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Average U.S. car is now 11.6 years old, owners holding onto them longer than ever
Average U.S. car is now 11.6 years old, owners holding onto them longer than ever

As you drove over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house on Thanksgiving, did you notice that your car was a little squeakier than it used to be? Did it take longer to get up and going? Did it complain about its sciatica and about today's kids? Hopefully, the answer to all those...Read More»

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Average Age Of U.S. Vehicles Hits Record High: 11.5 Years

You've heard people say that none of us are getting any younger? Well, it's true of our cars, too: according to IHS Automotive, the average age of U.S. vehicles has hit a record high of 11.5 years. In other words, the average passenger vehicle on the road today was built for the 2004 model year...Read More»

U.S. Has More Vehicles In Operation Than Ever Before, Scrappage Rates Plummet

Have you ever wondered how many vehicles roam the highways and byways of America? Research firm IHS Automotive has the answer, and it's the highest in recorded history. ALSO SEE: Is Elon Musk About To Blow The Roof Off The Electric Car Industry? IHS says that there are roughly 252,700,000 vehicles...Read More»

Squatter camp, Sacramento, CA (photo by Dorothea Lange for the U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Cars In America Are Still Over 11 Years Old -- And Getting Older

During the Great Recession, car sales tanked, bottoming out in 2009. That year, Americans bought just 10.4 million vehicles -- a number that U.S. auto dealers had been surpassing for decades. But the economy wasn't the only thing that kept consumers from buying cars. True, many people lost jobs...Read More»

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Average Car In America Is Now 11.4 Years Old

In 2012, research firm R.L. Polk announced that the average vehicle in the U.S. was a whopping 10.8 years old. That marked an all-time high, but Polk says the record has been broken again, with the figure now standing at 11.4 years. Think about that for a moment: the average car in America was...Read More»

AutoMD study says owners plan to drive cars for 10+ years
Study: The Days Of Buying New Cars Every Four Years Are Over

Not so long ago, it was fairly common to purchase a new vehicle every three or four years. Whether that purchase was spurred by fears of an aging vehicle's reliability or a desire for a sparkly new status symbol in the driveway, folks began getting antsy once their odometers crossed the 50,000-mile...Read More»

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June Auto Sales May Have Hit A Record High

There's good news and bad news for folks in the automotive sector. GOOD NEWS We'll start with the good news (because it's Monday, and kicking off with the bad stuff seems cruel). According to a report in AutoNews, new-car sales for June are likely to reach heights not seen since before the Great...Read More»

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