2005 Frankfurt Preview, Part III
2005 Frankfurt Preview, Part III

2005 Frankfurt Auto Show Index by TCC Team (8/10/2005) Smoother SUVs On The Way? Is the macho angular look on the way out for SUVs? According to two concepts that will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Show next month, smooth, almost coupe-like shapes could be the next step for the vehicles whose bulk...Read More»

2003 Toyota Camry Solara SE
2003 Chicago Show, Part II

2003 Chicago Auto Show Index by TCC Team (2/10/2003) LINCOLN CHANGES DIRECTION, WON’T CHASE CADDY "We don't have to be Cadillac," James Padilla, President of Ford Motor Co. North American Operations, in an interview after a press conference at the Chicago Auto Show. Padilla said the number-two...Read More»

Harry Pearce detroit 2001
Detroit Show Newsmakers I

Momentum at Mitsubishi Odds are that Mitsubishi Motors will expand its assembly operations in Bloomington, Ill., notes the company’s executive vice president, Pierre Gagnon. While a final decision is still as much as 60 days away, the carmaker will need the added capacity if it’s to meet two...Read More»

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