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Suzuki Dumps Detroit Show; Sports Sedan Coming in 2009
Suzuki Dumps Detroit Show; Sports Sedan Coming in 2009

Suzuki says its new sports sedan will bow at an auto show in 2009--but it won't be the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. As Porsche has already confirmed, Suzuki will pass on attending the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. In doing so, Suzuki's abandoning Cobo Hall for more spacious digs at...Read More»

Magna to Build Aston Rapide

Magna International Inc. has nailed down a contract to build a vehicle for Great Britain's ultra-prestigious Aston Martin Rapide sedan. Magna Steyr, Magna's vehicle-building subsidiary, will build the four-door Rapide at its manufacturing center in Graz, Austria, beginning in late 2009. The goal is...Read More»

2004 Saab 9-5 Linear
2008 Saab 9-X BioHybrid

The schedule of press conferences for the Geneva auto show is packed, with each brand getting only fifteen minutes for its presentation to the press. So it's no surprise that manufacturers want to use the evening before to draw attention to their new model. Last night, Saab chose to preview its...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

It's a Fiesta! We liked the Verve name, but give Ford credit for warming up to the caliente crowd. Now if only they'd suck up my cultural clique--how about the "Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey?" While we're going over Anglicized versions of foreign words that became car names, Audi's Avant actually...Read More»

Camaro, Mustang, Prius? 2009 Detroit Show Dates Set

Ready or not, the dates for the 2009 Detroit auto show are on the books. Show organizers say the 2009 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) opens its doors from Jan. 11 - 25, 2009 at Detroit's Cobo Center. The city's long-bubbling plans to expand Cobo have apparently been put on hold, so...Read More»

Toyota Seriously Studying Small A-BAT Truck

Toyota Motor Corp. is studying whether there is room for a small truck that would fit underneath the existing Tacoma pickup truck. And in doing so, it’s putting the spotlight on a debate now raging among the industry's designers and product planners. Don Esmond, Toyota senior vice president...Read More»

2009 Audi R8 Le Mans
2009 Audi R8 Le Mans Concept Preview

For those who recall the bad old days of the American diesel, the 2009 Audi R8 Le Mans might seem like a contradiction in terms. Ask most Americans to describe diesel power and they’re likely to use words like “slow,” “smelly,” or “rough-riding.” Yet if you listen to the German...Read More»

More Hot Server Action: Your Ten Most Popular Vehicles

With last month’s Detroit auto show and its hordes of concept cars, production cars, and high-resolution photography, it’s understandable why all the top vehicle searches in January at were vehicles shown in Detroit. Maybe TCC readers are looking for a Jeep alternative, but...Read More»

HUMMER Web Site Nabs New H3T Truck

It's embargo time again for Chicago's auto show - and the new HUMMER H3T is the latest victim to fall.'s Web site says this photo was taken in anticipation of a Detroit show debut, but of course HUMMER had an HX concept for the ongoing Cobo affair earlier this month. The new HUMMER...Read More»

Mazda Confirms Three-Door 2

For the first time, the Mazda 2 will be available as a three-door car, and it will make its debut at March’s Geneva Motor Show. The news means a sporty “hot hatch” version – to wear the Mazda Performance Series (MPS) badge in Europe – is now more likely than ever. The Mazda2 is based on...Read More»

Flint: Detroit Show’s Crossover to Crossovers

There are the cars of fantasy--such as the $100,000 Corvette ZR1, which I call “The Devil in the Blue Dress,” and the Lexus LF-A Roadster concept. They are real if you’re a millionaire, and will be out soon, but will always be fantasies to most of us. There are the cars of hope—all sorts of...Read More»

Chrysler Sticking With Heavy-Duty Trucks

The longhorn cattle that starred in the launch of 2009 Dodge Ram may be back for an encore next year, as Chrysler LLC is already talking about the launch of its next big truck. Chrysler President and Vice Chairman Tom LaSorda said recently that Dodge will follow up the launch of the Ram by...Read More»

Scion Releases xB 5.0; Steve Jobs Fails to Take Credit

While we finish mopping up after the press days at the 2008 Detroit auto show (lots of shredded paper, spilled lattes at the Acura stand and sweaty lanyards, ew), here’s the info on the Scion special-edition xB that was quietly let out for the Cobo crowds. Scion says the xB Release Series 5.0...Read More»

I'll Have a Piece of Cloud, Please

As we've said in previous posts, the Chinese automakers at the Detroit show just didn't look quite ready for prime time in a lot of ways. Outside the obvious questions such as whether U.S. buyers have the confidence to buy Chinese-built cars, the designs for these automakers relegated to Cobo's...Read More»

Detroit Gives a Nod to Star Power

Everyone's been commenting about the subdued atmosphere of the press introductions here at the Detroit show relative to years past, and after two press days have come and gone I'm realizing one element was largely missing from the product introductions: the grand live entertainment. That's not to...Read More»

Smart Ready to Sell First Cars

Smart’s two-seat fortwo seems too cute to be real--but this week, smart will deliver the first of the Benz-developed city cars to customers who signed up long ago on its Web site. Smart marketing chief Dave Schembri, making a guest stop at the Daimler AG press conference, told audiences that...Read More»

Honda’s Pilot Aims for Diesel?

Honda’s confirmed its plans for adding a diesel engine to its lineup, but which vehicle would carry that engine has been a mystery. Other sources are pointing to a future Acura inheriting the oil-burner, or possibly the Accord and Civic. But what about Honda’s Ridgeline and the closely...Read More»

Detroit Designs: Picks and Pans

At the North American International Auto Show there's a bewildering number of new designs — including quite a mix of production premieres, production-bound 'concept' prototypes, and even a few unhindered, let-the-designers-loose concepts. To our untrained eyes, it's often hard to judge them...Read More»

BMW: Not Much New News

It's always nice to be surprised, but BMW didn't announce anything truly new at their Detroit event. If you're a TCC regular (and you probably are because you're reading this), we've let you know that BMW would show their X5-related X6 crossover in the Motor City. BMW claims to have invented a new...Read More»

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