Are BMWs bursting into flames?
Are BMWs bursting into flames?

People who believe in spontaneous human combustion are used to getting weird looks when they explain their opinions to skeptics. Some BMW owners know just how they feel: a number of them claim that their cars have burst into flames in much the same way, for no apparent reason. The difference...Read More»

2013 Tesla Model S
Another Tesla Model S Catches Fire -- This Time, While Parked & Unplugged

Tesla was in the headlines a lot last year -- not only because of its over-the-top safety rating for the Model S sedan, but also because three of those same vehicles caught fire after their undersides were damaged. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is trying to get to the root of...Read More»

Tesla Model S in flames near Kent, Washington [frame from YouTube video]
Tesla Model S Catches Fire: Is This Tesla's 'Toyota' Moment?

As Green Car Reports and other media outlets have noted, a Tesla Model S was involved in an accident in Washington state on Tuesday, and the sedan's battery pack subsequently caught fire. The cause of the accident is pretty clear. A statement from Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] indicates that the vehicle...Read More»

Tata Nano in flames, Mumbai, India, from Indian Autos Blog
Beyond the Planet of the Flaming Tatas II: The Reckoning

Following the continuing saga of the flaming Tatas, we now learn that Nano models built to date can be retrofitted with two items to reduce the risk of fires erupting inside or underneath the world's cheapest new car. You may recall that concerns over flaming Tatas came to light last March, when...Read More»

Tata Nano in flames, Mumbai, India, from Indian Autos Blog
Don't Worry If Your Tatas Catch Fire, They're Still Very Safe

Yes, we hate ourselves for the puns. But, no, we're not going to stop. At least not yet. Here's the latest on our startlingly successful story on the problems of spontaneously combusting Tata Nanos in India: Tata has now issued a statement reiterating the safety of the Nano, attributing two of the...Read More»

Car fire
Buick-Pontiac-Jeep Dealer Torches Vehicles, Dies of Heart Attack

Last week, Pennsylvania police reported that Gregory Graham was found dead on the tarmac next to four torched cars at his dealership, Colonial Motors. Police ruled the 61-year-old's cause of death was a heart attack and found that the flaming vehicles had broken windows and reeked of gasoline. They...Read More»

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