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WTF: Renault, L'Oreal Create First-Ever 'Spa' Concept Car
WTF: Renault, L'Oreal Create First-Ever 'Spa' Concept Car

The ZOE Z.E. concept car stems from a curious collaboration between French automaker Renault and luxury skincare company Biotherm (a division of L'Oreal). The ZOE Z.E. offers the usual complement of EV conceptual goodness -- it's battery-powered, boasts zero-emissions, is quickly rechargeable, and...Read More»

2010 Saab 9-5
NHTSA Chastises Toyota, New Saab Coming, Safe Traffic: Today At High Gear Media

Toyota's floor mat safety issue is rapidly turning into a public spectacle, as the NHTSA yesterday said statements made in a letter to customers about the floor mats were "inaccurate and misleading." The worst part? The NHTSA says the letter was inaccurate and misleading about the existence of...Read More»

Jay Leno
Chrysler's Future, Toyota Profit, Leno Camaro: Today At High Gear Media

Chrysler's 7-hour press conference yesterday to announce its five-year product plan yielded many interesting tidbits, and even a few surprises, all of which we've broken into brands and put in plain English in our coverage at the link below. But that's not all that's happened over the past 24...Read More»

Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan official sketch
Spy Shots Galore, Chrysler Logo, NMS Preview: Today At High Gear Media

Today at High Gear Media we've got a flotilla of spy shots coming by way of Motor Authority, with the latest from BMW and Mercedes-Benz plus news of GM's decision to keep Opel, Kia's entry into U.S. motorsports, a full-detail gallery of the new Aston Martin Rapide and crash test video the Mercedes...Read More»

Scion Kogi xD mobile kitchen from MV Designs
Extreme Tailgating With The Scion Kogi xD From MV Designs

Looking for something out-of-the-ordinary to wow your fellow tailgaters? You could go the obvious route with an impressively oversized SUV, but really, where's the fun in that? Far more interesting is this sweet ride from MV Designs, which crams everything you need for beers and brats into a...Read More»

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L
Accord Crosstour, Subaru Track Wagon, Celebs On Bikes: Today At High Gear Media

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page Honda's Accord Crosstour crossover is on the streets and being reviewed by the likes of our own John Voelcker. The verdict so far? Aside from being a bit pricey, and shy from its vicious...Read More»

Man driving half a car (possibly in Serbia)
Monday WTF Video: Wacky Serbian Guy Drives Half A Car

Monday means two things in our book: (1) heading back to the office and (2) finding ways to waste time once we get there. In service of item #2, we present this video of a man driving half a car, which is not only idiotic, dangerous, and thoroughly awesome, but it's also a little tricky to...Read More»

2010 Porsche Panamera
Ford Profit, Ferrari World, Panamera Sales: Today At High Gear Media

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page Today we have a slew of news from all over the spectrum: green to muscle, motorsport to amusement park. In fact, the last two are one in the same: the new Ferrari World theme park in Abu...Read More»

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park
Video: 'Ferrari World' Theme Park On-Track For 2010 Opening

Good news, Ferrari fans: the much-ballyhooed "Ferrari World Abu Dhabi" theme park is on track for its 2010 opening. The Zaha Hadid-esque structure you see at left will house numerous entertainments, including auto racing for children and the world's fastest roller coaster. We hope to give you our...Read More»

The cast of *The A-Team*
Chrysler TV, $24K Clunkers, A-Team Returns: Today At High Gear Media

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page Today's news roundup has something for everyone at our four expert sites: celebriphiles will  welcome news of Pam Anderson's Mercedes-Benz and the return of the A-Team, while greenies...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Cruze
SLS AMG First Drive, Ford Hot Rod, Cruze Delayed: Today At High Gear Media

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page Two big product decisions broke over the last 24 hours: Acura decided to bring the TSX Sport Wagon to the United States by late 2010 as a 2011 model; and Chevrolet revealed that it would...Read More»

Google Maps Navigation app for Android 2.0 phones
Google Maps Goes Turn-By-Turn With Android-Based Nav App

In the video below, Google demonstrates its new Google Maps Navigation app, which turns any Android 2.0 phone into a turn-by-turn GPS unit. Yesterday, we brought you a selection of the top 5 social media car apps available for the iPhone, but today's app is a killer, and it's not available on...Read More»

2010 Hyundai Genesis Couope 2.0T R-Spec
Prius Coupe, Pitt Bails And Genesis R-Spec: Today At High Gear Media

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page The world can breathe easy: Brad Pitt is safe. The concern arose over the weekend when Pitt crashed his motorcycle--a rough lay-down might be more accurate--but apparently got away...Read More»

2010 Honda Insight
Honda Goes Greener, Porsche 'Ring Time, Saturn Says 'Bye': Today At High Gear Media

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page Today's news runs the gamut from weird to poignant, with a good mixture of the range between. Kicking the day off on an odd note, we have a BMW X5 driver that's decided to go monster...Read More»

2010 Nissan Rogue Krom
We Drive The 2010 VW Golf, Krom Goes Rogue And More Today At High Gear Media

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page Fresh from the official release event for the 2010 Volkswagen Golf, we have a first drive report on the GTI, Golf and TDI models from executive editor Marty Padgett. Nissan has decided to...Read More»

The 'Laptop Steering Wheel Desk' from Mobile Office
The Convenience Of A Desk, Right On Your Steering Wheel

As if there weren't already enough gadgets for cars, a company called Mobile Office is now offering something called the "Laptop Steering Wheel Desk". That isn't exactly the catchiest name on record, but it's a pretty accurate description of the product. Basically, the "desk" is like one of those...Read More»

Mythbusters add dimples to Ford Taurus to test fuel efficiency theory
Video: Mythbusters Test Golf Ball Theory On Ford Taurus

We've mentioned the FastSkinz applique a couple of times on TCC. It's a wrap for cars that's dimpled like a golf ball, and the manufacturer says it boosts fuel efficiency by 18% to 20%. According to what we've read, those claims are wildly inaccurate, but that didn't deter the Discovery Channel's...Read More»

2009 Honda CR-Z concept car
No Dedicated Hybrid Nissans, A BMW Preview And Sporty Green Hondas Today At High Gear Media

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page Honda says it's considering construction of a "green" sports car, while on the flip side, Nissan says it's not going to build and Prius-like dedicated hybrids. Another tuner Camaro--this...Read More»

2010 Ford Fusion
Save $42K On A Tesla, Ford Seeking Social Fusion And More Today At High Gear Media

Follow us on Twitter: @highgearmedia @carconnection @therealma @greencarreports and join our Facebook fan page Social media is digging its hooks into the tender car segment, with Ford launching its new Fusion41 campaign to follow up on the Fiesta Movement. Chevrolet is getting in on the action too...Read More»

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