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What's the best way to merge when a lane closes? Use 'The Zipper'
What's the best way to merge when a lane closes? Use 'The Zipper'

Summer is long gone, meaning that nearly all of us have returned to our daily freeway commutes, which are often full of clogged construction zones. Want a tip to make the drive go faster? Use the "zipper merge" whenever possible. The funny thing about the zipper merge (aka "the late merge") is that...Read More»

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Safety Driving Tips For The Fall Season

With hours of daylight decreasing and inclement weather a frequent occurrence, the fall season is a time when drivers need to pay a little more attention to road and traffic conditions and use extra caution while driving. Here are some safety driving tips that can make the fall season more...Read More»

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It's Teen Driver Safety Week--Do You Know How Your Kids Are Driving?

For millions of teens, driving is considered a rite of passage, a golden ticket to freedom and independence. Learning to drive safely is of paramount importance as teens approach this important milestone. Now in its seventh year, the National Teen Driver Safety Week is an annual awareness-raising...Read More»

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New Moms Among The Most Distracted Drivers: Report

New mothers aren't immune to the dangers of distracted driving. In fact, with the demands of driving with a newborn baby on board, new moms may be among the most distracted drivers on the road. A recent survey of new moms that was conducted by American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide points out how...Read More»

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Stay Awake At The Wheel This Labor Day With These 10 Tips

Getting in that last-minute travel with the family this Labor Day holiday weekend may be a high priority on your list, but trying to cram in too many miles in too short a time could well be a recipe for disaster. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleepiness slows driver reaction time...Read More»

Ford Driving Skills For Life
Ford’s Driving Skills For Life Trains Teens To Become Safer Drivers

With high school proms and graduation coming up, parents are likely to relax the rules and give their teens more latitude and driving privileges. Yet the fact is that a 16-year-old is ten times more likely to become involved in a crash as an adult driver, and crashes are the number one killer of...Read More»

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Rethink Your Drinking This Holiday Period: Keep The Family Safe

The longest holiday period is just ahead, eleven days, to be exact, from December 23 through January 2, 2012. For nearly 92 million Americans, that means getting in the car and traveling to visit family, friends or to take a well-earned and much-needed vacation. That’s the estimate from AAA...Read More»

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Family Car Guide Advice: Be Safe During Holiday Road Trips

It’s getting to be that time of the year again, the season to gather the family and head over to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner or to spend some time with relatives or friends over the Christmas holidays. But if you are planning any kind of extended road trip, it’s wise...Read More»

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Driving Safety: Dealing With The Return To Standard Time

For most of the country, the first Sunday in November marks the annual return to standard time from Daylight Saving Time. It’s the “fall back” portion of “spring forward, fall back” mantra we use to remind ourselves we’re going to be gaining an hour’s sleep...Read More»

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Nearly One-Third Of Drivers Admit To Driving While Half-Asleep: Survey

While drunk driving and distracted driving grab most of the headlines, new research shows that drowsy driving may be even more deadly than previously estimated. According to the latest survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly 96 percent of Americans say drowsy driving is unacceptable...Read More»

U.S. lawmakers to get tougher on teen drivers
First Month Of Driving Riskiest For Teens, AAA Says

Highlighting the importance of continuing parental involvement in teens’ transition to solo driving, a new study from the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation finds that teens are 50 percent more likely to crash during their first month of unsupervised driving than after a year’s worth of...Read More»

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Americans To Drive More, Fly Less This Labor Day Weekend

The last gasp of summer is quickly approaching and families across America are making plans to do something to celebrate Labor Day weekend. According to a forecast from AAA, that means some 31.5 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home over the holiday weekend. That's a drop of 2.4...Read More»

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Family Car Advice: Tips For Safe Summer Driving

With family members clamoring for summer road trips, besides putting the itinerary together and packing for the getaway, keep in mind that how you drive on the road can make a world of difference in making sure you arrive at your destination and back safely. Here are the top tips for safe summer...Read More»

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Ten Ways to Organize Weekly Family Errands in Your Car

In cities, towns, suburbs and rural areas all across America, one thing is nearly universal: the need to use a car to do weekly errands. Families trying to economize by saving money on gas as well as maximizing their use of time can use all the help they can get. In line with this, here are ten...Read More»

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Ten Tips to Manage Distracted Driving

With all the headlines and various safety campaigns about distracted driving, it’s easy to glaze over and think that this behavior is something someone else does, not you. The truth, however, is that nearly every driver engages in distracted driving at some point. The National Highway Traffic...Read More»

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