New Jersey Serious About Ticketing Handheld Talking, Texting
New Jersey Serious About Ticketing Handheld Talking, Texting

When New Jersey tells you not to use a handheld cellphone to talk or text while driving, they mean it. In the 23 months since New Jersey's ban of talking or texting on handheld cellphones, police have written 224,725 citations, according to the NJ Star-Ledger—adding up to about four percent of...Read More»

AutoWeek's 'Russian Roulette' distracted-driving ad (detail)
Today In Ads: AutoWeek's Gory, Confusing Stand On Distracted Driving

Here at TCC and throughout the auto media, distracted driving has been a hot topic. From eating to in-car internet, we've discussed the dangers, the myths, and the results of taking your attention off the road when you're behind the wheel. Our colleagues at AutoWeek recently decided to ditch the...Read More»

Driving Tired
Keep Yourself Awake On Long Trips

If you are too tired to physically keep your eyes open, you are literally falling asleep. That's not safe. Pull over, take a break, let someone else drive. Now here are some suggestions that might help keep you from reaching that point. Have a conversation with someone. Obviously this only works if...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Cellphone Laws Aren't Reducing Crashes, Finds Safety Group

Here's a surprising result: Looking purely at the frequency of crashes before and after enactment, new laws that restrict the use of handheld cellphone use (calling and/or texting) while driving produce no recognizable reduction in crashes. So find researchers from the Highway Loss Data Institute...Read More»

Texting behind the wheel
Texting Ban For Commercial Drivers A Bellwether For Full Ban?

Truck or bus drivers who text while driving a commercial vehicle could be fined up to $2,750 as part of civil or criminal penalties. That's what U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced today, explicitly prohibiting texting for commercial vehicle drivers. But it's not a new rule. "This is...Read More»

Driver behind wheel, from Ford Sync Rock On ad
How to Make Hands-Free Calls Safer at Speed: Move Voices Around

The dangers of distracted driving are top of mind these days, what with recent studies on the risks, a Department of Transportation summit meeting, and even automakers speaking out against it. A Congressional bill would cut highway funding to states that do not ban using handheld devices behind the...Read More»

Empty billboard
Driver Distraction Alert: Like Google Ads, But With Billboards

Targeted ads on the Internet—for a product related to what you're reading about—are one thing. But what about targeted ads on billboards, using data about what kind of car you're driving? That's what was tried in the U.K., where motorists were shown ads advising them of the proper Castrol motor...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Transportation Summit Aims To Curb Distracted Driving

At a meeting on auto safety organized by the U.S. Transportation Department, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood this morning reported on the dangers of distracted driving. His figures were grim: last year, almost 6,000 traffic fatalities and 515,000 injuries were linked to driver distraction. The...Read More»

Teen driving
Don’t Get Your Teen Driver A Car—Sharing Is Safer

At one time, perhaps a generation ago, some experts preached that car ownership for teen drivers was one of the best strategies for emphasizing responsibility and accountability. If teens had to manage maintenance and other costs for their own vehicle, the logic went, they would be more likely to...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Texting While Driving? Just Say No, Say Automakers

Texting is a permanent part of digital life today, but that doesn't make it safe. And the data on texting while driving is truly frightening: A study of truck drivers by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute showed their risk of a crash or near-crash event was 23 times as high when the driver was...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Ford Supports Ban For Handheld Texting While Driving

Ford Motor Company yesterday officially endorsed the proposed national ban on handheld texting while driving. With that, Ford is the first of the major automakers to support the bill—introduced by Senator Charles Schumer of New York and Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York—which would...Read More»

Cell Phone Safety
Don't Feel Driving Has Become Safer? Join The Club.

Over the past five years we've made some huge advances in vehicle safety, including the broader application of life-saving innovations like side-curtain airbags, electronic stability control, and even tire-pressure monitoring. Yet 35 percent of U.S. drivers are feeling less safe today than five...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Study: Risk of Crash While Texting Is 23 Times Higher

Newly compiled results from more than six million miles of observed driving suggest that it's the act of taking one's eyes off the road, more than the cognitive distraction of talking or listening on the phone, that's most dangerous. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study included...Read More»

NY Times: NHTSA Suppressed Cellphone Distraction Research

You've likely purchased some sort of hands-free device, like a Bluetooth headset, over the past several years—if you don't already have one built into your late-model car. Now that you don't have to press buttons, flip a phone, or deal with a keyboard, no worries, right? Sadly, no; the evidence...Read More»

Flickr user Mike Burns
Food For Thought? Not Behind The Wheel, Please

The next time you try to eat a burger while driving—or even grab a sip of soda—please reconsider. According to recent data from the federal government and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near crashes involve some form of driver distraction...Read More»

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