First Drive: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
First Drive: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet first showed its Chevrolet Camaro concept in January 2006, and this reporter was one of a few to drive the show car in April 2006. Since then, thousands of stories, articles and photos have appeared, working the hype into a frenzy and making Chevy's new pony car one of the most-exposed...Read More»

Vintage Chevy in Cuba via
Link Love From The Car Connection: Classic Car Heaven, Kooky Cufflinks, And Shopping Cart Conversions

Read up. It's going to be a long week... Saab wants to be Apple: Saab is hoping that its impending liberation from GM will give it the freedom to "think different" [sic], like a certain computer/accessories maker. The company's new target market? "[E]ntrepreneurs, dentists, doctors and agency...Read More»

Aston Martin Project One-77
Forgetting Its Past, Aston Plans Brash New Lagonda

Aston Martin teased a select audience at the recent Paris Auto Show with its latest concept, the "one 77." With a carbon-fiber chassis, a handcrafted aluminum body, and a 7.0-liter V-12, the one 77 will "deliver exhilarating performance for a strictly limited number of discerning [read: mega-rich]...Read More»

Awkward Designs: GEM Peapod vs. Isetta vs. BMW 600

This isn't the first year that pinched pocketbooks and a faltering economy have forced automakers to re-invent and downsize. After WWII, according to Wikipedia, short-distance, economically minded transportation was a huge need in Europe. Enter the Isetta, designed originally in Italy, and...Read More»

1999 GM (Specialty Vehicles) EV1
GM Names Its Top 10 Production Cars

As it preps for its 100th anniversary celebration in a few weeks, General Motors has been digging through its archives to name its top 10 production cars built in its history. There are some familiar names on the list--maybe you've heard of the Corvette or the Chevy Bel Air? Other choices are a...Read More»

2009 Ford Mustang Bullitt
Mustang Alley Coming to Dream Cruise

While the Pebble Beach Concours hosts the heavy cream of the auto world, the Woodward Dream Cruise is getting the red meat--thousands of classic cars, and, Ford says, the biggest collection of Mustangs new and old. The Ford display will be the biggest of any automakers, the Dearborn-based car...Read More»

2000 Mazda Miata
Eight Cars to Drive Before You Die

Your everyday car may be special to you, what with its nice rims, a cool satellite radio system, enough room in the console to hide evidence of trips to Carvel. Chances are, though, it's a Camry, Accord, Fusion, or Malibu--all fine cars, but not really epic examples of the history of carmaking...Read More» GTO and Police Car
Yeah, But Did You Wreck a Pontiac GTO Today?

You could be a recruiter or a sales technician or an endocrinologist, but trust me when I say this is a job description you want: car wrecker. While I'm down here in TCC's world headquarters in sunny Palo Alto, Gregg at was on hand to catch the filming of a stunt in downtown San...Read More»

Ten Cars of Infamy: Bonnie & Clyde's Ford V-8

The history of cars is full of heartwarming stories and happy endings—but just as full of dark corners, blind alleys and high-speed tragedy. Some cars have become part of our culture, because of their role in murder and mayhem. They're infamous.’s ten most infamous...Read More»

Found on eBay: 1967 Daihatsu Tri-Mobile Microcar Pickup

Take this one as a hoot -- or a scary indicator of what CAFE will do to America's beloved pickup truck. It's a 1967 Daihatsu Tri-Mobile, a three-wheeler that's outfitted with 12 horsepower and a cute factor that eclipses any Corbin Sparrow. The California seller says the Tri-Mobile is one of a wave...Read More»

Ausgezeichnet! BMW Museum Opens June 19

It's not too early to start planning summer vacations -- and if your annual trek skips the Grand Canyon for slightly more exotic climes, you'll be pleased to find out that BMW's company museum will soon be open again to the public. BMW put about two and a half years into expanding and renovating...Read More»

Happy Birthday, Car!

Mercedes-Benz sent us a lovely card today reminding us that today, January 29th, is what they consider the birthday of the automobile. Of course we normally send out our own salutations by e-card. It must have been lost in the spam filter. We swear. You probably don’t remember it like...Read More»

N2A: A Corvette-Fifties Chevy Mashup

A lot of strange and intriguing e-mail crosses my digital transom. There are the rants and the raves, the corrections and the questions, and of course, plenty of press releases. You learn whose notes you want to read first—the e-mail hors d’ouevres, if you will—and those always...Read More»

The Lesson: Don't Steal Nick Cage's Car Cash

(Surprisingly, Cage was not available for photo op - so here's a Cobra shot instead.) Nic Cage may regret a few roles he's taken, but one big regret of his was taken care of by the courts today. Cage, fellow New Orleanian and car collector, got word that a car broker who had lined up to sell some...Read More»

RAC Mini Sold for $197K

Mini’s heritage is bringing big bank to some collectors. Take, for example, this Mini run in the 1965 RAC Rally, piloted by Rauno Aaltonen. The only Mini ever to win the British race, it’s been sold at auction for what’s thought to be a record $197,000. With only 4825 miles on the...Read More»

’39 Auto Union D-Type Yanked from Sale

The plan was to sell one of the world’s rarest cars for the highest sum ever for a car. In the end, the price wasn’t right. Today, reports that Christie’s has pulled the 1939 Auto Union D-Type from auction after receiving sealed bids through last week. At one time...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

And the winner is…Tupelo, Miss. For all the states that missed on Toyota’s latest plant—don’t worry, they’re like trains, there’s another one coming in six months. Is Ford finally getting its act together? Some sales are getting stronger, and a subcompact is...Read More»

Saab Recalls 60 Years of Cars

GM’s Swedish arm Saab is celebrating 60 years of car-making this summer. The first vehicle, the “Ur-Saab” (pictured), was revealed to the automotive world on June 10, 1947 in a staff canteen at the aircraft company’s Linköping headquarters. To mark the start of the celebrations...Read More»

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise - Flame Hot Rod
2004 Woodward Dream Cruise, Part I

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise (8/22/2004) Return with us to another era... Rain, rain, go away Mother Nature hasn’t been very kind to Detroit this Summer. It’s been raining almost every weekend, which isn’t the sort of weather you look forward to if you own a classic cruiser. Yet the soggy...Read More»

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