ZF-supplied eight-speed...Read More»

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics tech
2008 BMW X5 EfficientDynamics Concept

Hybrid-electric technology, with a modern, clean-diesel engine, really makes a lot of sense for U.S. driving. Diesel engines are at their best in steady-state highway cruising, while hybrid componentry greatly improves efficiency in start-and-stop congestion. Now BMW is bringing out a vehicle that...Read More»

Fiat Punches up Midget 500 to Abarth Spec

Fiat’s racing division, Abarth, has worked it magic on the recently crowned European Car of the Year and will go public with the results at the Geneva Motor Show. Designed to evoke the spirit of the legendary Abarth version of the classic 1960s Fiat 500, it’s powered by a 1.4-liter...Read More»

Alfa 8C Spider Blows its Top for Geneva

Alfa’s taken a nontraditional route in getting its 8C Competizione out in front of the world. Instead of showing the coupe at a traditional auto show, it flaunted the hot two-door instead at the 2005 Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, when Alfa Romeo was the featured manufacturer. But...Read More»

2008 Kia Soul concept
2009 Kia Soul Preview

There was little doubt the Kia Soul concept was going to spawn a production car when it was unveiled at the Detroit auto show in 2006. It’s just the sort of segment-busting compact funky car that the Korean firm needs to boost its image. Nothing had been heard of the car since, though prototype...Read More»

Which Fiesta Comes First?

I wasn't really old enough to remember the first Ford Fiesta that jumped the ocean in the midst of the second 1970s oil shock--at the time, my family was still hip-deep in jade-green Thunderbird vinyl. But Ford's new Fiesta has me interested, if only because it's so close to the stunning Verve...Read More»

Chevrolet Aveo Adds Hatch in Geneva

Five months after the five-door Chevrolet Aveo was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, first pictures of the three-door have been released by the firm’s European arm. The new car's getting a world debut at the Geneva auto show in March. Together the pair will replace the Kalos, one of the...Read More»

Toyota's Low, Small iQ Gets Geneva Debut

It’s been a "will they, won’t they" debate in the motoring media for weeks, but Toyota has finally come clean. Next month’s Geneva Motor Show will see the world debut of the production version of the innovative iQ concept. There will be very little detail until the Swiss expo, but...Read More»

Meriva Getting a Geneva Premiere

GM has announced it will have a trio of world debut cars at next month’s Geneva Motor Show – and this is the first to break cover. European bosses have released a single sketch of a new small car, and the clue is in the title. It’s the Meriva concept, which obviously hints at a...Read More»

Mazda Confirms Three-Door 2

For the first time, the Mazda 2 will be available as a three-door car, and it will make its debut at March’s Geneva Motor Show. The news means a sporty “hot hatch” version – to wear the Mazda Performance Series (MPS) badge in Europe – is now more likely than ever. The Mazda2 is based on...Read More»

Porsche Plans Hybrid #2

Porsche’s confirmed that the Panamera will be offered in a hybrid flavor when it finally bows in 2009. The hybrid version will share its gas-electric running gear with the Cayenne Hybrid, which was introduced at the 2007 Los Angeles auto show. Porsche promises a 30-percent boost in fuel...Read More»

2008 Rinspeed sQuba Concept
2008 Rinspeed sQuba Concept

While the world preps for Corvette ZR1s, Hyundai Geneses, and Ford F-150s aplenty at the upcoming Detroit auto show, wacky Swiss aftermarket tuner Rinspeed continues its contrarian tack by releasing this sketch of its next concept car — a zero-emission machine capable of diving. Yep, diving. This...Read More»

We Drive Chrysler’s 2007 Concepts

Chrysler's recent crop of concept cars haven't been approved for production-but that didn't stop the company from letting the press get their hands on them for a spin. The automaker brought an assortment of show cars - a handful from each category - out on a warm spring afternoon, some just to sit...Read More»

Rinspeed 911 Turbo
Rinspeed Dubs Up the 911 Turbo

The next Geneva Motor Show is the better part of a year away, yet there’s a new model from Swiss tuner Rinspeed. This one’s fairly sensible though – an exclusive accessories program calledLe Mans for the Porsche 997 Turbo. The front skirt with integrated carbon splitters produces greater...Read More»

Hakaze Turning Into CX-5

Mazda’s totally into SUVs now. The Tribute was their first taste – and the CX-9 and CX-7 are proof that there’s some zoom-zoom potential in crossover utes. Now, Mazda may be filling out its bottom end with a CX-5 based on the Hakaze concept from Geneva. The new ute would carry...Read More»

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