Cheap Chinese Gas
Cheap Chinese Gas

While American motorists have been watching the numbers on their local gas pumps go up and up and up, drivers on the other side of the world don't seem to mind - indeed, don't even know - about the run-up in fuel costs. That's because the Chinese government, increasingly concerned about the powers...Read More»

Brilliance Auto
China's Hot Car Market Cools Down

If we're lucky, the U.S. auto market will post no more than a 10 percent decline this year. From the peaks we saw early in the decade, the numbers will drop to barely 15 million, according to the latest forecasts, and some pessimists still think we could plunge down to the 14 million range. No...Read More»

April Fools' Joke from Jaguar?

Everyone's getting in on the April Fools' Day jokes, including, we think, the funsters and wagsters at Carscoop. Witness this image here: according to the copy, it's a Jaguar XF-C concept due at the Beijing auto show on April 20. Carscoop says the four-seat coupe is based on the new XF, and powered...Read More»

Audi Adds a Gear to Dual-Clutcher

Audi and Volkswagen have had great success with their own version of BorgWarner's dual-clutch transmission. And now, with the appearance of BMW’s new seven-speed double-clutch transmission in the U.S. later this year, Audi's upping its gear count to stay competitive. Autocar magazine reports that...Read More»

Volkswagen Sponsors Beijing Olympics

Mark your calendar for August 2-8, Olympic fans and hopefuls. The 2008 Olympic games are, for the first time, being held in China. And Volkswagen is getting in on the fun as the official automotive sponsor of the Games. As a sponsor, Volkswagen will be donating 6,000 cars to the 2008 Beijing...Read More»

2008 Buick Invicta concept
Buick Invicta Concept: Shanghaied in New York

It won't be displayed in the clay until the Beijing auto show on April 19, but Buick's letting more than a few whispers out about its new Invicta concept. While we're amassing for the New York auto show, Buick's eye ahead to Beijing will include a fully realized concept version of this sketch...Read More»

BYD Is No P.Y.T.

There was a new name from China at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and it was BYD. The initials stand for Build Your Dreams, and the company was formed in 1995 with the merger of two smaller Chinese car firms. Its ambitious plans include wanting to get into Europe by 2010 and into North...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

The Geneva motor show is upon us--the ever-predictable diesels, hybrids and city cars as well as the Rinspeed flake-o-rama. What keeps us up at night: why is Geneva a "motor" show and Detroit an "auto" show? Who's got Jerry Seinfeld's cell? Despite some clever electronic traps set--like, um, FTP...Read More»

I'll Have a Piece of Cloud, Please

As we've said in previous posts, the Chinese automakers at the Detroit show just didn't look quite ready for prime time in a lot of ways. Outside the obvious questions such as whether U.S. buyers have the confidence to buy Chinese-built cars, the designs for these automakers relegated to Cobo's...Read More»

Chinese Brands Not Ready for America Yet

No less than five different Chinese automakers are making an appearance at the 2008 Detroit auto show this week, but according to analysts from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, don’t expect any of those brands to appear alongside the likes of Chevrolet, Ford or Toyota anytime soon. Kenneth DeWoskin, a...Read More»

Shaking Things Up at the Shanghai Motor Show

Forget the Mao suits and rickshaws. If you want to see some of the sexiest couture draped over the latest cars and concept vehicles, head to China. TCC Team, Publisher of, was on hand for the press preview at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show, and files this report on the...Read More»

Hey, Mister, Wanna Date – or a Truck?

Political correctness be damned. Modern China’s founder, Mao Zedong may have promised a truly egalitarian society, but today’s increasingly capitalistic Chinese have discovered what the West long knew: sex sells. And they seem to have foregone that limiting discipline that has tamed and...Read More»

GM's Burns Gets Shanghaied - or, Almost Doesn't

What if you gave a news conference and nobody came? Worse, what would happen if the guy who’s supposed to be the star of the show can’t get in? That nearly happened to Larry Burns, it seems. General Motors’ technology czar was planning to play host as the automaker unveiled a...Read More»

Look at Buick’s New Aggro Attitude

Buick is tired of getting smacked around by Lexus, Acura, Volvo—heck, even by Hyundai. And while GM’s Saturn and Chevy brands have gotten their HGTV on and revamped their lineups, it’s been a slower process at Buick, where sales in China actually outstripped U.S. sales last year...Read More»

GM Gets 2006 Books Off its Desk

Pardon Rick Wagoner if he’s blasting a little AC/DC today, since GM reported that it made $2.2 billion last year, $180 million of it in the fourth quarter. GM’s profits marked a $5.4-billion turnaround from 2005, a dismal year for GM that followed several years of shrinking sales. The...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

And the winner is…Tupelo, Miss. For all the states that missed on Toyota’s latest plant—don’t worry, they’re like trains, there’s another one coming in six months. Is Ford finally getting its act together? Some sales are getting stronger, and a subcompact is...Read More»

2010 Dodge Charger SR8
DaimlerChrysler Approves Chery Deal

DaimlerChrysler said this morning that it's approved a deal wherein China's Chery Automobile would build a compact car for sale by the Chrysler Group. The official release follows: The DaimlerChrysler Supervisory Board today approved the framework of a limited partnership to develop small vehicles...Read More»

Will Dems Go Where GOP Fears to Tread?

Sunday's Detroit Free Press reports that our newly Democratic-controlled Congress is talking about taking on Japan's manipulation of the yen-dollar relationship, which accounts for a sizable portion of Japanese vehicle profits and competitive advantage over domestic models. Republicans, led by the...Read More»

2008 Mercury Grand Marquis 4-door Sedan LS Rear Exterior View
Woman Smuggled into U.S. in Engine

An illegal immigrant from China was discovered at the U.S. border near Calexico, Calif., hiding inside the engine bay of a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis, the Bay Area’s reported on their Web site. Immigration officials became suspicious during a regular border check when the driver of...Read More»

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