Seinfeld Okay After Flipping Fiat
Seinfeld Okay After Flipping Fiat

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is reportedly recovering from minor injuries after a rollover accident on Thursday. Seinfeld was out alone in his 1967 Fiat BTM when the brakes failed, the Associated Press reports. After swerving to avoid a more serious accident, his Fiat flipped, coming to a stop within a...Read More»

Chrysler Honors Spike Lee

Chrysler's inspired by the work of Spike Lee -- so much so, they've awarded him their sixth Behind the Lens award. In a ceremony held last week at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, Lee got the honor as well as word that the Chrysler Foundation also plans to donate $25,000 in...Read More»

Hogan Sued Over Street-Racing Crash

The family of the man injured in a street-racing accident involving Nick Bollea, son of wrestler Hulk Hogan, is suing the family for negligence in the August 26 accident. The crash -- in which Bollea, 17, was allegedly involved in street racing against a silver Dodge Viper -- led to the permanent...Read More»

Pontiac In New York: 50 Cent Steals the Show

Celebrities are the new set decorations at auto shows, and last night's performance by Sheryl Crow at the Mercedes-Benz press event certainly drew big crowds (including odd out of place, found-object celebs like Project Runway winner Christian Siriano and professional clubdweller Richie Rich). But...Read More»

Tee Off With Tiger--If You're Lucky

Maybe you'll never bring the A-game that would get you into a round of golf with Tiger Woods, but Buick has an easier way--a one-in-a-multimillion chance to play against Woods or, if you prefer, a free Buick. The contest, the Detroit Free Press reports, takes place online at...Read More»

McCain: The Unknown for Detroit

John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, visited Detroit last week and met briefly with top executives from Ford, Chrysler and General Motors after touring a Ford plant outside of Detroit. The meeting was an effort by the likes of Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli and Ford's Alan...Read More»

Big-Screen Biodiesel Boost?

More than a decade ago, Joshua Tickell embarked on a nationwide tour with his ‘Veggie Van,’ fueling it with biodiesel for a total of about 25,000 miles of crisscrossing the country over a couple of years. How Tickell sourced his biodiesel was a story in itself and yielded much media...Read More»

PBS Predicts the Car of the Future - With Tom and Ray

While we think the car of the future will continue to be powered by gas, diesel and ethanol, a whole range of alternative fuel options are being studied in board rooms and laboratories around the world. And now, the Public Broadcasting System (PBS--yes, the home of Antiques Roadshow) is exploring...Read More»

Bruce Was Busy? Pink Cadillac Gets Aretha's Signature for Grammy Auction

Cadillac is tickled pink -- or so's the word from their PR folk, who are spreading some of the Grammy love this week a little early with a special-edition being auctioned off in the run-up to this Sunday's music awards show. Cadillac says a pink CTS is being sold to the highest bidder on the 8th...Read More»

Mmmm....Kangoo! Simpsons Star in Global Renault Ads

The ultimate family testing the ultimate family car – that’s how French manufacturer Renault is describing its new series of adverts for the MkII Kangoo family, which star the Fox network's Simpsons. Scheduled to appear in 29 countries across Europe from next week, the campaign includes...Read More»

Journey News Continues: Couple to Wed at Chicago Show, Steve Perry Still Nowhere to Be Found

We told you yesterday about all the cliches we’re expecting in Dodge Journey reviews this coming Friday. But we really couldn’t one-up that any better than Dodge can--and the Chrysler brand is upstaging even the Chicago auto show by putting on a wedding at its show stand, complete with a...Read More»

Detroit Gives a Nod to Star Power

Everyone's been commenting about the subdued atmosphere of the press introductions here at the Detroit show relative to years past, and after two press days have come and gone I'm realizing one element was largely missing from the product introductions: the grand live entertainment. That's not to...Read More»

Benz GLK Gets Townside, Too

While Mercedes finally seems to have a handle on the C-Class wagon most Americans would like to drive -- in the form of the new GLK crossover -- they're certainly hedging their bets when it comes to the look of the new vehicle. In press materials distributed prior to their conference today at the...Read More»

Bo Duke’s Charger On the Block, Not Up On Blocks

In yet another sign of the redneck apocalypse--and an excuse for Gen Xers raised on CBS’ formidable lineup of the Dukes of Hazzard, Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk to get all sarcastically teary-eyed--one of the General Lees used in the filming of the TV series and owned by “Bo...Read More»

GM Style: Fashion Forward, News Back

If you’re a journo lucky enough to score an invite to the GM Style event, count your mixed blessings. The celebrity-studded event takes place a week from today in connection with the Detroit Auto Show--and while GM has a constellation of new cars to whip out at the show, everything from the...Read More»

The Lesson: Don't Steal Nick Cage's Car Cash

(Surprisingly, Cage was not available for photo op - so here's a Cobra shot instead.) Nic Cage may regret a few roles he's taken, but one big regret of his was taken care of by the courts today. Cage, fellow New Orleanian and car collector, got word that a car broker who had lined up to sell some...Read More»

Iacocca: Boobs, Bozos and Gangsters

He’s back…and he’s pissed. There’s one thing you can say about the legendary Lido, Lee A. Iaccoca: he’s not a man to hold his tongue – or wagging finger. And in a new book, he’s taking aim at an assortment of boobs and fools, ranging from the “gang of...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Ford Flex: it’s like a huge MINI Clubman with enough Edge to make you forget the Freestar. Nevermind that Flex is also the name applied to a string of, urm, gentleman’s clubs. We’re exhausted from name-dropping now, thanks. It’s the Impreza – wait, it’s the WRX, too! Wait, it’s...Read More»

Paris Hilton, Jailbird!

She's been naughty, but does she really deserve to be in prison when the real criminals - like the producers of this show - are still on the move? The AP reports that L.A. prosecutors will ask to revoke Paris Hilton's probation for a Sept. 9 reckless driving incident in which she was ticketed in...Read More»

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