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U Haul Car-Sharing Adds Toyota Prius, Ford Escape Hybrid
U Haul Car-Sharing Adds Toyota Prius, Ford Escape Hybrid

U Haul has just reduced prices for its U Car Share car-sharing service, and added more fuel-efficient EPA SmartWay vehicles, the company reports. Vehicles being added to U Car Share's fleet include the Toyota Prius, Ford Focus, Toyota Yaris, MINI Cooper, and Ford Escape Hybrid. Up until now, the...Read More»

Photo of Detroit by Yves Marchand and Romaine Meffre
Link Love From The Car Connection: Detroit In Pictures, Self-Healing Paint Jobs, And Car Wraps, Japanese Style

Pretty city -- Despite the hits Detroit has endured in recent months, there are plenty of people willing to take those lemons and make lemonade--and by "lemonade", we mean sumptuous, four-color photographs of the city's former industrial glory. She may look a little rough around the edges, but...Read More»

MINI Pop-Art Umbrella
MINI Pop-Art Umbrella: Ridiculous Release Of The Day

A steady rain is pouring down here on TCC's Atlanta satellite office, and e-mail inbox reservoirs are filling with a week's worth of press releases. Some are smart, some are snooty, some are silly...and some are just plain ridiculous. The MINI Umbrella release is soaked with saccharine, not to...Read More»

Matias Conti's Transformable Spin Vehicle
Link Love From The Car Connection: World Car Of The Year, Crazy Trikes, And Mini Cooper Vs. The Carwash

Tiny nuggets of informative humpday goodness: Best in show: The list of contenders for 2009's World Car of the Year Award have been announced. Not on the slate: the slick, black bug from VW's "Das Auto" commercials. His acceptance speech would be too long anyway. [WorldCarFans] Speaking of Germany...Read More»

MINI Bulldog
Mini Bulldog Warms Hearts With No Carbon Footprint

Causing a grin on the face, some warmth in the heart, but nary a trace of CO2 in the air, the plush MINI Bulldog makes its way to select MINI dealers as well as just in time for a February 14 gift for the owner (or aspiring owner) of a MINI Cooper, Clubman, or even one of the 500...Read More»

2009 MINI E
City of New York To Use MINI E Electric Cars, Bloomberg Announces

In his State-of-the-City speech yesterday, New York Major Michael R. Bloomberg announced that BMW will be loaning the city 10 MINI E electric vehicles for its SCOUT program. SCOUT, or Street Condition Observation Unit, scours the city for dangers like potholes, roadway damage, and aesthetic issues...Read More»

2010 MINI Cooper Convertible
MINI Introduces New Cooper Convertible

First seen at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show, today the BMW Group officially rolled out its latest four-seat MINI Cooper Convertible featuring, as they say, "improvements in the areas of design, quality, handling, performance, efficiency, and functionality." Built on the latest-gen MINI platform...Read More»

Who Needs a Hybrid for Good Mileage?

Try to find a Prius. Go ahead, we dare ya! A few random calls to dealers around the country reveals that you won't locate many, if any, of the popular hybrids on Toyota's retail lots, not unless one is parked there waiting for a service bay. And while demand is a little lighter for some models...Read More»

Smart fortwo
Is It Smart to Put Premium in Your Little Fortwo?

Among the cars I am test-driving this week is a BMW M3 Coupe. It is, as you might expect, a joy to drive. But it is painful to refill, averaging barely 17 mpg and demanding nothing less than the choicest of premium gas. OK, when you’re spending $53,800 on a high-performance two-door, I guess you...Read More»

MINI Sets Pricing on John Cooper Works

With the imminent introduction of its new 2009 Mini John Cooper Works, the British maker will be taking racing to the streets. Named for the man who turned the original Mini into a rally racing threat, back in the 1960s, the John Cooper Works is a street-legal version of the current Mini Challenge...Read More»

2007 MINI Cooper S
2006 Paris Auto Show, Part III

2006 Paris Auto Show Index by TCC Team (9/25/2006) MINI Cooper S The new MINI is on the way! What, you hadn’t heard? Since you obviously missed our preview of the next Cooper and Cooper S, the folks at MINI were kind to reprise it during the press launch of the vehicle at the Paris show, complete...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen Scirocco
2006 Paris Auto Show Index

SHOW COVERAGE 2006 Paris Auto Show, Part I by TCC Team (9/28/2006) Audi R8, Benz CL, Dodge Avenger, GM-Nissan talks. 2006 Paris Auto Show, Part II by Marty Padgett (9/28/2006) Ford Mondeo, Iosis X concept, Civic Type-R, C30 and Toyota Auris. 2006 Paris Auto Show, Part III by Marty Padgett...Read More»

2006 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-door Coupe S Steering Wheel
2006 Geneva Show, Part V

Saab Aero-X: Born From the Corvette Is it the face of Saab's future? Don't expect to see the Aero X concept vehicle in your nearby Saab showroom anytime soon, but it still says a lot about the struggling Swedish automaker's future, according to company officials. Appropriately surrounded by 55 tons...Read More»

2006 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-door Coupe S Angular Rear Exterior View
2006 Geneva Motor Show, Part VI

2006 Geneva Motor Show Coverage by TCC Team (2/19/2006) Saab Aero X Concept Saab has a stunning surprise for Geneva crowds: the Aero X Concept. The study, Saab says, explores design themes and features we will see in future Saab products. The two-seater coupe has been designed under the guidance of...Read More»

2005 Chrysler Akino concept
2005 Tokyo Motor Show Preview

Chrysler Has Something Akino for Tokyo Chrysler has a new idea ready for the audiences that will mass for the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. The Akino concept, the company says, is a one-box vehicle that seats five people despite its compact dimensions. Named for its designer, 37-year-old...Read More»

2004 Mini S  MC40
2004 New York Auto Show, Part III

2004 New York Auto Show Index (4/5/04) Caddy introduces new flagship sedanCadillac added yet another letter car to its stable today as it showed its all-new STS luxury sedan. It's the first vehicle in the originalSeville series to feature rear-wheel-drive in 25 years. For Snowbelt buyers nervous...Read More»

2004 Mini S MC 40 - Interior
2004 Geneva Motor Show, Part I

2004 Geneva Motor Show Index by TCC Team (2/22/2004) Switzerland Shows It Off Switzerland — you can set your watch by the trains, and you can count the number of major car companies native to the nation on no fingers. And that’s what makes the Swiss show a major hit with automakers, who throng...Read More»

2004 Mini S  MC40
2004 Detroit Show, Part VIII

2004 Detroit Auto Show Coverage (1/4/2004) Kappa Architecture Sure to Spawn More In a show with plenty of strong offerings, few vehicles have scored such solid reviews as the Chevrolet Nomad concept. And that’s generating increasingly open interest among the General Motors executives who would...Read More»

New York Auto Show logo
2003 NY Auto Show Preview

TCC's Auto Show Index by TCC Team (2/23/2003) Our coverage of the world's major auto shows, year to year. Every other year, automotive journalists experience a rare sort of nirvana. It’s difficult to tell if it’s the enlightenment of seven major auto shows dawning upon us — or just a contact...Read More»

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