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America's 10 Best (And 10 Worst) Cities For Green Cars
America's 10 Best (And 10 Worst) Cities For Green Cars

Talking the "green" talk is easy: toss out enough words like "recyclable" and "zero-emissions" and "carbon footprint", and even the crustiest oil baron can come out looking like Al Gore. Getting folks to walk the "green" walk, however, is a different matter altogether--as a new report from Nielsen...Read More»

2010 Kia Soul
Kia Soul and Honda Fit Earn Top Safety Ratings In Europe

Europe’s major crash-test organization just last week released some results that should be of interest to U.S. small-car shoppers. Two of’s top choices—the 2010 Kia Soul and the 2009 Honda Fit (called Jazz in other markets)—were among the first vehicles to be tested and...Read More»

2009 Honda Fit
Report: 2011 Honda Fit Hybrid On the Way

  Honda is planning an all-out hybrid assault over the next couple of years, with no less than three gasoline-electric vehicles due from the Japanese automaker. Earlier this year we saw the introduction of the new 2010 Insight, which was the first hybrid vehicle developed under Honda’s latest...Read More»

2010 Mazda3
16 Cars for $16,000---Or Less

If you’re looking for a new set of wheels despite the recession, you’re in for a surprise. New cars can be far more expensive than you recall from your last trip to the showroom. According to figures from Comerica Bank, which compiles an annual study on affordability, the average new car sold...Read More»

2009 Honda Fit
SEMA 2008: Honda Fit Gets Tuned

Honda's kith and kin at MUGEN have long tweaked out its Civics and S2000s and other enthusiast-aimed vehicles (like last year's Honda Civic Si MUGEN sedan). Now the 2009 Honda Fit is getting the MUGEN treatment, at SEMA with a fully outfitted concept car and in the near future, with a list of a la...Read More»

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
SEMA 2008: Tuners on Parade

Everywhere else in Las Vegas, there are signs of the fracturing economy: a huge pit across from the Convention Center that was to house a mega-development of condos and casinos, shuttered in its crater stage. Taxis are grumbling for the lack of fares. It's hard to tell if the Specialty Equipment...Read More»

2009 Chevrolet Traverse
GM Revamps Spring Hill for Chevy Traverse Production

GM proudly announces--with Chevy Traverse crossovers now rolling off the line--that the conversion of its Spring Hill, Tennessee, plant was "one of GM's fastest from plan development to product rolling off the line." The automaker has spent the last 12 months and some $600 million readying the...Read More»

2009 Honda Fit Sport
2009 Honda Fit: What's Inside Counts

Our last post gave you the rundown on what's so special about the 2009 Honda Fit. For one thing, it's hard to find anything wrong with the second-generation city car Instrument panel follows a flowing—yet very functional—form, with plenty of storage cubbies, well-positioned vents, and controls...Read More»

2009 Honda Fit Sport
2009 Honda Fit: First Drive

Just a few days ago, after we’d already spent several hours driving and scrutinizing the 2009 Honda Fit, I felt the need to go back and spend some extra time with our test car just looking for flaws, for something worth criticizing, to counter the collection of beaming positives that I’d...Read More»

Who Needs a Hybrid for Good Mileage?

Try to find a Prius. Go ahead, we dare ya! A few random calls to dealers around the country reveals that you won't locate many, if any, of the popular hybrids on Toyota's retail lots, not unless one is parked there waiting for a service bay. And while demand is a little lighter for some models...Read More»

Don’t Buy Based on MPG Alone

How quickly times change. Only a matters of months ago, it seems, we were bombarded by ads touting products by the numbers: horsepower, for example, 0-60 times, or cubic feet of cargo space. Well, actually, we're hearing a lot more numbers now; what with $4-a-gallon gas, manufacturers are suddenly...Read More»

2008 Chevrolet Malibu
Automakers Making Big Strides in Quality, Says J.D. Power

The quality of the typical car, truck, and crossover has reached record levels, according to a new study by J.D. Power and Associates. The annual Initial Quality Study finds “substantial gains” by nearly three-fourths of the 36 ranked nameplates sold in the U.S. The improvements can be found...Read More»

Ford Blue Oval Logo
Ford Cuts Production, Sees No Near-Term Profits

With fuel prices soaring, car sales plunging, and the weak economy holding out little promise of a turnaround, the situation is looking increasingly bleak for Ford Motor Co. The troubled automaker revealed on Thursday that it no longer expects to return to profitability next year and will have to...Read More»

Honda Shapes Up With New 2009 Fit

Honda pulled the sheets off its new 2009 Fit hatchback at the New York auto show today, just two model years after the city-sipping hatchback first joined the Japanese automaker's lineup. What left us a little verklempt was the lack of complete powertrain info on the new vehicle, which doesn't...Read More»

New Honda Fit Coming to New York

Honda's throwing a new Fit in New York, and unlike those thrown by the celebuclowns over on Gawker, this Fit is entirely deserved. In a press release posted late last night, Honda says that an all-new Fit will make its debut at the New York auto show next month. "The current Fit has been a...Read More»