The Future of Blogging: Wearable Headlines
The Future of Blogging: Wearable Headlines

We had fun bringing you the story of the suburban Stonehenge built by a Utah farmer a few weeks back. By planting a trio of cars at his property line--an act of defiance we're completely down with--he was able to irk his architecturally controlled neighbors and find a good use for 1970s gas...Read More»

Knit Ferrari
With Tons of Spare Time, You Too Can Knit a Ferrari

Knit one, purl two: maybe you have a lot of time on your hands, but check out this Ferrari that's obviously taken the place of an active sex life for Lauren Porter, a 22-year-old university student in England. The art-school girl turned 10 months of time and 12 miles of yarn into the Ferrari F355...Read More»

2009 Ford Mustang
Ford: Is There a Script Doctor in the House?

Film fans who harbor secret dreams of stardom--Ford wants you. The automaker's teaming up with Web site Filmaka to get you to write the next chapter in the Mustang's history--one of eight of them, actually. Ford's posted eight story ideas at the site and is encouraging budding script writers to pen...Read More»

Taco Bell
Run for Your Own Border: In-Car Microwave

Incredible road-going convenience, or sign of the obesity Armageddon? It's both! According to the KickingTires blog, which got it from Gizmodo, which passed it on via CNet, a British Web site is offering an in-car microwave for your culinary cross-country trips. Need a burrito piping-hot on the...Read More»

2009 Cadillac DTS
Michigan Man Gets 53rd New Cadillac--In A Row

Joseph Macko isn't a casual fan of Cadillac--he may be the GM brand's most loyal long-lived customer. The Flint Journal says the 84-year-old Macko has been driving Cadillacs since 1955. New Cadillacs. This week Macko brought home his 53rd new Caddy in a row--the latest one from a Michigan...Read More»

2009 Ford Flex "Woody" Package
Got Wood? The 2009 Ford Flex Does

You waited long enough for the 2009 Ford Flex--and now you want that authentic Country Squire look without having to resort to shelf paper, scissors and a keen eye for straight edges. No need to worry--an aftermarket company's all set to Woody-fy your Flex and make it into something we all...Read More»

TV screen
Video Timesuck: Airbag Versus Handbag

Obviously faked--right?--and lifted from the FailBlog:Read More»

"Redneck Stonehenge" Defies a Utah Suburb

First came Stonehenge. Then came Carhenge, out in Nebraska. And then of course, came the mini-Stonehenge in "Spinal Tap," which was made of Styrofoam and was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf. Now, tiny Hooper, Utah--a suburb of Ogden--has its own mini-Carhenge, built by a mad local farmer with...Read More»

2008 Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius Is "Stuff White People Like"

Guilty as charged: when it comes to "stuff white people like," according to a Web site of the same name, the Toyota Prius rules the Caucasian roost. The satiric Web site lists the Prius as #60 among stuff white people like, along with Barack Obama, Facebook, San Francisco and Asian girls. Why the...Read More»

McDonald's meal
ExxonMobil, Shell...and Mickey Ds?

Biodiesel's nothing new to greenies and assorted car communists like's own Colin Mathews (stay tuned for his first drive in VW's new TDI later this week). Now, police in the Philippines are getting in on the act--and McDonald's is the newest place for them to pit for fuel...Read More»

2008 Acura RDX
New-Car Smell Won't Kill You as Much, Group Finds

An Ann Arbor, Mich.-based environmental group says your vehicle's "new-car smell" is less likely to cause you harm this year, but it still is essentially made up of toxic gases masked by the fragrant, earthy smell of capitalism. The Ecology Center's annual report on new-car smell puts the Acura RDX...Read More»

2009 Ford Flex
The Ford Soap Opera--No, Not That One

The favorite soap opera at Ford isn't the company's ongoing troubles with Mercury, or plummeting truck sales--no, these days it seems to be the travails of Cecilia Marquez. Marquez is the heroine of the Spanish-language, online soap opera called Amores de Luna. It's the story of a woman who seems...Read More»

The iPhone App Store: Stuff for Cars

Every day, we drive through the intersection of car geekdom and purer forms of geekdom, so you can imagine the excitement of this morning's release of new Apple iPhone software (though not through Apple yet)--not to mention the go-live date of the new iTunes App Store. The iPhone app store is open...Read More»

Porsche lawn tractor
Spied: The Porsche Tractor

Andreas sends us spy shots of cars and trucks, but this time he's uncovered a very special lawn tractor that probably doesn't have a place in the Porsche museum--though it wears the livery of Porsche's iconic 911. The crazy lawn tractor here started life as a Partner machine, with 14.5 horsepower...Read More»

Gas Prices Hurting Hookers, Too

Gas prices are hurting everyone, hookers included. The Associated Press reports--(and how exactly did they gather the facts?)--that the nation's legal prostitutes are moaning about gas prices over in the state of Nevada, where 10 counties offer legal coupling services. (The seven that do not are in...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer chassis in the camouflaging process
Gas Pricez: Prepare to Feel Violated

When I can't sleep, I fire up my iPhone, check on my latest posts, and cruise over to YouTube for some pirated Family Guy clips and maybe a little from the Featured list. Imagine my horror when I found this video, the product of "Gas Unit and MC Esher," a three-minute white-rap ode to $4-a-gallon...Read More»

2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid
A Place to Vent About Gas Prices

Lots of local papers have one; the little cultural barometers like The Vent in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In these columns, readers call in or email their pet peeves or pithy asides, and the paper duly reports them as news--Will Rogers-esque news of the ubiquitous and humorous. The Vent's...Read More»

2000 Mazda Miata
Eight Cars to Drive Before You Die

Your everyday car may be special to you, what with its nice rims, a cool satellite radio system, enough room in the console to hide evidence of trips to Carvel. Chances are, though, it's a Camry, Accord, Fusion, or Malibu--all fine cars, but not really epic examples of the history of carmaking...Read More»

Bluetooth: Lifeline or Loser Tracking System?

I hate Bluetooth. I mean, I love Bluetooth--when it links my mouse to my MacBook, and when it silently hooks me up with my car without a multistep, voice-activated fuss like I've encountered in the last three test vehicles I've driven. I hate Bluetooth when it's dangling off a human ear, turning...Read More»

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