Winter Driving Safety: Make Sure Your Car Is Clean Before You Leave
Winter Driving Safety: Make Sure Your Car Is Clean Before You Leave

With the mornings turning decidedly colder and darker, its really time to turn your thinking to what youll find as you head out into the dark on your way to work or daycare or wherever you head before the sun rises. For starters, youll probably find that your car is COLD. That is a fact of life;...Read More»

2009 BMW X5
Five Must Have New Car Features for Holiday Road Trips

Keeping everyone in the car happy on a long holiday road trip is about as difficult as a Sunday evening dinner at the Palin residence when Playgirl baby-daddy Levi Johnston drops by. The awkward silences and bored glares can be enough to make anyone go a little crazy. So what sort of toys can you...Read More»

2010 subaru legacy touring 008
Five Essential Holiday Road Trip Items To Keep in Your Trunk

Heading out onto the roads this holiday season to go across the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house can be a stressful affair. Not to mention evil women in Gingerbread houses who try to cook you (oops, mixing my fairy tale metaphors here) there are big rigs, distracted drivers and...Read More»

1998 Eagle Talon Esi
Teaching Your Kid To Drive

    Any parent who has tried to play driving instructor quickly knows what a challenge it can be.  Most parents settle for sending their kid to drivers ed, or signing them up at the nearest driving school.  And rightly so, if they do not have the temperament for it.  That said, if you go in...Read More»

2010 Scion xB 5dr Wagon Auto (Natl) Engine
Quick Review: The New 2010 Scion xB

The new 2010 Scion xB has been redesigned with a larger engine for a quicker get up and go from its previous model, and a much roomier interior that makes you say "wow!" even when sitting in the back seat. Because of it's futuristic box design form, this highly functional vehicle is often...Read More»

2004 Ferrari ENZO
Five Common Driving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Driving is a funny thing. You can have mad skills, be doing everything right, and one teensy-tiny error in judgment can turn your car and your world upside down. The statistics don't lie, and the stats say we fall off the smart wagon way too often. You can fill a large city with the number of...Read More»

2007 Chevrolet Impala 4-door Sedan LS Angular Front Exterior View
Engine Shut Off Systems: Do They Really Help Finance Companies Collect Car Payments?

If youre in the market for a new car and have a low credit score, or youve had credit troubles in the past, you might be a prime candidate for a sophisticated system that monitors your payments. Although a sizable portion of the population had never heard of the system before the recession hit...Read More»

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L
The Rise Of 'Boomer' Coupes - Honda's Accord Crosstour and BMW's 550i GT

One of the highlights of trucks and SUVs is a high hip point (known as the 'H' point in design parlance). The height of the seat makes it easier for driver and passenger to enter and exit (with the exception of some truly stilted 4x4s). That elevated 'H' point will be driving sales of cars to aging...Read More»

2005 Volkswagen New Beetle Coupe Bi-Color Edit
'Auto-Wraps' Aren't Edible, but Real Ones Are Helfpful in Your Pocketbook

Lately, if you've driven the streets of Boston, you've likely seen our local transit authority's light rail vehicles (LRVs) sporting huge ads for Coors or some other product. The aim, of course, is to make extra money for the authority, which does need it badly. If you watch the traffic whizzing by...Read More»

Christian Kandlbauer
Prosthetic Arms Allow Former Mechanic To Drive Again

Christian Kandlbauer was an 18-year-old Austrian auto mechanic when he lost both his arms in an electrical accident. Thanks to German companies Paravan and Otto Bock, however, Kandlbauer was recently outfitted with thought-controlled prosthetic arms, which have given him the ability to do many...Read More»

Taylor Swift and Kristen Wiig
Video: Taylor Swift Complains About Your Parents' Driving

Apart from her music, we don't have anything against Taylor Swift. In fact, we felt pretty bad about that whole VMA thing with Kanye and Beyonce and the Henny and the internet meme that just wouldn't die. However, after seeing Taylor on Saturday Night Live last weekend, we're beginning to wonder if...Read More»

Monitoring lights for drivers (from GreenRoad)
New Ways To Watch Your Teen Driver, Courtesy Of GreenRoad

Back in the 18th century, British philosopher Jeremy Bentham came up with a nifty way to keep prisoners in line: as long as the incarcerated thought they were being watched, they behaved, even if they couldn't see the guards. The same "big brother" philosophy has been used ad nauseam since then...Read More»

2009 Dodge Caliber SRT4
Chrysler Has Aggressive Plan for 2014 Profit; Product Changes

While Ford has been dominating the auto world's headlines of late with news of its surprise $997 operating profit last quarter and the strength of its sales where it scored a 3.2 percent increase in sales last year, just behind GM's 3.7 percent hike, Chrysler has also been making its own waves...Read More»

2009 Ford Flex
AAA Safety Tips Show Everyone Has Responsibility for a Safe Drive

Imagine this scene: It's a bright Saturday morning and you are getting ready to go on a shopping expedition with some friends. You've just purchased a new 2009 Ford Flex and have volunteered to be the group chauffeur because you like driving the vehicle so much. Wanting to thank you for giving him...Read More»

Duesenberg tire
What Are Your Tires Trying To Say To You?

Hey, its getting a little low in here. My side is scraping the ground, In case you hadn't noticed. And I'm feeling a little unbalanced, not to mention my back is out and I could use an alignment. You never take me anywhere and I have been sitting on this same wheel my whole life! And while were at...Read More»

bentley power on ice 2009 007
Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: An Overdue Answer To An Overlooked Problem

While there are many sexy causes out there that attract attention all the time with their marches, telethons, walks, special months, there are some causes that, while bringing yawns or smiles to many people, are real and every bit as important as the big ones. Everyone knows about Hunger Awareness...Read More»

2008 Hyundai Azera Limited
'Booty' Call: Who's Giving You The Most Concealed Trunk Space For Your Dollar?

Lets say you need room to haul your stuff, and want a bona fide car, be it sedan or coupe. Youre not even up for a hatch with a folding rear seat. No, you want something where you can stow things securely out of sight. In an age when SUVs the size of buildings dominate the automotive landscape, one...Read More»

Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Richard Petty Joins Forces With Arrington Engines/Shophemi.com

 When you hear the name Richard Petty, you have a clear mental image of a thin man wearing a cowboy hat driving a blue Dodge. Many would remember the Dodge Challengers he raced in the 1960s with the now famous B5 blue paint scheme. Well, not to worry folks because now the legend is building...Read More»

2010 Dodge Ram 2500
All New 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Lineup

When looking at the full-size pickup selection of the last 10 years you will notice that Dodge has been ahead of the curve for style, power and durability. With the addition of the Lifetime Powertrain warranty, within the last 2 years, sales have increased and customers will have the peace of mind...Read More»

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