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Bromance, Car-Guy Style [GM Hearts Jalopnik and Vice Versa]
Bromance, Car-Guy Style [GM Hearts Jalopnik and Vice Versa]

These days, everyone's a-Tweetin', PR peeps included. So we're used to a regular diet of links, photos, and the occasional Deep Thought from the indefatigably outgoing Travis Parman of General Motors, who spends an enormous amount of time re-Tweeting comments on the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. And, when...Read More»

Gaywheels logo
Gaywheels Wants To Know: What's Your Ride? has dragged a lot of data out of the closet since its launch in June 2005.  Prior to its existence, it was easy to fall back on stereotypes when describing what the LGBT population drove (Lesbaru anyone?).  Then the site began publishing what their users were researching and that...Read More»

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS
High Gear Media Revs Up With Mustang, Camaro and Challenger

The news from the auto industry is bleak--unless you're writing about cars here at High Gear Media. High Gear Media is off to a great start in 2009, with record traffic at our flagship site, But TCC is just the beginning of a growing network of Web sites that will explore...Read More»

2009 Nissan GT-R
TheCarConnection and Yahoo! Get In Gear

Just before the 2009 Detroit auto show gets underway, and High Gear Media have a nice bit of news to share: a new content distribution agreement we've done with the good folks at Yahoo! Starting today, our unique  "meta" reviews are now available on Yahoo! Autos. We're excited...Read More»

2008 Maybach Landaulet
Rumored: Mercedes Association with Aston Martin

The rumor-mill department over at Carscoop reports that U.K.'s CAR magazine claims a possible association between Mercedes-Benz and hallowed British marque Aston Martin. Apparently CAR claims the two icons have been in discussions for quite some time, and the benefits would include joint work on...Read More»

2009 Pontiac G8
Pontiac G8 Die-Off Rumored

Carscoop, via Edmund's InsideLine, report an unnamed source's claims that the rear-drive, Holden-based Pontiac G8 will not be kept in production after it lives out approximately five more years of production. Along with rumors, they claim, of the demise of Lutz's baby, the Pontiac Solstice...Read More»

2009 Ford F-150 Platinum
Ford Reliability: Bright Spot in Dismal Market

According to a report released this afternoon by Consumer Reports magazine, Ford Motor Co. continues its impressive quality climb despite a distressing sales decline. Its vehicles rated "average" or "better," with the exception of three truck models according to Detroit News. This is great news for...Read More»

Pinto Slapped
Jalopnik Names Top 70 Lemons in Texas 24 Hours of LeMons

God bless the irreverant folks at Jalopnik, obsessed as they are with the Cult of Cars. They might occasionally resort to dramatic headlines about, say, urea injection, but their top 10 (or top 70, in this case) lists are simply brilliant. We snagged a couple of our favorite pics from their...Read More»

2009 Mercedes Benz GL Class 3.0L BlueTec
Diesel Urea Injection: Fact and Fiction

Myths abound about the new generation of clean diesels set to sweep the marketplace this fall (Mercedes E, R, ML, and GL, BMW 3 Series and X5, Audi Q7, Q5, A4, A3, VW Jetta TDI). In an attention-getting headline, our sometimes cynical peers over at Jalopnik blasted this one today: "New Benz BlueTec...Read More»

2009 Ford F-150
Truck of Texas: We Have a Winner

Calling it the Super Bowl of the truck industry, Harold Gunn, president of the Texas Auto Writers Association, underscored the magnitude of the new-for-'09 Ford F-150's trophy. Ford went up against Dodge's Ram, also new for '09, but took the Truck of Texas title for the sixth year in a row. Hmm...Read More»

Car Shoppers Using Internet More as Market Shifts

J.D. Power and Associates today released their 2008 New Study, which indicates an increasing number of shoppers turning to the Internet to research vehicles as buying trends shift toward smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles; 75 percent of buyers are using the internet in '08...Read More»

2009 Honda S2000
Honda to Resurrect S2000...As the S3000?

Auto enthusiasts the world over still lament the demise of the Honda (Acura) NSX. And legions of import tuners are still tweaking and lowering their second-gen CRXs, another Honda that was embraced by enthusiasts and promptly left a huge void when it departed in the early 1990s. Enter the rumored...Read More»

2010 Volvo XC60
From Wall Street to Sweden: Job Cuts, Economic Woes

Proving just how global the economy really has become, Ford-owned Volvo just announced it will slash around 2,000 blue-collar jobs and 700 white-collar jobs in Sweden. Additionally, claims Carscoop, another 600 jobs and 700 consulting contracts outside of Sweden will be terminated. In all...Read More»

You're Doing It Wrong
2011 Chevy Volt Touches a Media Nerve

It's the day after, and here at, we're having a brief moment of fun and yes, introspection, with all the different threads that have emerged from our story on the new 2011 Chevrolet Volt. First and funniest, lots of you wrote in and asked us why we couldn't Photoshop the guys...Read More»

2007 Toyota Prius
Consumer Reports: Hybrids Can Pay Back

Once a point of contention regarding gas-electric hybrids, Consumer Reports now affirms that the purchase of a hybrid can save consumers anywhere from $500 to $4,250 over a five-year ownership period. Especially with steep gas prices, the greater mileage afforded by even mild hybrids, such as...Read More»

2005 Toyota Camry 4-door Sedan XLE Auto (Natl) Open Doors
CR: Used Cars Can Save You Plenty

Consumer Reports' latest issue dispenses some wisdom that penny-pinching fathers have been harping on since the dawn of time: It's nearly always cheaper to buy a used car than a new one. Specifically, Consumer Reports focused on late-model vehicles from one to three years old. In the case of a...Read More»

C/D's Larry Griffin Passes Away

It's a little belatedly that we report the passing of a colleague of ours, Larry Griffin. Larry was a longtime editor at Car and Driver, an ephemeral presence with a loose tether to anything but an interstate highway and a Mobil gas card and his prized handmade horse saddles. Above all, he was a...Read More»

Automobile Helps Build a Lambo

Auto journalists like to throw stones at automakers for the build quality of their cars. But what if the car writers had to take their spot on the assembly line and help shepherd a new vehicle from start to finish, and pass the quality muster? That's what Automobile magazine editor Jason Cammisa...Read More»

2008 BMW 1-Series 2-door Coupe 128i Instrument Cluster
Baby Benz Coupe Coming, But Not to U.S.?

With Mercedes-Benz and BMW going coupe crazy, it's no surprise that this morning's online edition of Autocar illustrates a new two-door spun from the Mercedes A-Class. The Brit car mag promises the new coupe will join the Mercedes lineup by 2011, and we're guessing that since the U.S. doesn't get...Read More»

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