Yeah, But Did You Wreck a Pontiac GTO Today?
Yeah, But Did You Wreck a Pontiac GTO Today?

You could be a recruiter or a sales technician or an endocrinologist, but trust me when I say this is a job description you want: car wrecker. While I'm down here in TCC's world headquarters in sunny Palo Alto, Gregg at was on hand to catch the filming of a stunt in downtown San...Read More»

Nissan logo
Subliminal Connection of the Day

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Ridemakerz: Turn Your Kids into Mini-Henry Fords

There's something special about wrenching on cars. In addition to what you end up with, the process in and of itself is a blast. Such is why generations of dads worked on cars with their kids. Whether they did it as a hobby or out of necessity, dads and kids bonded during driveway experiences...Read More»

Mumbai Puts Moratium on Honking

Silence your horns, gentlemen. Well, only if you’re in Mumbai that is. The crowded Indian city has 1.5 million vehicles with bicycles, rickshaws, dogs, cows, and elephants, making the noise level in the streets pretty high on a day-to-day basis. Add a couple hundred blaring horns, and the...Read More»

April Fools' Joke from Jaguar?

Everyone's getting in on the April Fools' Day jokes, including, we think, the funsters and wagsters at Carscoop. Witness this image here: according to the copy, it's a Jaguar XF-C concept due at the Beijing auto show on April 20. Carscoop says the four-seat coupe is based on the new XF, and powered...Read More»

Scion Spins New Remixes

Following the success of its Daptone Records Remixed CD, Scion’s private record label, Scion A/V, is launching three new releases in May featuring Ghostface Killah, 45 King, and Rhythm Roots Allstars. As with all the other Scion A/V projects, Scion will cover all the costs that go into the...Read More»

Finding the Art in Abandoned Cars

Last night in bed I read a print magazine for the first time in months, a belated copy of National Geographic with a story on "The Emptied Prairie" -- the vast western stretches of the Dakotas and Nebraska that are losing people, even whole towns, to gradual migration. It caught my eye, since I'd...Read More»

Summer Road Trip: How About a Rental RV?

It's not too early to start planning your summer road trip. I'm already doing the same, and this time around, instead of driving and shopping for rooms on Hotwire at the last minute, I'm checking out a tantalizing alternative -- renting an RV. Normally, I wouldn't think of driving anything this...Read More»

Rally Ho! The Gays Get Their Own Border-Crossing Car Race

It's like a circuit party on wheels, say our buddies over at They're talking about a rally planned for this summer in Europe, and another for the fall in the U.S., that's open exclusively to the GLBT crowd. The Euro leg of the Rainbow Rampage -- the self-proclaimed " Ultimate Gay...Read More»

Modified 1942 Dodge Power Wagon at Jay Leno’s Garage
Your Daily Video Timesuck, Courtesy

Look no further for a way to whittle down the work day with "car-related research." Click right over to, and guaranteed, that Excel spreadsheet will stay as bare as a Joe Francis hot-tub party. is one of the Web's first hand-aggregated video sites, with snippets from...Read More»

2016 Cadillac CTS-V
Screwed, Porked, Hosed and More: One Dealer Shows You Everything

What's the first word you think of when you describe a car dealership experience? One Massachusetts group of showrooms has beaten you to the punch -- and their ads get pretty graphic to show exactly why they're different from their competitors. This YouTube ad's a pitch for Clay family dealerships...Read More»

Trivia Time: Which Car Is This?

Famous among the “rock” scene, this car was often seen with a large picture across the hood. It produces 260 horsepower controlled by a four-speed transmission and is a member of the second generation of its model. The 0-60 time is about 8 seconds. It was seen in the movie Hooper during the...Read More»

Scion: Forget the Cars, Make Your Own Crest

Toyota has taken the next step in generating more hype for their hip and boxy cars at Scion. Scion owners (or, well, anyone) can now create their very own logo crest that matches their personality, hobbies, and beliefs at Click over to the Web site and what's surprising is what you...Read More»

Found on eBay: 1967 Daihatsu Tri-Mobile Microcar Pickup

Take this one as a hoot -- or a scary indicator of what CAFE will do to America's beloved pickup truck. It's a 1967 Daihatsu Tri-Mobile, a three-wheeler that's outfitted with 12 horsepower and a cute factor that eclipses any Corbin Sparrow. The California seller says the Tri-Mobile is one of a wave...Read More»

Hybrid Drivers Are...Wait for It...Less Dogmatic?!

The "smug" surrounding hybrid drivers thickens this morning with the release of an, er, press release touting the creativity, spontaneity, and self-confidence of hybrid-car drivers. Online ad network Mindset Media brings this latest study, which used Nielsen data to develop what they call a...Read More»

Car Logos: The Neatorama History

Ever wondered why the Audi in front of you has a logo of four interlocked rings? Did you know that the Cadillac emblem was inspired by a family crest of a nobleman who later turned out to be a fraud? Or that Volkswagen was Hitler’s idea? We did, but we still love this page from the Neatorama...Read More»

The Auto Show Debut You Might Miss: Zastava's New Florida!

We can almost hear the faint chorus of "We Are the World"--even though Americans aren't held in high regard in Belgrade these days, our colleagues at Zastava Automobili were kind enough to send TheCarConnection greetings from the capital of the Serbian auto industry. In case you haven't kept up...Read More»

New Carjacking Tactic: Craigslist + Hooker = Not So Much Fun

Goodness knows, the advent of Craigslist has helped us in many different ways. We've sold cars, lawn furniture, sports equipment, radar detectors, and almost by accident once, a teenager. (One clean room later, we reconsidered.) Now a California man has realized the dark side of Craigslist, and he...Read More»

Write That Caption!

We have some idea what's going on might involve a weekend trip with the supporting cast of The Devil Wears Prada, or possibly a hooligan ready to test the new baggage rules over at US Airways. Got something better, last comic standing? Write it in a caption below and if you make us laugh...Read More»

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