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Do Dogs Leave A Larger Footprint Than SUVs?
Do Dogs Leave A Larger Footprint Than SUVs?

Are dogs worse for the environment than SUVs? You'll find a number of sources trumpeting the widely publicized results from New Zealand researchers, concluding that yes, dogs are worse for the planet than SUVs. But don't kick out the hound quite yet and head for the Hummer dealership; according to...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen New Beetle
Ugliest Cars Of The Past 50 Years? You Might Be Surprised.

Think that the design of the Volkswagen New Beetle is more hideous than iconic? Apparently you're not alone. Business Week has posted its "Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years," including a number of models present and past, and the New Beetle is just one of the newer and still-produced models...Read More»

2010 Honda Dog Friendly Element
2010 Honda Element Lives Up To Its Pet Pawtential

Thanks to its easy-clean cargo floor and tall, versatile layout, the Honda Element has been a longtime favorite for dog owners. Yet the number of official pet-friendly accessories for the Element, along with most other popular dog-haulers, has been surprisingly limited, leaving families to search...Read More»

2009 Honda Element
2009 Honda Element Gets Pricier

The 2009 Honda Element gets a subtle restyling with a new grille and a new interior, along with a sprinkling of technology. The chunky two-door with the Target-inspired look and washable plastic interior (on some versions) also gets a price boost that puts the base version over $20,000. When the...Read More»

Overheard In New York: The Watertight Honda Element

NewsFlash: Girl Drowns in Midtown Traffic Jam Girl #1: Ugh, I hate Honda Elements. They're so ugly!Girl #2: Yeah, but did you know that you could, like, fill the whole thing with water and it would still run perfectly?Girl #1: Why would you want to do that?Girl #2: I don't know... But you could!--W...Read More»

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