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Survey: Majority In CA Favor Tougher Penalties For Drugged Driving
Survey: Majority In CA Favor Tougher Penalties For Drugged Driving

Those who drive while drugged and impaired should face the same penalties as those who drive while drunk. At least that's what a new survey suggests a majority of Californians think. According to a new statewide traffic survey conducted by California's Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), nearly 70...Read More»

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Cities With The Most DUI Violations: San Diego, San Jose Lead

San Diego and San Jose, in California, have the most drunk-driving offenders among the top-20 largest cities in the U.S. Insurance.com, in a recent look at its own data, found that cities that rank near the top have one or all of several characteristics: more drinkers and partiers in general, less...Read More»

U.S. Navy drunk driving deterrence display
Study: Nearly One In Ten Drove Drunk In The Past Year

One in five Americans admits to drinking and driving, while eight percent—as many as 17 million people—have driven drunk in the past year. The new results, gathered for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and U.S. DOT, were released today as part of a...Read More»

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Alleged DUI Driver On 3 Wheels Leads Cops On 11-Mile Chase

You'd never know it from images of Manhattan, but large parts of upstate New York are rural and not that well off. Nevertheless, Duane Bush isn't helping Genesee County with its public relations. The 61-year-old man was arrested at his home in Bethany, New York (southwest of Rochester) on charges...Read More»

U.S. Navy drunk driving deterrence display
New Jersey Court May Prevent Drunk Drivers From Suing Bars

The scenario: a drunken driver slams into another motorist, suffering serious injuries. The other driver is unhurt. The drunken driver sues the bar that served him, arguing it should be the one liable for his drunken state. That's actually the law in most states, but New Jersey is considering...Read More»

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Video: Would A $40,000 Bar Tab Make You Reconsider Drinking And Driving?

If you're a parent, teacher, or wedding planner, you already know that people often refuse to listen to common sense. Sure, you can tell folks that smoking is bad or bungee jumping is dangerous, but until those things have an effect on their own lives, your kids, students, and nutso clientele will...Read More»

One More For The Road: Wisconsin Flunks Sobriety Test

Anyone who's ever driven across Wisconsin on its beautiful two-laners knows that in many areas you're more likely to find a rural tavern than you are a church, or even a gas station. Wisconsin remains the only state where the first drunk-driving offense is a traffic violation, not even a crime, and...Read More»

Vin Diesel
More Reasons You Shouldn't Take Rides From Strange Men (Or Any Men, Really)

If we had a dollar for every comedian that's cracked a joke about women and driving, we'd have enough cash in the bank to buy -- and set fire to -- every comedy club in America. Why would we do such a thing? Because studies show that men are actually far more dangerous behind the wheel. (Also...Read More»

Scenic road in Carmel, California
Reader's Digest Names Best, Worst, Deadliest American Roads

We may not hear as much from Reader's Digest now as we did in its heyday, but the company is still kicking, and its April issue features a survey of the best, worst, and deadliest roads in America. In compiling these lists, Reader's Digest has taken into consideration factors like the condition of...Read More»

U.S. Traffic Fatalities Hit Historic Lows

Good news this morning from the U.S. Department of Transportation: traffic fatalities have been on the decline for nearly four years running, and the number of people killed on U.S. roadways in 2009 reflected that trend, dropping to 33,963. It goes without saying that that's still 33,963 deaths too...Read More»

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CA Sobriety Checkpoints Snare Illegals, Pad Tow Companies?

In California, sobriety checkpoints intended to stop drunk drivers are far more often cracking down on unlicensed drivers and particularly illegal immigrants—leading many to wonder about the legality of the checkpoints themselves, and their placement. Sobriety checkpoints are big income...Read More»

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Today In Social Media: Tweeting The Names Of Alleged Drunk Drivers

Newspapers across the country often publish the names of those arrested for vandalism, assault, and other charges, but Montgomery County, Texas (just north of Houston) has moved that practice into the digital age: District Attorney Brett Ligon and County Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor Warren Diepraam...Read More»

Drunk driver plows into the wrong house [via CNN]
Video: Drunk Driver Confused, Plows Into Wrong House

How's this for a bad dream: you're lying in bed at 4am, fast asleep next to someone you love, when a Chevy Aveo comes crashing through the wall and pins you to the mattress, coating your PJs in engine fluid and cutting off circulation to your extremities. For two Nevada college students, the...Read More»

Sex and the City
Women Drinking, Driving, DUI-ing

Bad news: women account for an increasingly large number of DUI arrests, while the number of men hauled in for drinking and driving appears to be -- get this -- falling. Says one rep from the California Office of Traffic Safety, "younger women feel more empowered, more equal to men, and have been...Read More»

Tequila-Cucumber Highball, by Flickr user Mirabila
Drunk Driving Declines, Drugged Driving Doesn't

Drinking and driving don't mix, and by now, pretty much every driver knows that--though not everyone practices what they preach. The good news: Drunk driving levels have reached a new low, according to a recent roadside survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The bad news...Read More»

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