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Invisible Monkey II: PETA Defends Dodge, Gets All Up In Our Grille
Invisible Monkey II: PETA Defends Dodge, Gets All Up In Our Grille

Ah, the Interwebz. We wrote a little story last Thursday about how Dodge digitally erased the image of a monkey from an end-of-year clearance commercial after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals complained. And it sorta went viral. Tens of thousands of people viewed it, and more than 50...Read More»

Invisible monkey in Dodge's Year-End Tent Event Sale advertisement
So Is Chrysler's Invisible Ad Monkey Flipping Off PETA?

Annoying end-of-model-year dealer closeout ads have swarmed the airwaves, as they do every year around this time. But Chrysler threw a touch of whimsy into its 30-second array of black cars in front of a tent with confetti, with the voice of Michael C. Hall--better known as the civic-minded serial...Read More»

2010 Honda Dog Friendly Element
Subaru Launches Dog Driving Days, To Teach Pets New Skills

In recent years, both Subaru and Honda have marketed special versions of their vehicles to pet owners, including "pet-friendly" accessories to make riding in cars safer for non-human species. Now, Subaru is taking the next step by offering driving lessons to dogs and other pets. The company plans a...Read More»

Knight Rider Makes the NBC Schedule

We won't hold you responsible - the few million people who watched NBC's resurrected Knight Rider in enough numbers to give the pilot a slot in the network's fall lineup. We blame entropy. Yep, you heard it right: NBC's confirmed the show will have a permanent spot in its lineup. It'll air...Read More»

Found on eBay: Hardcastle and McCormick's Coyote!

It’s true--the most incredible things can be found on eBay. For instance, if you're a Hardcastle & McCormick fan and survived middle school despite the fact, you may just want to take a look at eBay with a relative or some close friend nearby to catch your fall. The original and only Coyote...Read More»

PBS Predicts the Car of the Future - With Tom and Ray

While we think the car of the future will continue to be powered by gas, diesel and ethanol, a whole range of alternative fuel options are being studied in board rooms and laboratories around the world. And now, the Public Broadcasting System (PBS--yes, the home of Antiques Roadshow) is exploring...Read More»

Audi Makes Super Bowl an Offer It Can’t Refuse

Audi’s returning to Super Bowl advertising, and it’s making the NFL and FOX an offer they can’t refuse--a commercial that lifts themes from the Godfather movies and stars the R8 supercar. The point of the commercial, Audi says, is to point out Audi’s assault on the...Read More»

Supremes: Police Can Chase - and Pit to Kill

If you decide to give the cops a run for it, know that the law is decidedly against you. In an 8-1 decision today, the Supreme Court gave police wide latitude in how they proceed when high-speed chases erupt - and left them with significantly more protection against lawsuits filed after chases. The...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Ford Flex: it’s like a huge MINI Clubman with enough Edge to make you forget the Freestar. Nevermind that Flex is also the name applied to a string of, urm, gentleman’s clubs. We’re exhausted from name-dropping now, thanks. It’s the Impreza – wait, it’s the WRX, too! Wait, it’s...Read More»

A Dark Knight Indeed: KITT For Sale!

Say it ain’t so, KITT—the talking Pontiac Trans Am driven by David Hasselhoff in the Eighties NBC drama Knight Rider is up for sale in California. The Associated Press reports that the fully restored car is being offered for $149,995 at an auto dealership in Dublin, California. The...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

We’re so glad to be home from Geneva. In our short 48 hours on the ground, we saw a BMW M3 lightly guised as a concept, a passel of hookers on the formerly respectable Rue du Berne, and experienced five Academy Award-nominated movies, only one of which we really “got.” So, can anyone tell us...Read More»

Bugatti’s Bscher Out: Veyron Plus None

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Bugatti’s head Thomas Bscher has resigned. Bscher had been head of the Volkswagen Group’s most exclusive brand. His departure comes on the heels of that of Wolfgang Bernhard, once thought to be in line to be chairman of Germany’s largest...Read More»

Bullrun Bows - And We Know What Happens

All you really need to know about the first episode of SpikeTV's new reality rally show is a) a Lamborghini isn't always the best choice for an 18-day, 4000-mile road race; b) using the word "fuck" liberally does not counter the image of southern Alabama heritage that most people bring to the...Read More»

2013 Ford Expedition EL 2WD 4-door Limited Door Controls
Dirty Jobs Star Shilling for Ford

Ford’s counting on its Super Duty trucks to help turn its business around. So, the next time you see a Ford truck ad, you might imagine a ton of cow feces needing removal. That’s because manly Mike Rowe, star of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, is Ford’s new spokesman...Read More»

MINI’s “Hammer and Coop” Take to the Air

Technophiled and dateless as you are, you’ve probably already seen MINI’s new Webisode preview, Hammer and Coop. But we just watched it after someone pointed us to it in a spare moment at Starbucks, and we have to confess, we’re a little aroused. In a non-creepy way, of course...Read More»

6 Hours of Austin, Circuit of the Americas, September 2013
Goldberg + Cars + Flames + Cussing = Bullrun

You're not going to be chided for missing Bill Goldberg's football career (Falcons? That's football?) or wrestling (properly spelled rasslin' in the south). But shame on you if you miss a single installment of Bullrun, Goldberg's latest TV show about to premiere on SpikeTV, the home of most of our...Read More»

2001 Detroit Show: Green Scene

by Frank Bohanan Environmentally friendly, or “green,” vehicles have gotten a lot of play over the past few years. At the 2001 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, though, there was noticeably less talk of new pollution-reducing technologies. For the most part, they insist...Read More»

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