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If You Like Eating In The Car & Photoblogging, KFC Has A Contest For You
If You Like Eating In The Car & Photoblogging, KFC Has A Contest For You

A car is many things: friend, enemy, necessary evil, rugrat-hauler, tiny office, and occasionally, bedroom. In America, it also doubles as a dining room. To many U.S. visitors, this is literally and metaphorically a foreign concept. For those used to spending mealtimes gathered around a table with...Read More»

A Moon Pie made by the Chattanooga Bakery
America's Favorite Food To Eat Behind The Wheel Is...

Like Lindsay Lohan and Jack Daniels or Mickey Rourke and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, eating and driving make a terrible pair. For starters, munching behind the wheel is a distraction. No, it doesn't receive as much attention in the press as texting, talking, or tweeting, but eating...Read More»

Fast food
Commute Making You Fat? Study Links Driving Distance To Obesity

Is driving—and America's automobile-centric lifestyle—largely to blame for our obesity problem? It's not surprising that driving and obesity are linked. And now Sheldon Jacobson, a professor, researcher, and data analysis expert at the University of Illinois claims to have found an...Read More»

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