Twelve Days of Christmas: The Tailgate Sling Chair
Twelve Days of Christmas: The Tailgate Sling Chair

OK, so we’re not aware of many things more useful than a barbecue pit or a hoops backboard attached to your truck’s trailer hitch. But then, on our way out west, we skimmed through the best catalog you can shop from at 35,000 feet—yep, Skymall—and found the perfect accoutrement to your...Read More»

Mio and Navigon GPS
Twelve Days of Christmas: GPS Units

Considering the number of portable GPS units on the market, it seems that as a nation, we have an incredible fear of being lost and/or not knowing where we are. Regardless of how fun it would be to dart down a rabbit trail commentary regarding our national consciousness, your author will stick to...Read More»

2008 Audi R8
Audi to Offer HD Radio Across 2011 Lineup

"Vorsprung durch Technik"--that's German for "Advancement Through Technology," a concept that Audi espouses in promoting new technologies such as HD Radio as standard equipment on many of its model-year 2011 lineup. The German automaker, who shares a U.S. headquarters with Volkswagen in Herndon...Read More»

iPhone Tapped to Bolster 2009 Ford Flex Sales

Hoping to ride the wave of massive popularity enjoyed by Apple's iPhone, Ford is pumping up its 2009 Flex crossover with a new iPhone application, reports the Detroit Free Press. Called Flex Photo Lab, the app allows users to alter photos on the iPhone or learn more information about Ford's 2009...Read More»

Cell Phone Safety
Cell Phone Software Reduces "Driving While Distracted"

There is mounting pressure against using that mobile phone while driving, even if you go the safe route of hands-free, Bluetooth talking. From the AP Wire, a new mobile phone technology developed by Canadian software firm Aegis Mobility was announced Monday. The software, called DriveAssist, works...Read More»

Car Fire
Microheat Cooked by GM Recall

Recently announcing that it would become ever tougher on underperforming suppliers, GM has not only banished Microheat as a supplier of heated windshield washer systems for its premium vehicles, but it has allegedly withheld payments since June and wants Microheat to pay between $ 20 and 25 million...Read More»

OnStar reduced power
GM's OnStar Debuts Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

Beware auto thieves--you might want to think twice before lifting that '09 Caddy CTS. Or at least hire a 13-year-old computer hacker to ride along with. Today, GM's OnStar announces Stolen Vehicle Slowdown on '09 OnStar-equipped vehicles sold in the United States and Canada, and we can only imagine...Read More»

Tire pressure
Tire Pressures Drop as Fall Marches On

Fall is upon us, and for most of the country that means dropping temperatures. The air--or even nitrogen for some of you Sam's Club geeks--in your tires shrinks as it gets colder outside. As morning temps dip lower and lower, checking your tires weekly before setting off, which of course you always...Read More»

Hand with keys
Ford's MyKey Limits Speed, Adds Alerts for Teen Drivers

Ford's MyKey system, says the Detroit News, will be available on select 2010 models and limits vehicle speed to 80 mph for teen drivers. It also has the capability to limit maximum radio volume, sound speed warning chimes, and sound extra warning chimes if drivers do not wear safety belts. Whether...Read More»

2008 Bentley Arnage Final Series
Pie-in-the-Sky Press Release of the Day: Bentley Couture

As October's bright blue weather approaches, Bentley wants you to know that its "new and expanded Bentley Collection range" is "perfect for the holiday period." Having recently released its Ego Lifestyle laptop computer to the tune of nearly $20,000, Bentley's custom-made wares are clearly not...Read More»

2009 Suzuki Equator
Driven: 2009 Suzuki Equator

Nissan isn't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes with its new mid-size truck, the '09 Equator. Clearly a Nissan Frontier with, we think, a very attractive schnoz, Suzuki brass are quick to comment that the new-to-Suzuki truck was "developed as a joint effort with Nissan North America, Inc."...Read More»

Ego for Bentley
Bentley Announces New, Exclusive Partnership with...Ego

Listen up, corporate squashbucklers: those Guccis, Breitlings, and swollen offshore accounts may not have cured those bruises to the psyche incurred so many years ago in high school study hall. But fear not--Bentley has a little $19,800 ego boost that should set things aright. On this very day, the...Read More»

2009 Dodge Challenger
Keyless Go Forces Recall of 6,636 Dodge Challengers

"Keyless Go" is an apt moniker in this age of multitasking, speed-passing, Easy-Fueling drivers. But 6,636 '08-'09 Dodge Challengers with automatics are in such a seeming hurry to get moving that they may do so even when their owners would rather they stay put. Said the National Highway Traffic...Read More»

Teen driving
Slow Down, Junior--Tiwi's Talking

Detractors of increasing the driving age, as recommended by the IIHS, might just get a boost from a new bit of technology that acts as driving coach, nanny, and concerned parent all at once. The Tiwi, brought to overburdened parents everywhere by Inthinc, does more than just use GPS triangulation...Read More»

2008 BMW 1-Series 128i
BMW USA Mulling New Four-Cylinders?

The last time BMW installed a four-cylinder powerplant in a 3 Series, a Clinton was in the White House--and not just as a dinner guest. With fuel prices at semipermanent highs, BMW USA is considering adding a four-banger back to its lineup in its 3 Series and 1 Series models, so says Edmunds Inside...Read More»

iPhone Traffic App
Distraction Alert: Live Traffic Hits the iPhone

In yet another computerized bit of mobile wizardry that is sure to take drivers' eyes off the road, a Mac aficionado has developed software for the iPhone called Mobileyes. The application helps commuters avoid rush hour traffic by viewing live traffic camera feeds on the fly and right on the...Read More»

Talking While Driving?

To those of you who routinely juggle multiple devices or are addicted to staying in touch while in the driver’s seat, all while commuting with a Slurpee wedged into the cupholder and a burger on your lap, I have to admit that my initial reaction is one of exasperation. Not in my neighborhood...Read More»

HD Radio: Going Digital On The Cheap

One of the most interesting features in BMW's 2008 lineup comes not under the hood of the new M3 coupe, nor the 128i Convertible, nor the 135i coupe. It's embedded in the dash--factory-installed HD Radio. While the rest of the auto industry has installed satellite radio at a blazing pace, BMW took...Read More»

We Wrote, You Wrote: TheCarConnection’s Top Comments

Over at People magazine online, they’re asking about lip gloss and diet tips and the latest Lindsay sighting--while you’re telling us about future cars, fuel economy, the environment and politics. Yep, we here at have the smartest readers on the planet and we have the words...Read More»

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