Grindhouse: Invincible Camaro Hits Theaters April 6
Grindhouse: Invincible Camaro Hits Theaters April 6

We warned you last year: now, Grind House, the double-bill splatfest from Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) and the hyperspoken Quentin Tarantino, is in previews before its April 6 opening day. Tarantino’s half of the project plays to gearheads: in Death Proof, he directs Kurt Russell and Rosario...Read More»

Coulter Says Gore Sign of New “Ass Age”

Ann Coulter takes her raps for throat-slitting commentary—dubbing John Edwards a “faggot” and whatnot—but it’s her weekly print column where her writing benefits from a gut punch of intellect and humor, coupled with a careful line edit. We love this week’s rag on Al...Read More»

Ford in Edge Giveaway: Shouting Anticipated

We’re warm-hearted folks, really. And watching ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition often brings a tear to our eye. But mostly that’s because host Ty Pennington uses shouting where punctuation would suffice. We’re hoping former Atlantan Ty breaks pattern as he awards fifty...Read More»

Celebrity Car Smackdown: It’s Keanu!

We’re kind of wondering, after reading the Associated Press’ account of a possible dust-up between Keanu Reeves and the paparazzi, if all those slo-mo moves in The Matrix were just special effects and not Reeves’ superior acting skills. Surely, if they were real, Reeves would have...Read More»

Would You Be Kasey Kahne’s Bitch?

Maybe your idea of fun isn’t answering phones, looking for lost sunglasses and scheduling tennis lessons, but at least one NASCAR fan thought it would be a good idea to be Kasey Kahne’s bitch for a week. And now he’s got the chance. As the winner of the Kasey Kahne Dream Job...Read More»

Petty, Earnhardt Immortalized in Wax

First there was Vincent Price, then Jenna Jameson. Who’s the biggest star at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum this week? Why, none other than Richard Petty, who along with Dale Earnhardt, Jr., have been copied in wax, dressed down in jeans (racing suits would melt the wax, we think), and...Read More»

Bullrun Bows - And We Know What Happens

All you really need to know about the first episode of SpikeTV's new reality rally show is a) a Lamborghini isn't always the best choice for an 18-day, 4000-mile road race; b) using the word "fuck" liberally does not counter the image of southern Alabama heritage that most people bring to the...Read More»

2008 Toyota Prius 5dr HB Base (Natl) Angular Front Exterior View
Jay Leno’s Ecojet Spotlights Alternative Fuels

Does an environmentally-friendly automobile HAVE to look like the Toyota Prius? Not to Jay Leno. The talk show host and car collector teamed up with General Motors to secretly design and develop the Ecojet supercar. Sure, it’ll deliver Autobahn speeds, but it also runs on bio-diesel, which can be...Read More»

2005 Ford Escape 4-door 103" WB 2.3L Hybrid Open Doors
Dirty Jobs Star Shilling for Ford

Ford’s counting on its Super Duty trucks to help turn its business around. So, the next time you see a Ford truck ad, you might imagine a ton of cow feces needing removal. That’s because manly Mike Rowe, star of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, is Ford’s new spokesman...Read More»

Paris At it Again

If it weren’t for Paris Hilton we’d have to be reporting on poor old Anna Nicole Smith (pneumonia, you’ve heard?). Hilton has brushed with the law again, this time cited for driving with a suspended license. Hilton, the AP reports, was stopped on Tuesday for driving without...Read More»

An Inconvenient Truth Gets Oscar

Last night's Oscars ceremony vividly demonstrates that global warming is on the minds of everyone in Hollywood - but it's just a plot point compared to its political backstory. The "documentary" praised by Academy voters, An Inconvenient Truth, has racked up big box office, thanks largely to the...Read More»

GMTen Fashion Show Shows Love to MJB

GM’s held yet another fashion show – as a pre-Oscar warm-up and as a preview of the vehicles it’s putting in the Transformers movie. But instead of showing you more pictures of D-list celebs and God forbid, cars, we’ll leave you with the takeaway from Tuesday’s gala -...Read More»

2010 GMC Yukon XL 2WD 4-door 1500 SLT Grille
GM Gets In Bed with Transformers

You’ve been reading about it on the other blogs forever, bless their childhood-toy obsession. Now GM is getting all talky about their role in the live-action movie based on the Transformers cartoons, which goes into wide release in July. GM says four of the main characters in the movie...Read More»

Ghosn Gets Knighted

We know lots of Knights we admire – Knight Rider, Bobby Knight, but most of all Christopher Knight, a.k.a. Peter Brady, who overcame middle-Brady syndrome to get buff in his mid-40s and proceed to whomp Lingerie Bowl star Adrianne Curry. Now we can also look up to Carlos Ghosn, who was...Read More»

US Airways Chief Gets a Day for DUI

Score one for the flying public – and for the Delta fliers among us who lived in fear of US Airways taking over the company and leaving us changing planes in Phoenix (shudder!) every time we flew west for an auto press event. USA Today says US Air CEO Doug Parker’s spending a day in...Read More»

MINI’s “Hammer and Coop” Take to the Air

Technophiled and dateless as you are, you’ve probably already seen MINI’s new Webisode preview, Hammer and Coop. But we just watched it after someone pointed us to it in a spare moment at Starbucks, and we have to confess, we’re a little aroused. In a non-creepy way, of course...Read More»

What Time Is It? Merger Time!

It's only been hours since the news broke that GM and Chrysler may be exploring a merger - and mere minutes since XM and Sirius announced they're going to pair up to fight off the likes of HD radio and Apple's iPod. But both mergers have been on the radar of business pubs and insiders for much...Read More»

6 Hours of Austin, Circuit of the Americas, September 2013
Goldberg + Cars + Flames + Cussing = Bullrun

You're not going to be chided for missing Bill Goldberg's football career (Falcons? That's football?) or wrestling (properly spelled rasslin' in the south). But shame on you if you miss a single installment of Bullrun, Goldberg's latest TV show about to premiere on SpikeTV, the home of most of our...Read More»

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