Rest In Peace, Ricardo Montalbán
Rest In Peace, Ricardo Montalbán

Sad news from Los Angeles today: actor Ricardo Montalbán has died. Some of you might wonder why we'd mention that at TheCarConnection.com--especially you younger folks, who only knew him from Fantasy Island re-reruns and the occasional TCM screening of Madame X. But for a generation of Americans...Read More»

Mrs. America 2008 Maureen MacDonald
Mrs. America Taps NASCAR for Charity

When you hear the word "tasteful", your mind might not immediately drift to images of beauty queens or NASCAR drivers. However, turn your attention to the reigning Mrs. America, Maureen MacDonald, 'cause she's clearly a class act. Crowned back in September, the enterprising North Carolinian picked...Read More»

Gran Torino movie
Gran Torino: The Movie Is the Metaphor

Nothing says "the holidays" quite like a gentle snowfall, a hot mug of cocoa, and a multiplex packed with serious, heartfelt dramas. And among this year's crop of Oscar hopefuls, there's one that looks to warm the hearts and engines of even the most grizzled gearheads: Gran Torino. The movie stars...Read More»

Ford Flex - Customized By Nelly
Hip-Hop Star Nelly Shows Customized 2009 Ford Flex at SEMA

Wow, Ford is really pulling out all the stops in attempts to sell station wagons crossovers to a whole new set of playas. In a cleverly eponymous marketing move, Ford had already partnered with DJ/producer Funkmaster Flex on--you guessed it--a Ford Flex. Flex's buddy Nelly saw the new Ford vehicle...Read More»

BMW Hydrogen 7 Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank Is Hydrogen-Powered

No, she's not taking over in the Sarah Conner chronicles, although her award-winning androgyny suits a Terminator just fine. Hilary Swank is, like Jamie Lee Curtis, the new driver of a new hydrogen-powered vehicle. Swank seems to have gotten the better half of the deal; while Curtis and husband...Read More»

KITT (Knight Rider)
Knight Rider Running on All Eight Cylinders?

After receiving positive response from its two-hour backdoor pilot movie based on the iconic "Knight Rider" series from the 1980s, NBC has decided the show will finish out the '08-'09 season, giving the go-ahead for nine more episodes of "a reinvented, updated and super-charged action series...Read More»

2008 Audi A4 TDI concept e
Automotive Hall of Fame Adds Eight Inductees

The Automotive Hall of Fame, located in Dearborn, Michigan, yesterday inducted eight new individuals (five posthumously) into its ranks. These individuals are being honored for their contributions to racing, design, manufacturing, the aftermarket, or management. The list of inductees is as follows...Read More»

Robert Kearns movie Flash of Genius
Intermittent Wipers' Kearns Gets New Movie, Flash of Genius

Intermittent wipers may not seem the equal of sweeping cinematic themes like Alexander the Great's push across Asia, or even Cher's drive across Rodeo Drive. Flash of Genius, an upcoming release from Universal Pictures/Spyglass Entertainment, takes a stab at the tale anyway as it chronicles the...Read More»

Senator John McCain
UAW, DNC Blast McCain on "Buying American"

John McCain's claim of "buying American all my life" was perhaps a partial truth, according to the Democratic National Committee. McCain made the comment during a WXYZ TV interview in Detroit recently and followed it up by saying, "and I'm proud." The complete truth, as the DNC tells it, is a fleet...Read More»

Gene Simmons
KISS This: Guy Sues Simmons Over IRL Deal

Say you're Gene Simmons, and astute self-marketing--OK, whoring out your image on Visa cards, Coke bottles, and questionable reality TV shows--has driven bajillions into your coffers. Now say you may possibly cut a dude out of a deal to market an IRL racing team, and you are now being sued. Simmons...Read More»

Ford Ka Quantum of Solace
Ford Ka in on Bond's "Quantum of Solace"

James Bond may drive an Aston Martin, but his femmes fatales need wheels, too--and this time around, the leading lady in the latest Bond film will be driving a Ford Ka. The new Bond film due in theaters on November 7 is dubbed "Quantum of Solace." In it, Daniel Craig's Bond will play opposite Olga...Read More»

Driving Miss Daisy
Morgan Freeman Flips Car, On the Mend in MS

Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman is said to be on the mend after a rollover accident last night in rural Mississippi. TMZ.com reports that Freeman was in the car with a passenger, driving a '97 Nissan Maxima down rural Highway 32 near Ruleville, Miss., when the car hit the edge of the...Read More»

Jay Leno's Dodge Challenger SRT8
Today's Video Timesuck: Jay Leno's Dodge Challenger

Everyone should be so lucky as Jay Leno. He has essentially lifetime employment if he wants it, a chin that could double as billboard space, and the world's best garage, next to the Sultan of Brunei. So it's hard to feel jealous of the Tonight Show host in this video that shows him taking...Read More»

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest
Jamie Lee Curtis Among First Honda Fuel-Cell Owners

Honda's first fuel-cell FCX Clarity rolled off a production line in Japan today--and one of the first five vehicles is headed to Jamie Lee Curtis. Scream queen Curtis (Halloween, Freaky Friday) and her auteur husband Christopher Guest (For Your Consideration) are one of five U.S. families to take...Read More»

Alanis Morrissette and Mercedes-Benz BlueTec E320
Mercedes and, Apparently, Alanis Morissette Get in Bed Together

Man, Avril Lavigne is starting to look old. What? You say it's actually logorrheic Canadian chanteuse Alanis Morissette right there alongside a Bluetec-equipped Mercedes-Benz E320? Oh, OK. I checked the press release. It turns out it is Alanis--and she's standing next to the Benz because she put...Read More»

Video Timesuck: Honda Hearts...Um...Heart

We won't use the word "sellout," but think back to the last time you heard rock band Heart's paean to slimy music-industry execs. Probably wasn't in the context of selling a minivan, was it? But credit is due the Wilson sisters, who've licensed probably their most recognizable hit, "Barracuda,"...Read More»

Cars Sequel Set for 2012

If you didn't get enough of Disney's animated take on the fables of Route 66, you're in luck. The company's Pixar unit is brewing up another installment of its Cars franchise, with the new animated feature due in 2012. Autoblog doesn't have many other details about Cars 2, other than it's following...Read More»

Audi Hits the Screen with Iron Man

Audi's hooking up with Robert Downey, Jr., but don't worry -- there won't be any trouble-making except on the silver screen. Downey's the star of the film version of Marvel's Iron Man, and Audi's the official car of the summer flick, which makes its debut in theaters on May 2. Downey plays Tony...Read More»

Ten Cars of Infamy: Bonnie & Clyde's Ford V-8

The history of cars is full of heartwarming stories and happy endings—but just as full of dark corners, blind alleys and high-speed tragedy. Some cars have become part of our culture, because of their role in murder and mayhem. They're infamous. TheCarConnection.com’s ten most infamous...Read More»

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