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Want to Save a Bundle on Fuel?
Want to Save a Bundle on Fuel?

Want to save a bundle on each tank of gas? Slow down. It may seem like there's not much difference between going 70 and 75 mph, but according to Department of Energy data, that 5 mph difference equals a roughly 5 percent difference in fuel consumption. Cut your speed from 75 to 55, and you'll boost...Read More»

Speed Limit 55
Is the Double-Nickel Coming Back?

It's back...or at least it may be soon. Lawmakers across the country are starting to reconsider the "double nickel" speed limit, which was implemented back in the mid-1970s, following the first Mideast oil shock. (Actually, the figure was originally a snail's pace 50, until Congress caved in to the...Read More»

Corn Ethanol Pump
Ethanol: Gone with the Wind – And Rain and Drought?

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita gave Americans their first real taste of high gasoline prices three years ago, when they struck the Gulf Coast. Damaging both offshore oil rigs and refineries, the storms disrupted the flow of a quarter of the nation's fuel supply, driving prices at the pump over $3 a...Read More»

Chrysler Closing More Plants

Hit hard by the slump in sales of SUVs, pickups, and other light trucks - which normally account for two-thirds of its volume - Chrysler LLC plans to close an assembly plant later this year and sharply reduce production at another. Chrysler's St. Louis South plant, one of two producing minivans for...Read More»

John McCain
McCain Wants to End Oil Dependence

Michigan is likely to be one of the big battlegrounds in this year's presidential race, and both candidates are preparing to wage war with their own take on the issue of oil and the auto industry. Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, pulled the wraps off his own plans this week...Read More»


Our colleague and friend, Katie Merx, from the Detroit Free Press, has taken an interesting look at the future of General Motors’ troubled HUMMER brand. We won’t summarize all the specifics, as you might be better heading to the site for her take on the story. But here are a few...Read More»

Toyota Tundra
Toyota Pinched by Truck Slump, Too

Regular readers of have gotten used to the daily barrage of news and headlines trumpeting the impact of record oil prices on Big Three truck sales. But Detroit makers aren't the only ones feeling the pinch. After delaying the launch of a new plant intended to build its...Read More»

GM Indefinitely Delays Next-Gen Truck Plans

Considering current market conditions, which one industry official has described as "watershed," we weren't really surprised to learn that General Motors is putting an indefinite hold on its plans to re-do its next generation of large trucks and SUVs. By saving an estimated $250 million or more per...Read More»

Big Oil
The More You Pay, The More You Panic

The more you pay for gasoline, it seems, the more you're likely to panic and rush out looking for some quick fix - or so suggest the results from a new survey by CNW Marketing. Until prices hit around $3 a gallon, there was virtually no impact on consumer buying decisions, the study finds. But...Read More»

Oil Pump
Enviro Groups Want Tougher Mileage Rules

The pressure's on federal regulators to sharply increase the already-big increase in U.S. fuel economy standards approved last year. With gasoline prices now running nearly double the numbers forecast back then, a consortium of consumer and environmental groups believes there's an opportunity to...Read More»

Big Oil
Buzz Off, Big Oil

"Dear Oil, We've had this great relationship for many years. We think we will both be a lot happier if we see less of each other." So goes a new TV spot that General Motors is pulling together, according to a report in the Detroit News. It's not just a reflection of the times, but a big turnaround...Read More»

Fuel Prices
Gas-Saving Tips

The folks at the NPR daily "Here and Now" invited me to join them on the air this week to talk about ways to cut fast-rising gasoline bills. I thought I'd share a few of the most effective ideas we discussed - and to debunk some others. The fact is, there are ways even the most cautious drivers in...Read More»

Brilliance Auto
Cheap Chinese Gas

While American motorists have been watching the numbers on their local gas pumps go up and up and up, drivers on the other side of the world don't seem to mind - indeed, don't even know - about the run-up in fuel costs. That's because the Chinese government, increasingly concerned about the powers...Read More»

Tailpipe Emissions
Idle Time

Don't worry about running a red light. Seems the real way to get into trouble in Minneapolis these days is letting your engine run. The city has just enacted a new law that means you'll get a hefty fine for letting your car idle for more than three minutes. The one exception is when you're stuck in...Read More»

2008 Ford F-Series
Asians Overtake Detroit; F-Series Falls to Civic

If all the plant closings, production shifts, and job losses haven’t gotten out the word that there’s a massive sea change reshaping the U.S. auto industry, then the sales numbers for May should certainly complete the picture. For the first time, Asian automakers outsold the U.S. Big Three last...Read More»

GM's "Very Difficult" Transformation

In technical terms, they’re called “strategic initiatives.” But for practical purposes, the wide range of changes General Motors has announced this morning amounts to nothing less than a wholesale transformation of the giant automaker – and an admission that the truck-based...Read More»

2009 Dodge Ram: Timing Is Everything

In recent weeks, sales data show pickups have fallen from about 11 percent of the U.S. motor vehicle market to just 9 percent, and there’s little chance of a recovery, certainly anytime soon. That’s too bad, as the new Ram has a lot going for it, from the new design to its first true Crew Cab...Read More»

2014 Ford F-150 2WD SuperCrew 145" XLT Steering Wheel
Ford to Step Up Fiesta Production

Slammed by the collapse of the American truck market, Ford Motor Co. is looking ways to ramp up production of its new Fiesta minicar. The subcompact, launched to much acclaim in Europe earlier this year, is scheduled to arrive in the States in 2010. Significantly, Ford will halt production of its...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Toyota May Build Prius in U.S. Plant

I’ve been out in Northern California this weekend, attending a family wedding. It doesn’t take much time on the road to recognize that the Toyota Prius has become has common as sunshine out here. And considering that the cheapest fuel I’ve seen comes in at $4.22 a gallon, sales seem to have...Read More»

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