Page, Plant Become Caddy Has-Beens
Page, Plant Become Caddy Has-Beens

Jimmy, Bobby, Bonzo and John: those beloved characters from that ‘70s cock-rock reality show we called Led Zeppelin have been unceremoniously retired from Cadillac advertising. According to Automotive News—the place we turn first for all our Zep news—the five-year-old Caddy...Read More»

What’s in a Name?

At a time when new automobile names are being spawned like weeds, Detroit observers have to wonder what’s in a name. Witness Ford’s abandonment of the only-year-old and well-accepted Lincoln Zephyr retro tag in favor of the meaningless MKZ, apparently in response to Cadillac dumping the...Read More»

Danica: Fast At “The Right Time of the Month?”

With Danica Patrick openly exploring a move to NASCAR, fellow IRL driver Ed Carpenter thinks success lies ahead for the young female star — depending on her lunarity. Carpenter, four places behind Patrick in the IndyCar points race, said in a radio interview that Patrick could be a good...Read More»

Jokes at MG’s Expense!

The announcement by Nanjing Automotive Group that it will build MG-branded cars in Oklahoma, as well as in China and the infamous Rover assembly plant in Longbridge, U.K., sent me to the Internet. MG is one of those brands, like Yugo and MG’s sister brand Rover, that has inspired jokes over...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

We ask Rolls-Royce, how much more black could it be? And the answer was, of course, "None. None more black." Money has its privileges: if you're a Foo Fighter/Nirvanan, you can practically vandalize a Rolls back seat and suddenly, it's art. So Kirk Kerkorian wants GM to fold into Renault/Nissan...Read More»

Saturn, Jon Bon Have Moment Together

We miss big Jersey metal and big Jersey hair, which is why we’re more than happy to run this picture of Jon Bon Jovi as he seeks out unsigned bands across the country. Jon Bon—that’s how we imagine we refer to him when we tell other friends that “he’s just a normal...Read More»

Madden Goes Nuts with Mobile Home

John Madden doesn’t like to fly. This much you already know if you have any sports pulse in your veins. What you may not know is the Big M has himself a new conversion coach just in time for his switch to NBC this fall and his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the fall. The new...Read More»

What’s On Your Fender?

Badges, brightwork and vents are automotive “jewelry.” Designers use them to break up large surface areas, to telegraph the brand or make of a vehicle to owners and admirers, and sometimes just to make a new vehicle pretty. The final frontier for jewelry — once the grille, tailgate...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

"So I moved everybody from Hellay to freakin' Nashville. You got a problem with that?" Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Pesci! Piece by piece, they're turning our Honda Element into a performance milk crate. Remind us to pull the plug on our devotion when the sticker-'n-decal edition comes nigh. Ford's...Read More»

Army Restoring Vehicles for Iraqi Army

Reprinted with permission from Army News Service By Spc. Lee Elder MUQDADIYAH, Iraq - What began as a way to alleviate mechanics' boredom between jobs has turned into a chance to enhance the combat capabilities of the fledgling Iraqi Army in northern Iraq. Mechanics supporting the 4th Infantry...Read More»

So This Explains A German Pope?

The return of the 5.0-liter V-10 diesel Touareg to the VW lineup has been a longer journey than company executives expected. The company has imported more than 600 of these vehicles, which features a 310-hp diesel engine with 553 pound-feet of torque, and has them ready for U.S. sale. But when...Read More»

NASCAR Hooks Up With Scientology

Is NASCAR being invaded by an even stronger force? The Church of Scientology, no stranger to trading a little paint with Oprah Winfrey and Brooke Shields through the human form of Tom Cruise, is sponsoring a car in one of the racing league’s entry-level series. The Associated Press says that...Read More»

Ferrari F40 Prototype On Auction

One very wealthy collector will soon own what could be one of the rarest, most sought-after Ferraris of all time — that’s what RM Auctions says, at least. The auction house will host the sale of the only Ferrari F40 prototype ever built. The F40, the final vehicle overseen by Enzo...Read More»

Pimp Out Your…Golf Cart?

Father’s Day is coming—oh, get a calendar, will you?—and instead of boxing up a lame, last-minute digital tire pressure gauge, why not spend all the money your dad scraped up to send you to college? What the hell, it’s not going to happen at 34 years old, right? The perfect...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

DaimlerChrysler let some driving students in California take the test in fuel-cell cars. In a related story, most of TCC's staff took their driving tests on horseback. Scion, says one insider, is a "mile deep and a foot wide." So, does that make Chery a hectare tall and two millimeters around? Does...Read More»

Smart Rethinks ZA Billboard

The blog world wins another victory: last week, TCConfidential showed you the smart billboard that referenced “American nothing” in what seems to be a derogatory way. Complaints about the billboard — brought to our attention by a reader via Neandernews.com — apparently reached...Read More»

2010 cadillac escalade 004
Lithuanian Dude Drinks, Drives, Enters Urban Legend

Yes, former frat boy, you drank and partied like it was 1999, unironically, when it really was 1999, and you got, like, so wasted. But you have nothing on Vidmantas Sungaila, 41, of Lithuania, in terms of your ability to hold your liquor or even in the number of syllables in your first and last...Read More»

Vespa Says Ditch the SUV, But Will You Listen, America?

The self-serving press release of the day award goes to Piaggio Group, maker and marketer of the Vespa. According to the Italian company, 30 percent of U.S. consumers would be extremely or somewhat likely to consider using a motor scooter for their everyday transportation needs. That is based on a...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Smart ass. The state of Georgia can't catch a car break. It loses on Saturn, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, then saw its Ford and GM plants get shuttered. And now Kia's plant is on hold. Remind us not to ride with Britney Spears anywhere in the state, please? Since we've already invoked Britney's name...Read More»

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