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Ford's Bet On Facebook: Did It Pay Off?
Ford's Bet On Facebook: Did It Pay Off?

A couple of weeks ago, the interwebs were all a-Twitter about Ford's debut of the 2011 Explorer -- not at an auto show, not at a press event, but on Facebook. Unveiling such a massively popular ride in such a non-traditional way was an enormous gamble for Mulally & Co. Did it pan out as...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer
Video: A Detailed Look Inside the 2011 Ford Explorer

The 2011 Ford Explorer changes up the formula we've all become familiar with over the past twenty years with a more car-like look and platform, but how different is it on the inside? This video takes you up close for a preview of the new Explorer's cabin, highlighting some of its key features and...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer
2011 Ford Explorer: New Age In Every Way

Let’s face it, I am not what one would term “cool” or “dope” or “wicked”, in fact the only way I could use the word “hip” when describing me would be in the context of hip replacement surgery. So, safe to say, when Ford introduced its 2011 Ford Explorer I knew things were in a new...Read More»

2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
2011 Ford Explorer Won't Get Award-Winning Sport Trac Version

Much ado has been made about the 2011 Ford Explorer's shift to a car-based platform and ditching of V-8 engines, but in the media storm, one small detail has slipped largely by: the death of the Explorer Sport Trac. What is the Sport Trac, you ask? Good question. The little-known and slow-selling...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer
Recap: 2011 Ford Explorer Unveiled In Chicago

Ford unveiled the 2011 Explorer in cities across the country today, and I was at the Chicago event. It was just one of nine events across the country, but it was one of the key ones, due to the fact that the Explorer will be built in Chicago, alongside Ford's Taurus and Lincoln MKS. Ford is...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer
2011 Ford Explorer: New Niche Approach Fits The Times

In some respects, the Ford Explorer nameplate is one lost in a particular time, when reality shows were fresh and new, Brittany Spears was just not that innocent, and gasoline prices were reliably under two dollars a gallon. Ten years ago, Ford [NYSE:F] sold a dizzying 450,000 Explorer SUVs, and...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer
2011 Ford Explorer Priced From $28,995

New models rarely mean price drops, but in the case of the 2011 Ford Explorer, that's exactly what the all-new model means: a $1,000 savings over the 2010 Explorer. The base model will start from $28,995, equipped with the standard V-6 engine. The news, released in several reports around the web...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer
High Gear Media Covers the 2011 Ford Explorer

  Today's the big day--the 2011 Ford Explorer has been officially unveiled, and Ford is canvassing the country with live media events, social media Tweets, and just about every other kind of media known to man, to let you know about its new seven-seat crossover. The Explorer once was the...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor
2011 Ford Explorer: Photo Gallery

This morning, the 2011 Ford Explorer takes its bow across the country. It's not being introduced at an auto show--but on Facebook, on morning TV, and in live events across the country, from New York to Los Angeles. High Gear Media has all the details on the new Explorer today, though--including...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer
2011 Ford Explorer Unveiled

Ford has spent all summer building buzz for the 2011 Explorer, using Facebook, teaser shots, and other means to generate interest. Well, today's the day in which we in the automotive media can finally share the details with the rest of the world. The Explorer is scheduled to be revealed live in...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer
2011 Ford Explorer: First Look at Ford's Most Important New SUV

At the peak of the late-1990s sport utility craze, Ford sold almost half a million Explorers. But as car-based "crossovers" have stolen share from truck-based SUVs, that number has fallen. Still, the Explorer remains a vitally important vehicle for Ford, which says that 95 percent of all car buyers...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer Leaked?
First Details Of 2011 Ford Explorer Four-Cylinder Trickle Out

We've heard that Ford will be planning to install EcoBoost four- and six-cylinder engines in the upcoming 2011 Explorer SUV, and now we've got a few more details, especially as pertains to the the four-cylinder. It will be a 2.0-liter turbocharged unit with direct injection, and Ford claims it will...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer Leaked?
2011 Ford Explorer To Be Unveiled July 26 in New York City

After a summer of teaser shots and Facebook pages, Ford is finally unveiling the 2011 Explorer to the public in one of the most demanding places on Earth--midtown Manhattan. The next-generation Explorer will be introduced by Ford president and CEO Alan Mulally and Ford TV pitchman Mike Rowe--he of...Read More»

2011 Ford Explorer Facebook teasers
Want To Win A 2011 Ford Explorer? Sign Up On Facebook

Ford has shown a knack for using social media over the past year or two, starting with the Fiesta Movement that precluded that car's launch. Now, Ford is using Facebook to not only show off the upcoming 2011 Ford Explorer, but to actually give one away. The premise is simple--if Ford gets 30,000...Read More»

Ford's Curve Control system
Video: 2011 Ford Explorer Curve Control

The Blue Oval is readying its 2011 Ford Explorer for release later this year, and is packing the new vehicle with the latest engines for improved efficiency, new inflatable rear seat-belts for passenger safety, and something new called “curve control” for added stability. The new technology...Read More»

Ford's Curve Control system
Ford Introduces Technology To Guard Against Crashes On Curvy Roads

Ford is introducing a new safety technology that the company says will reduces accidents that occur when drivers take corners too fast while behind the wheel of trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Dubbed "Curve Control," the technology will reduce engine torque and apply the brakes to slow vehicle speed...Read More»

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Driven: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

There's a clash of titans set for the end of this year, when the 2011 Ford Explorer makes its public debut after an endless teaser campaign on Facebook. Yes, that campaign, the one we're all over on our social-media-for-cars site. What's the other mythical creature being tossed in the ring? The...Read More»

2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer
How Extended Warranties Work

Extended warranties are the automotive version of the hedge bet. You pay money up front so that if you experience some car failure down the road you won’t have to jeopardize your child’s college fund to replace the transmission in that 2007 Ford Explorer that you’re driving. That’s...Read More»

High Gear Media Gets #Social With Your #Car #News

Like the post-trendy hashtag? Get used to it, a lot, because High Gear Media's getting deeper into the social-media world of cars. Today, we're announcing an important new piece of our little galaxy of sites. You know us from TheCarConnection for reviews, ratings and comparisons; from...Read More»

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