NYT: Ambien A Growing Drugged-Driving Problem
NYT: Ambien A Growing Drugged-Driving Problem

Drunk driving’s an acknowledged problem on the country’s highways, and drugged driving is a growing concern that TheCarConnection.com has reported on in the past year. Now, the New York Times says one drug in particular, the sleeping pill Ambien, is being cited as a factor in an...Read More»

ford fiesta s01
SUV as Terror Weapon

Has terrorism come home to UNC? A University of North Carolina graduate student is facing charges that he ran down nine other students with his SUV during a political rally sponsored by the College Republicans. Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, the grad student under arrest, was cuffed for running his SUV...Read More»

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Ia. Woman Fakes Death to Cheat Tickets

We’ve all done something silly to get out of paying a traffic ticket—like telling the court it was our evil twin using the car, for example. In Iowa, one woman apparently got deadly serious about her tickets, faking her death to avoid paying a string of citations. Des Moines’...Read More»

2004 Ferrari ENZO
Enzo-Wreck Story Gets Shadier

Kudos to the Los Angeles Times for having its editorial teeth deep in the story of a man who shot to fame last week for wrecking a million-dollar, unregistered Ferrari Enzo in Malibu—and following the story down some very strange corridors. First, the driver insisted there was a co-driver...Read More»

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TCC’s Ian Norris Dies

TheCarConnection is saddened to note the passing of our European colleague and friend, Ian Norris. Norris had traveled to Geneva to cover the motor show from his home in Le Mans and took ill last night. The news of Ian’s death swept quickly through the Geneva show and among his colleages...Read More»

What Happens When Airbags Go Bam—Unexpectedly?

The motoring press often writes about recalls and defects, but it also sometimes fall to us to unearth some of these problems, too. We tend to push vehicles a little further than most people would and because of that we discover things that a customer is only likely to find out about in very...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

It rocks, it rolls, it turns your iPod's music into a lowrider simulator. Doesn't it make the perfect Christmas gift for William F. Buckley? First we learned of the only guy to saw an Enzo in half and then not try to stitch it back together. Then, possibly, he was intoxicated. And potentially broke...Read More»

Celebrity Car Deathwatch: Enzo Strikes Out

We really weren’t expecting to break out the CCD so soon after Shannen Doherty christened it—but we may already have to push her aside for fresher, younger paparazzi bait. The L.A. Times, and lots of onlookers, reported that a Ferrari Enzo smacked into a telephone pole at about six in...Read More»

An Inch of Snow, 100 Accidents

So we Southerners have a bad reputation for driving in snow. Mostly it’s deserved. Take the residents of the Chesapeake region of Virginia as the latest example in a shameful, Piggly Wiggly–raiding history of freak overreactions to weather. The Associated Press reports that...Read More»

Old Spice Gets Sweaty Tony Stewart’s Leftovers

Let’s get physical…physical…Why can’t we get Olivia Newton-John out of our heads? Maybe it’s the video for that song, and the chunky guy aerobicizing with Olivia — and his passing resemblance to NASCAR argumentarian Tony Stewart. Stewart has had his share of...Read More»

You Too Can Beat the Embargo!

Everybody’s waiting for February 28, when the wraps will come off the new models and concept cars at the Geneva Auto Show. One of them is the Altica, a cool-looking cross between a sports car and a station wagon from which Renault design boss Patrick Le Quement will remove the cover on the...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Thank you Volkswagen, for making our life easy by naming concepts for letters. It's like the Electric Company meets Wolfsburg: we've had Concept R, Concept C, and now Concept A. The PBS types would be all over you for putting them in reverse alphabetical order, but our car-addled brains love your...Read More»

The Truth About Anger

TheCarConnection’s been attracting attention from all sorts of places and people, but the attention we’ve received from one must-be fan is turning sour—so of course, we thought you deserved to know about it. Robert Farago is a writer who has been appearing of late on the Jalopnik...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Tough-timer Lincoln says it’s changing most of its cars over to letter names instead of real word names. The Zephyr’s becoming the MKZ—pronounced “Mark-Z.” No so differently abled Mercury called dibs on all leftover names starting with the letter M. Will there be a...Read More»

Run The Rock — or Just Bask On It?

It’s not easy being green. At least not normally, for Muppet legend Kermit the Frog. But the star of Ford’s new Escape Hybrid commercials was singing — er, croaking — a different tune during an appearance at the Chicago Auto Show this week. It was hard to tell who was more...Read More»

Never Mind the Gene Pool - Britney's Out of the Car Pool

Pop has-been Britney Spears may be well off the charts — and may be well off the supermom track too, if recent photos are to be believed and excuses not accepted. Spears was nabbed by paparazzi this week, driving away in her Lincoln Navigator with five-month-old Sean Preston in her lap, not...Read More»

The United Nations of Chrysler Design

In many car-design studios around the world, global competition is the order of the day — designers in Barcelona fight it out with those in San Diego and Stuttgart and Tokyo for the right to pen a new car. Not so at Dodge, even though the new Caliber is a world car with big European...Read More»

Escape Hybrid's Amphibious Assault

Escalades have rap stars to shill them, and pickup trucks have country-music stars. But it’s easy being green in a Ford Escape Hybrid — or so Ford wants shoppers to believe with new ad spots starring Kermit the Frog. The ads, set to air during the second quarter of Super Bowl XL on Feb...Read More»

Tiger’s Got a Brand New Bag

While Tiger Woods strokes away at another Buick Invitational title, he’ll be having his clubs carried around the grounds at La Jolla in a new bag designed by Woods and Buick, apparently on a break from working on the production version of the Velite. The blue-and-silver golf bag is plastered...Read More»

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