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London 2008: Honda OSM Concept
London 2008: Honda OSM Concept

The 2008 Honda OSM concept is live on the stand at the London Motor Show, and that might be the last place you see it. Though there's been plenty of conjecture that this is a styling study for a new S2000 or some other exotic sportscar, the OSM--for Open Study Model--is a dead-end progeny of...Read More»

2007 Honda CR-Z Concept
Honda Confirms Prius Fighter, Two-Door Hybrid and Fit Hybrid

Honda's taking aim on the Toyota Prius, as it confirms plans for not just a single new hybrid model--but three new hybrids for the coming model years. Last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda revealed that it would offer a new hybrid vehicle for production in early 2009. Today, Honda confirms that...Read More»

Old Hondas Wanted! By Honda?

Centenarians get respect from Willard Scott, and they usually get first dibs on the tapioca at Shady Pines Retirement Village, too. Old cars with more than 100,000 miles? Bah, all they get is the occasional oil change and no comprehensive coverage. But now, like VW and Benz before it, Honda’s...Read More»

Honda’s Latest Mooooves

It’s music festival season in Europe, with big events on seemingly every weekend. The bizarrely named Fruitstock took place earlier in the month in London, sponsored by smoothie maker Innocent, and Honda was there with a Civic Hybrid painted as a cow promote the green benefits of the...Read More»

Black Eyed Peas: My Humps, Indeed

How would you like your ride pimped out by Fergie and her crew? Not that Fergie—she’s too busy hawking Weight Watchers meals and possibly, her family jewels. We’re talking about formerly street-credded and now so-commercial-they’re-cool rap-hop group The Black Eyed Peas. The...Read More»

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT ULEV Angular Front Exterior View
2005 Tokyo Motor Show, Part VII

TCC's Auto Show Index by TCC Team (10/3/2005)Our coverage of the world's major auto shows, year to year. 2005 Tokyo Motor Show Index by TCC Team (10/18/2005) Giugiaro’s Ferrari Celebration One of the most striking cars on display at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show was also among the most difficult...Read More»

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