The 3 Best Automotive iPhone Applications
The 3 Best Automotive iPhone Applications

As an automotive enthusiast, car lover, or gadget guru, there is really only one smartphone suited for all of your needs. The iPhone from Apple is quickly becoming a necessity to car fanatics for many reasons, and its application center or App Store is loaded with programs to help the car...Read More»

2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS
Why The Hyundai Elantra Touring's $1800 "Price Decrease" Is a Total Misnomer

A price decrease happens goods or services are offered for a new, lower price. It is not a price decrease, however, when you strip all of the quality plastic, fabric and sound deadening out of a small car and then remove some many bits of content that it becomes an entirely new car. The Hyundai...Read More»

Volvo C30 electric car after crash testing. Photo by Joe Nuxoll.
National School Bus Safety Week: Prevention

Lets talk about something that is near and dear to every Road Warriors heart proper etiquette around school buses. If you are not aware of these protocols, learn them. If you know them, read them again! School Bus Safety Week (Oct. 19-23) is here again so listen up. Its when we give a weeks worth...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit S
Volkswagen Car Insurance: Expensive or Cheap?

Volkswagen offers a number of protections for customers. The company has a top-notch roadside assistant service, impressive warranty packages, and a solid servicing and maintenance team. But what does the auto insurance picture look like for this trendy vehicle? Well in the UK, Volkswagen features...Read More»

2007 Ford Freestar 4-door SE *Ltd Avail* Side Exterior View
Car Insurance Tips When Buying a Minivan

If you're buying a minivan, chances are you're purchasing a vehicle for the entire family. It can also mean that you need a vehicle that can seat large groups comfortably. Whether youre a family, a shuttle or a church organization, you will be transporting more than a handful of people, which means...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI
What Are Your Five Most Underappreciated New Cars?

What are your five most underappreciated new cars?  My five choices are the Mazda 5, Ford Fusion, VW Tiguan, BMW 1 Series, and Subaru Forester because they are all great vehicles but you don't see too many of them on the road. The Mazda 5 which is based on the Mazda 3 is a Mini Minivan that is...Read More»

2009 Nissan 370Z NISMO
Why Are Built-In Navigators So Much More Expensive Than Portable Units?

Do you remember a time before car navigation systems when people actually used to have to know how to (gasp!) read a map? Are you so young that you don't even know how to read a map? Well, it seems that in the course of a short 10 year period navigators have well and truly killed the map. Just...Read More»

2010 Cadillac SRX Turbo
Will the 2010 Cadillac SRX Succeed Where the Last One Failed So Epically?

The first generation Cadillac SRX had all the visual presence of a Ford Country Squire Station Wagon from the 1970s mixed with an interior seemingly constructed from a pile of leftover, ill-fitting plastic legos. The dashboard of the first generation SRX was such a mish-mash of styles that it...Read More»

2004 Lotus Esprit
Five for Fighting - a Short List of Cheap Used Sports Cars

If you're like a lot of us, your dream cars always seem to cost more than you want to plunk down - but guess what? There is no need to settle for boring sheet metal. Pulling from both my own experience as well as friends who share my love of fast curves and slow speed cameras, here are some musts...Read More»

hummer h2 black chrome motorauthority 008
Hummer Auto Insurance: What To Know Before Buying America’s Hippest Road Hog

They get less than 15 miles per gallon. Just over six thousand units were sold in 2007 (sales have been dropping since 2002). Tough new emissions laws and a bad economy have made it expensive for GM to keep up. The Hummer SUT holds the number 6 spot on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety...Read More»

2008 Subaru Tribeca 4-door 5-Pass Open Doors
2010 Subaru Legacy Lineup: Bigger, Better, Bolder

Originally Published in Subiesport Magazine The Subaru Legacy sedan has long been the black sheep of the boxer-bred family. Whereas the WRX clearly appeals to rally fans and the Outback to hiking enthusiasts, the Legacy isnt so well defined: The plucky sedan has been trying to find its voice ever...Read More»

2009 Toyota Camry
Five Best 2010 Four Cylinder Midsize Sedans

If the Toyota Camry were a person it would rule the world. While not exactly class leading in most any respect (yes, it even gets beaten in reliability), the current Toyota Camry sells like the proverbial hotcakes all the while maintaining the appearance of an overheated jellybean. Like some form...Read More»

2008 BMW 5-Series 4-door Sedan M5 RWD Side Exterior View
Why the Volkswagen Phaeton Failed in the U.S.

By: Ryan Konko The Volkswagen Phaeton was a technological marvel during the time it was sold in the United States. It shared the same platform as The Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur, featured technology found in the Audi A8, and started at $64,600. Thousands less than the A8, and tens of...Read More»

2009 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS
The 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV - A True SUV Bargain

Hyundai Santa Fe SEMPG Rating: 17 city/24 highway Price: starting at $22,295 after rebates Engine: 242 horsepower V6 engine There is a less expensive GLS version of the Santa Fe but it comes with an ancient and underpowered 2.7 liter V6 that makes more wheezing noises than your Uncle Phil with...Read More»

1997 Ford F-350
Most and Least Stolen Cars in the U.S.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the 1995 Honda Civic is currently the number one stolen vehicle in America. Russ Rader, a spokesperson for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), disagrees. Todays car thief isnt interested in smaller, older cars. Todays car thief is on the...Read More»

Honda Accord Coupe Concept  -  2012 Detroit Auto Show
Most Expensive Places to Own A Car in the U.S.

If you think buying gas is the biggest expense associated with owning a car, think again. Auto insurance is the most expensive aspect of owning a vehicle and unfortunately, drivers in some states will pay hundreds, if not thousands more than drivers in other states. Even worse is, where you live in...Read More»

mercedes amg driving academy 2009 018
Least Expensive Places to Own A Car in the U.S.

Where you live can be the difference between paying $869 for auto insurance and $5,000 or more for insurance. While auto insurance companies also consider age, driving record, and usage, where you live is one of the biggest factors insurance companies consider when determining rates. Several major...Read More»

Test Drive: Volkswagen Jetta TDI

With everyone today concerned with global warming and the environment one of the greenest decisions you can make is to buy a diesel.  The cars are enjoying a resurgence as customers look for better alternatives given gas prices. Diesel?  Yes, diesel. The TDI engine gets great gas mileage, and is...Read More»

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid logo
2011 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid: The World's Priciest Hybrid?

  When Porsche introduces the 2011 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid late next year, its first-ever hybrid-electric vehicle may be the priciest hybrid on earth. While a Porsche executive said pricing hasn't been finalized, according to the German Automobilwoche, the expected European price will be in the...Read More»

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