Link Love From The Car Connection: Electric Bikes, iPhone Fun, And Gigolo Becomes Butt Of Soap-Dropping Jokes
Link Love From The Car Connection: Electric Bikes, iPhone Fun, And Gigolo Becomes Butt Of Soap-Dropping Jokes

Well, there's always Michael Moore -- Fellow PBS fans, the Big Three meltdown has a nasty surprise in store: to cut back on expenses, GM will no longer fund the films of Ken Burns. We understand the rationale; we just wish M. Night Shyamalan's backers would make the same move. Like, yesterday...Read More»

abacus in action
Statistics, Schmatistics: The Recession's Over When It's Over

We all know that facts and figures are useful tools--up to a point. For example, looking at consumer trends of the past would seem a good way to predict the way consumers will behave in the future, right? However, we also know that facts and figures can be used to justify a variety of things: wage...Read More»

Smoldering Impala
January Auto Sales Portend A Glum '09

Well, folks, here are the numbers to show you just how bad U.S. auto sales are tanking. From a sobering 55 percent decrease at Chrysler LLC to a surprising eight percent increase at Subaru, we've listed below all the companies who have reported January sales from worst to best. All sales were in...Read More»

Jeep Dealership
Chrysler Announces 'Employee Pricing Plus Plus' for Everyone

Well, it looks like the U.S. Treasury's generous $1.5 billion infusion (last Friday) into Chrysler Financial is trickling down to your local Pentastar dealer. Harking back to the gonzo car dealers who warbled catchy phrases while slamming their fists atop hoods, Chrysler today stammers the arrival...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Cruze
Detroit News Claims Chapter 11 "Must Be An Option" for GM

Today Detroit News columnist Daniel Howes dispenses with pretty grim predictions for General Motors based on cold, hard numbers. What was GM's "base case," a prediction of 12 million U.S. light vehicles sales in 2009 (the number they gave to Congress in December's hearings), has now fallen to just...Read More»

2010 Ford Fusion
Obama White House Likely To Enact Tougher EPA Emissions Regs

President-Elect Barack Obama pledged during his campaign to overturn the Bush administration's denial of California's requested waiver to navigate past EPA guidelines, which would allow it and 17 other states to move forward with new laws that further limit vehicle emissions in the fight to curb...Read More»

World Trade Center, 2010
Congress: Cash For Clunkers

Got a '79 Chrysler Cordoba (RIP Ricardo Montalban) with cracked corinthian leather gobbling cash at the pump and spewing hydrocarbons from its ill-tempered carburetor? Congress is considering a proposal that would reward Americans up to $4,500 if they yield their inefficient cars to scrapping...Read More»

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept, 2017 Tokyo Motor Show
GM, Chrysler Pull Out Of Tokyo Auto Show

"That's money better spent elsewhere," said GM's Rick Brown in Automotive News, referring to the $2 million price tag for GM's participation in the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. Brown told Automotive News today that it was strictly a business decision not to participate in this year's Tokyo Motor Show...Read More»

2009 Dodge Caliber SRT4
Chrysler Claims No Sale of Brands, Plants

"Absolutely false" - those were the words used by Chrysler Vice Chairman and President Tom LaSorda today regarding murmurs of a sale of the Jeep brand, one or more manufacturing plants, or tooling for an existing vehicle. (And who, exactly, would be fool enough to buy the tooling for, say, the Jeep...Read More»

2006 Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls Royce Defies Down Market

Despite a 2008 that wreaked havoc on car sales, Rolls Royce enjoyed - get ready for this - a 20 percent increase in sales for the '08 model year. It would seem that those who can shell out sick six-figure sums for the gargantuan, opulent, and non-eco-friendly Phantoms and Drophead Coupes aren't...Read More»

GM Logo
GM Backtracks, Admits To Possibly Needing More Than $13.4 Billion

It seems we spoke to soon in claming that GM would not ask for more than the $13.4 billion it's been granted in Federal assistance (from a recent post about Chrysler's request for an additional $3 billion). Today, GM COO Fritz Henderson "presented a worst-case scenario" to Congress, according to...Read More»

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