Bugatti’s Bscher Out: Veyron Plus None
Bugatti’s Bscher Out: Veyron Plus None

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Bugatti’s head Thomas Bscher has resigned. Bscher had been head of the Volkswagen Group’s most exclusive brand. His departure comes on the heels of that of Wolfgang Bernhard, once thought to be in line to be chairman of Germany’s largest...Read More»

2008 Toyota Prius 5dr HB Base (Natl) Angular Front Exterior View
Jay Leno’s Ecojet Spotlights Alternative Fuels

Does an environmentally-friendly automobile HAVE to look like the Toyota Prius? Not to Jay Leno. The talk show host and car collector teamed up with General Motors to secretly design and develop the Ecojet supercar. Sure, it’ll deliver Autobahn speeds, but it also runs on bio-diesel, which can be...Read More»

TVR Out of Russian Hands, Again

The convoluted saga of Britain’s TVR sportscars has taken another U-turn, as Russian owner Nikolai Smolenski says he will sell off the company to a pair of Florida-based investors. Last week, it was revealed that Smolenski, who had lost control of TVR at the end of last year, sending the...Read More»

Civic Type-R To U.S.?

Winding Road says the Honda Civic Type R is coming to the U.S. Driving other Hondas on a backgrounder event, the online magazine’s man in Japan got lots of “heavy hints” that the 220-horsepower hot Civic would cross the Pacific in 2010. The U.S. version would likely be a four-door...Read More»

Get 'Em While They're Hot: VW Fahrenheit GTI

Volkswagen reminds us today that the special-edition GTI it promised late last year is on sale at dealers now - and if you like the color orange, consider it a great day. The Fahrenheit GTI comes with electric-orange paint and Fahrenheit badging, along with a three-spoke steering wheel, stiffer...Read More»

MINI’s “Hammer and Coop” Take to the Air

Technophiled and dateless as you are, you’ve probably already seen MINI’s new Webisode preview, Hammer and Coop. But we just watched it after someone pointed us to it in a spare moment at Starbucks, and we have to confess, we’re a little aroused. In a non-creepy way, of course...Read More»

Audi R8 Going Ragtop?

Hey, it’s not us – really – but the talk of possible future Audi R8 versions has gone from hazy, martini-soaked confessions to printed rumor. Dutch magazine AutoVisie confirms some talk we’ve heard about a Spyder version of the R8 due next year, along with uprated versions...Read More»

Shock and Awe: BMW's Geneva Plans?

The latest M3 spy shots have surfaced - and before you clamor for less spy and more real photos, know that our knowledge of BMW's Geneva plans is still sharpening. So far we've heard that BMW could bring a few cars to Geneva - an M3 Coupe concept, a convertible M3 concept, a four-door sedan version...Read More»

Usain Bolt and the 2017 Nissan GT-R
Goldberg + Cars + Flames + Cussing = Bullrun

You're not going to be chided for missing Bill Goldberg's football career (Falcons? That's football?) or wrestling (properly spelled rasslin' in the south). But shame on you if you miss a single installment of Bullrun, Goldberg's latest TV show about to premiere on SpikeTV, the home of most of our...Read More»

Ferrari Daytona
BRP Can-Am Spyder: Breakthrough or Another Segway?

At first glance, the BRP Can-Am Spyder looks like another motorcycle, but get a bit closer and you’ll notice its unusual, Y-shaped layout, with two wheels up front and one in the rear. That’s mean to enhance stability — and lure in nervous Baby Boomers who’d love to relive...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

SEMA continues to vex us. Is it an important outlet for automakers and aftermarketers to meet and make nice, or is it just an excuse to take a HUMMER H2 and make it into a new Star Wars initiative? We liked SEMA so much we hit it a second time. Yeah, we already regret it - it won't stop calling and...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

SEMA done, we're ready to move on to the Los Angeles auto show. And apparently, so is the new Ford Escape. But is a tough-truck makeover enough in a world of new from the ground up utes like Hyundai's Santa Fe? We spotted the new Ferrari Dino for you, too. And yes, that was us shaking the change...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Spied: new mid-size Jaguar with stunning looks. All welcome to apply. Please. Soon. DaimlerChrysler's smart car is a star again. But after appearing alongside Tom Hanks and that awful hair in The Da Vinci Code, shouldn't it find a better agent? Friends of Ford, be encouraged. The Edge is the real...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

"Here's an extra ten euros. Make sure it's washed and if there's more than ten miles on it when I get back, I'm sending Sister Mister T after you." Eh what, guv'na? There's a new London taxi hitting the streets! Anyone betting on how long it takes Ford or the Chinese to buy up the rights to it?...Read More»

BP, Pope Have a VW Moment Together

From the Playboy Mansion to Vatican City: Volkswagen’s long, strange trip is making a special stop this week to the House of Pope for a special delivery blessed, perhaps, by God himself. (How would we know? We’re Buddhist.) Today in Italy, Volkswagen Chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder handed over...Read More»

Official Hyundai Veracruz Pics!

click pics to enlarge Here's one Korean scoop our pals over at CNN are wishing they had. Our crack South Korean reporter filed this picture of the new Hyundai Veracruz, coming to the Detroit show in January and U.S. showrooms next year. Standard stuff on the Honda Pilot-sized vehicle will be a...Read More»

Bunnies Meet Rabbits at the Playboy Mansion

“Financially prudent” rather than Rabbit meets Bunnies is how Volkswagen explained its decision to unveil four Limited Edition models at the Playboy Mansion October 4, but prudent is hardly the word to describe the recent shenanigans involving the iconic Playboy trademark. During a week...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Damn, is it the holiday season already? Nope - it's just Neiman Marcus reminding us that we don't make enough to buy a trip into space, or a BMW M6 Convertible. We're hoping to scrape together the cash for Chick Fil-A today, 'cause we're in need of nuggets. So the grand alliance is off, and GM can...Read More»

Death Proof Cometh from Tarantino

This year brought you Pixar’s Cars, a sappy kidfest lowlighted by an animated Larry the Cable Guy. Next year the car world gets considerably more adult fare tossed its way at the Cineplex via Grind House, a double-bill splatfest coming your way from Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) and the...Read More»

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