How to Make Hands-Free Calls Safer at Speed: Move Voices Around
How to Make Hands-Free Calls Safer at Speed: Move Voices Around

The dangers of distracted driving are top of mind these days, what with recent studies on the risks, a Department of Transportation summit meeting, and even automakers speaking out against it. A Congressional bill would cut highway funding to states that do not ban using handheld devices behind the...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Study: Laws Restricting Texting Aren't Deterring Teens

A new study finds that state laws banning driving while texting doesn't actually correspond to lower confessed rates of the activity in that state—especially among the youngest drivers. Part of it looks due to misinformation. Nearly 36 percent of respondents didn't know whether or not driving...Read More»

Maria Shriver
Anti-Cell Phone Laws Are For First Ladies, Too, Ms. Shriver

If you've ever attended a Protestant school, you've probably had the misfortune of encountering "PKs" (aka "preacher's kids"). They may live pious lives at home, but once free of that environment, PKs typically become the rowdiest, rudest, law- breakingest kids on the block. Maria Shriver isn't...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Texting While Driving? Just Say No, Say Automakers

Texting is a permanent part of digital life today, but that doesn't make it safe. And the data on texting while driving is truly frightening: A study of truck drivers by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute showed their risk of a crash or near-crash event was 23 times as high when the driver was...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Ford Supports Ban For Handheld Texting While Driving

Ford Motor Company yesterday officially endorsed the proposed national ban on handheld texting while driving. With that, Ford is the first of the major automakers to support the bill—introduced by Senator Charles Schumer of New York and Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York—which would...Read More»

Cell Phone Safety
Don't Feel Driving Has Become Safer? Join The Club.

Over the past five years we've made some huge advances in vehicle safety, including the broader application of life-saving innovations like side-curtain airbags, electronic stability control, and even tire-pressure monitoring. Yet 35 percent of U.S. drivers are feeling less safe today than five...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Study: Risk of Crash While Texting Is 23 Times Higher

Newly compiled results from more than six million miles of observed driving suggest that it's the act of taking one's eyes off the road, more than the cognitive distraction of talking or listening on the phone, that's most dangerous. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study included...Read More»

NY Times: NHTSA Suppressed Cellphone Distraction Research

You've likely purchased some sort of hands-free device, like a Bluetooth headset, over the past several years—if you don't already have one built into your late-model car. Now that you don't have to press buttons, flip a phone, or deal with a keyboard, no worries, right? Sadly, no; the evidence...Read More»

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