Adding A Teen Driver Can Send Parents’ Auto Policy Rates Soaring
Adding A Teen Driver Can Send Parents’ Auto Policy Rates Soaring

With summer almost here and teens eager to get behind the wheel, parents may be weighing the prospect of adding their son or daughter to their existing auto policy. This could prove very costly to the family budget. Based on a new study from, families adding a teen driver will...Read More»

Teens in car - AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Ford Teen Driving Survey: Guys Speed, Girls Talk

With vehicle crashes the leading cause of death among teens, a new teen driving survey looks at teen driving practices, behaviors and perceptions – and shows some surprising (and not so surprising) results. Conducted for Ford by Penn Schoen Berland, the study involved 500 teens aged 15...Read More»

Car accident
Younger Women Drivers More Likely To Die In Crashes Than Younger Men: Study

An analysis of 50 years of crash data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finds that younger women drivers, aged 21-30, are 25.9 percent more likely to die in crashes than their male counterparts of the same age. The study also found that, later in life, women drivers are...Read More»

Drunk driver
To Combat Drunk Driving, NTSB Wants Tougher Blood-Alcohol Limits

Seeking to toughen the allowable alcohol limit for drivers, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is calling on states to lower the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) to 0.05 or lower from the current 0.08. The intent behind the proposed new standard is to cut down on the nearly 10,000...Read More»

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month 2013 - Washington, D.C.
It's Youth Traffic Safety Month--Are Your Kids Driving Safely?

To highlight awareness of the importance of teen driving safety, youth from across the country joined with the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS), leaders from the federal government, global partners, corporate members and others to kick off the Global Youth Traffic Safety Month at a...Read More»

2014 Kia Sedona
Kia Sedona Minivan Returns For 2014: What's Changed?

After skipping the 2013 model year completely, the Kia Sedona is back for the 2014 model year. And although we expected a completely new van, what we get instead is a few small changes, and a lot more of what's tried and true—for at least another year or so before that new van arrives for...Read More»

Older driver
NHTSA Proposes Older Driver, Family Vehicle Safety Ratings

In an effort to provide more relevant and useful vehicle safety ratings for specific audiences, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is proposing two new safety ratings geared toward older drivers and families. In a posting to its website, the NHTSA said it is considering...Read More»

2014 Toyota Highlander Live Photos, 2013 New York Auto Show
2014 Toyota Highlander Video Preview

Toyota has introduced the third-generation Highlander, renewing its lease on the family crossover space with more refinement and updated styling. While the Highlander has indeed grown longer, that extra length isn't found between the wheels, meaning the interior will be about the same size as the...Read More»

2014 Acura MDX Live Photos
2014 Acura MDX Video Preview

The new third-generation Acura MDX is finally here, and while it may not look dramatically different, what's important to families has definitely been updated. The interior is now larger thanks to a new platform shared loosely with the new Acura RLX. This translates to a more spacious second and...Read More»

Woman driving
New Moms Among The Most Distracted Drivers: Report

New mothers aren't immune to the dangers of distracted driving. In fact, with the demands of driving with a newborn baby on board, new moms may be among the most distracted drivers on the road. A recent survey of new moms that was conducted by American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide points out how...Read More»

Teen driver deaths increase in 2012 - GHSA
Increase In Teen Driver Deaths In 2012: The Facts Behind The Stats

In a first state-by-state look at teen driver deaths in 2012, the preliminary numbers aren’t good. In fact, teen deaths jumped 19 percent overall for the first six months of 2012. The statistics come from a report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). The report...Read More»

2013 Ford Escape
10 Tips to Get The Junk Out Of The Family Car

Along with all the other New Year’s resolutions most Americans wind up making and then breaking, there are some that are not only worthwhile but can add peace of mind and even some measure of safety. High on the list is the resolve to clear out all the accumulated detritus and debris –...Read More»

UMTRI-Toyota teen driver distraction study
Teen Drivers Texting Much More Than Parents Think: Study

A new study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), sponsored by Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan shows that teen drivers do a lot more texting behind the wheel than their parents think they do. The study found that 26...Read More»

Drowsy driver - AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
AAA Study Finds Young Drivers Nodding Off Behind The Wheel

Among the unsafe behaviors teen drivers display behind the wheel, nodding off while driving – which hasn’t received nearly enough attention – ranks right up there as potentially deadly. Now, a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that one in seven licensed...Read More»

Texting while driving
10 Tips To Help Your Teen Stop Texting And Driving

Texting while driving is considered the most distracting driver behavior, increasing crash risk by 2,300 percent. Yet it is also one of the most difficult behaviors to curtail, especially among young, first-time drivers. A recent article in Minnesota Public Radio News caught our attention, so we...Read More»

Distracted driving
Teens Pick Up On Parents’ Distracted Driving, Mirroring Behavior: Study

A new study on distracted driving shows that parents need to focus more on paying attention to their driving, because their teenage passengers are watching closely. Not only that, but the teens surveyed said they were picking up on their parent’s bad habits behind the wheel. The study...Read More»

Older driver
Seniors, RX Drugs, Driving: Potential Safety Risk, AAA

Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65. More than 80 percent of drivers 65 and older regularly take medication—two-thirds take five or more daily. Yet only half have talked with a medical professional about the possible safety issues related to driving. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety...Read More»

AAA - car seats installed correctly
Having Trouble Correctly Installing Car Seats? AAA Says You’re In The Majority

Any parent who has struggled to figure out the correct installation of child car seats knows that it’s no simple task. In fact, a new survey from AAA finds that three-quarters of Child Passenger Safety (CPS) technicians observed that parents misuse the LATCH system more than half of the time...Read More»

Teen Driver - Ed Cunicelli, courtesy The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Why Not A Designated Texter For Teen Drivers?

Sometimes a good idea comes along that takes some time to gain traction. In a stepped-up effort to discourage distracted driving, a new campaign from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is urging drivers who simply can’t or won’t decouple themselves from texting...Read More»

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