Today In Social Media: 2011 Audi A8 Unveiled On Facebook
Today In Social Media: 2011 Audi A8 Unveiled On Facebook

Speaking of Audi and advertising, the company plans to unveil the 2011 Audi A8 today at at 6:30pm ET -- not just for a select group of journalists, but for all the A8's Facebook fans. The timing of the live event might seem curious, since it comes after two major U.S. timezones have shuttered for...Read More»

2010 Honda Element
What Does Your Car Say About You?

Here at TCC, we don't put much faith in astrology, phrenology, or any other system that assigns personality traits based on birthdays, hat sizes, or anything else that hasn't been chosen. Instead, we prefer data that stems from personal preferences: what does your favorite color, website, or rock...Read More»

Facebook page for the Honda Accord Crosstour
Follow-up: Honda Responds To Crosstour-Bashers On Facebook

Yesterday we discussed the virtual beat-down that the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour is enduring at the hands of Facebook and Twitter. Well lo and behold, the folks at Honda have taken notice, and they've responded. The results are predictably hilarious. If you visit the Facebook page for the...Read More»

2010 Honda Crosstour
2010 Honda Accord Crosstour Sideswiped By Facebook, Twitter

Social media websites are the next great frontier for automakers. So far, no company has really hit a homerun in that arena -- not even Ford, with its vaguely annoying and cloying "Fiesta Movement" campaign. In fact, we may be witnessing one of the first social media strikeouts, brought on by a...Read More»

Mark Fields
Five Questions: Ford EVP Mark Fields

Ford is in by far the best shape of the Detroit Three right now. Their sales are up compared to GM and Toyota, and their 2009 Ford Focus and 2009 Ford Escape were two of the top-selling cars bought using Cash-for-Clunkers credits. TheCarConnection.com was lucky enough to attend a Ford social event...Read More»

Go Hamster Go Facebook app from Kia
Kia + Hamsters = Facebook's Worst App Ever

We understand that sometimes, bad can be good -- black velvet Elvis paintings, for example, or the songs of Mrs. Miller. However, Kia's latest foray into social media is bad in the pre-Michael Jackson sense: simply bad. Sure, the concept is charmingly bizarre, centered on using your computer's...Read More»

Facebook logo
Facebook Connect Comes to TheCarConnection.com!

Facebook and TheCarConnection.com are joining hands--or, profiles, really. Starting now, Facebook Connect is available on TheCarConnection.com, along with the rest of the sites in our High Gear Media group of auto destinations (GreenCarReports, MustangBlog, AllSmallCars and AllCarsElectric, to name...Read More»

Daughter Of Resigned GM CEO Posts Crazy Rant On Facebook

Were sure GM CEO Fritz Hendersons resignation this afternoon would have been a shock to most, and even after the hours that have passed were still left wondering how the shock announcement came about.Someone proclaiming to be the daughter of Henderson, Sarah Henderson, has gone some way as to...Read More»

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