Finding the Right Technician Can Take Time, So Don't Delay Service Work
Finding the Right Technician Can Take Time, So Don't Delay Service Work

Not too long ago, an East Coast couple ran into a problem with their car. Both being unemployed, they tried to wait as the brakes on their subcompact became noisier and noisier. A look at the discs told the story, they were down to just about metal-to-metal contact between the brake pads and the...Read More»

2003 Dodge Intrepid SE
Review: 2003 Dodge Intrepid SE

It is a car this writer has loved to hate over the years; four to be exact. This was mandated more by the length of the payment book and less by owning the envy of German and American engineering. One warm June day in 2005, the untimely death of my 1995 GMC Sierra mandated a hasty decision to buy...Read More»

Toyota Prius gas cap
Fuel Fillers - left or right?

CrasherCarl:  EDGR Engineering, Design and Government Regulations Why are some fuel fillers on the opposite side from the driver? Maybe the first question is: Where is the gas tank? Years ago, about the time cars became smooth-as-soap streamliners without separate fenders, there was one solution...Read More»

2007 Dodge Caravan 4-door Wagon SE *Ltd Avail* Angular Front Exterior View
Ten Worst Car Features of All Time

This is not really an "all times" list as I can't be sure what gizmos might have been around many years ago in the dawn of the auto, but let's say these were noteworthy in the last several decades. This is sort of personal. I am sure that some of these things have or had their fans, after all they...Read More»

Honda Crash Test
Why Cow-Catchers Are Helpful In A Small-Vehicle/Large-Vehicle Collision

Remember those things called cow-catchers on the front of steam locomotives? Of course, you are probably too young to have seen one in person, but cowboy movies show them. Oh, you havent had a cowboy movie lately? If you do see a choo-choo train, note that they look like they have pointed snow...Read More»

Honda Dealership
Despite Help, Dealers Still Facing Crunch Time

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, it still has to be said, people are holding onto their cars longer than ever and keeping them on the road for longer and longer periods. The reasons are pretty easy to guess:  - Economic uncertainty  - Toughened credit rules  - Rising prices throughout...Read More»

late model racecraft street stalker engine
How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Even though the Clunkers for Cash program provided a momentary shot-in-the-arm for the auto industry, the auto market still remains very soft. Indeed, when Edmunds.com polled new-car buyers recently, 100,000 respondents said they planned to keep their cars much longer than they would have normally...Read More»

2010 Volkswagen Golf
VW Golf 2010 - Love It and Hate It

I love VW cars, I hate VW cars. I think that is the way it has always been. In particular the new 2010 Golf -- I either love it or I recoil when I see it. Why? It's not what you'd think it is. It isn't the design of the new Golf. It is well proportioned and structured from an exterior design point...Read More»

2010 Honda Odyssey
Five Reasons the 2010 Honda Odyssey Is a Wise Ownership Proposition

An odyssey is defined in the dictionary as being a long series of wanderings or adventures, most especially when filled with notable experiences. Starting at $26,355, the Honda Odyssey minivan will no doubt help in the creation of numerous notable experiences for any family. Besides being the class...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit S
Volkswagen Car Insurance: Expensive or Cheap?

Volkswagen offers a number of protections for customers. The company has a top-notch roadside assistant service, impressive warranty packages, and a solid servicing and maintenance team. But what does the auto insurance picture look like for this trendy vehicle? Well in the UK, Volkswagen features...Read More»

2007 Ford Freestar 4-door SE *Ltd Avail* Side Exterior View
Car Insurance Tips When Buying a Minivan

If you're buying a minivan, chances are you're purchasing a vehicle for the entire family. It can also mean that you need a vehicle that can seat large groups comfortably. Whether youre a family, a shuttle or a church organization, you will be transporting more than a handful of people, which means...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI
What Are Your Five Most Underappreciated New Cars?

What are your five most underappreciated new cars?  My five choices are the Mazda 5, Ford Fusion, VW Tiguan, BMW 1 Series, and Subaru Forester because they are all great vehicles but you don't see too many of them on the road. The Mazda 5 which is based on the Mazda 3 is a Mini Minivan that is...Read More»

2008 Mazda5
A Fan of the Minivan - The Mazda5

Yup, I admit it. I am a fan of the minivan. In particular, the one I bought, the Mazda5, because I ended my personal life by having children. Now if you watch their ads, they say you can be cool and still drive a minivan. But as any good parent will tell you, once the kids come on the scene and rob...Read More»

2009 Hyundai Accent Man GS
Compared: The Cheapest Cars Of 2009

As we near the final months of 2009 and next years models begin to hit dealerships, we are taking a look back at the two cheapest cars on the market. They stood alone in a group of small (and slow) recession-busters. In fact, the prices of these particular vehicles fell so low, that only $20 stood...Read More»

dg009 005cl
Is It Time To Import Your Own Car To The US?

If you have ever wanted to drive or own something different and unique this is the idea of the century: import a classic from Europe, Asia or Australia. Now is your chance to bring any car from 1984 (or earlier) into the United States. Our importation laws state that an automobile must be older...Read More»

2009 Toyota Corolla
The 2010 VW GTI Will Get You to Work on Time and In a Very Good Mood

Price: Starting at $25,000 Mileage: 24 city/31 highway The average person spends 9.2 days a year commuting to and from work. Take a moment to absorb that number and remember that this doesn't even take into account the poor souls we all hear about who spend something ridiculous like four hours a...Read More»

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
The New Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR - The Sensible Evo?

The newest lineup of Mitsubishi's Lancer models are starting to hit dealerships worldwide and now we've got details on the granddaddy of them all, the Evolution MR Touring. It has all the power, handling and aggressive characteristics as last years Evolution X (the X refers to the tenth generation)...Read More»

2011 Hyundai Sonata
The 2011 Hyundai Sonata: Familiar Styling, Korean Value

Pictures and specs of the newest Sonata from Korea have finally surfaced and it looks very familiar. In fact, everything besides its headlamps and front grill resemble the new Volkswagen CC and Subaru Legacy models (which is not a surprising move from Hyundai). All styling thefts aside, the new...Read More»

Why the pushrod engine still exists
How To Kill an Engine

In light of the recent Cash for Clunkers program that was organized by the U.S. government to boost automotive sales for dealerships and get inefficient vehicles off the road; a few facts have surfaced about the methods that dealerships were instructed to use, to insure the trade-in cars would...Read More»

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