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CNG Toyota Camry Concept to Debut at L.A. Auto Show
CNG Toyota Camry Concept to Debut at L.A. Auto Show

Previously the the fuel used mainly for clean air bus fleets and stoves in mobile homes--and some Honda Civics--CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) gets a bump in popularity with Toyota's announcement of a CNG Camry Hybrid concept to debut at the L.A. Auto Show in November. Explaining the decision to go...Read More»

Senator John McCain
UAW, DNC Blast McCain on "Buying American"

John McCain's claim of "buying American all my life" was perhaps a partial truth, according to the Democratic National Committee. McCain made the comment during a WXYZ TV interview in Detroit recently and followed it up by saying, "and I'm proud." The complete truth, as the DNC tells it, is a fleet...Read More»

2007 Toyota Prius
Consumer Reports: Hybrids Can Pay Back

Once a point of contention regarding gas-electric hybrids, Consumer Reports now affirms that the purchase of a hybrid can save consumers anywhere from $500 to $4,250 over a five-year ownership period. Especially with steep gas prices, the greater mileage afforded by even mild hybrids, such as...Read More»

2005 Toyota Camry 4-door Sedan XLE Auto (Natl) Open Doors
CR: Used Cars Can Save You Plenty

Consumer Reports' latest issue dispenses some wisdom that penny-pinching fathers have been harping on since the dawn of time: It's nearly always cheaper to buy a used car than a new one. Specifically, Consumer Reports focused on late-model vehicles from one to three years old. In the case of a...Read More»

2007 Lexus GS 450h 4-door Hybrid Sedan Angular Rear Exterior View
Toyota Wants All-Hybrid Lineup by 2020

Toyota has become synonymous with hybrids--and the Japanese automaker wants to make that connection even more universal in the next dozen years. The Wall Street Journal reports Toyota will make a hybrid powertrain option available on all its vehicles by 2020. The move comes as Toyota is facing...Read More»

2008 Toyota Camry Solara Convertible
Toyota Camry Solara Sticking Around

It's been called "dated" and droopy by reviewers around the Web--but Toyota's sticking with the Camry Solara convertible for another couple of years, according to word from the annual management seminars taking place in Traverse City, Mich., this week. The 2009 Toyota Camry Solara and 2010 Toyota...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Prius Production Added in U.S.

Look for a "Made in America" badge to start showing up on Toyota's top-selling hybrid-electric vehicle, the Prius. The Japanese maker will begin producing a version of the high-mileage sedan at a new plant in Blue Springs, Mississippi, starting in 2010, the company has confirmed. Like its Big Three...Read More»

2007 Toyota Camry
Did the Camry Kill a Toyota Engineer?

A Toyota engineer who died in 2006 was killed by too much work, a labor organization in Japan has ruled. The Associated Press reports that in 2006, an Toyota vehicle engineer died of ischemic heart disease. (The engineer's name was not reported at the family's request.) The disease, his family...Read More»

Gas At $4.89
Hypermilers Beware, AAA Says

Hypermilers--as USA Today reminded us this week--are those folks who are taking fuel economy to the next level. While you and I make sure our tires are properly inflated, and we're running on the right octane, hypermilers are turning off their engines on the highway, coasting behind huge trucks...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Find a Hybrid – If You Can

The debate over hybrids is likely to continue for some time. Just moments before starting this feature, I fielded a call from a friend, intent on buying a gasoline-electric model, no matter what the actual economic equations might reveal. The simple fact is that facing ever-rising fuel prices and...Read More»

2008 Ford F-Series
Asians Overtake Detroit; F-Series Falls to Civic

If all the plant closings, production shifts, and job losses haven’t gotten out the word that there’s a massive sea change reshaping the U.S. auto industry, then the sales numbers for May should certainly complete the picture. For the first time, Asian automakers outsold the U.S. Big Three last...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Does It Make Dollars and Sense to Buy a Hybrid?

Is it time to buy a hybrid? That’s a question a large portion of American auto buyers seem to be asking these days. And there’s little doubt that for many motorists, the answer is yes. Toyota, for example, reports that its stock of Prius hybrids has fallen to the lowest level in two years...Read More»

Second Opinion: ’08 Chevy Malibu

As long as I've written about cars and the auto industry (about a dozen years), GM has been on the verge of a comeback in the compact- to mid-size sedan segment. Quite a few different, highly heralded models have come out during this time, that I like to call “comeback kids” — the...Read More»

Toyota Ready for All Fuel Options, Addressing Quality Problems

It’s an uncertain world, acknowledged Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe, and any company hoping to be a success will have to address all of its options. With the increasing emphasis on green, fuel-efficient automobiles, that means preparing a wide array of alternatives, from...Read More»

Honda’s Pilot Aims for Diesel?

Honda’s confirmed its plans for adding a diesel engine to its lineup, but which vehicle would carry that engine has been a mystery. Other sources are pointing to a future Acura inheriting the oil-burner, or possibly the Accord and Civic. But what about Honda’s Ridgeline and the closely...Read More»

2007 Toyota Camry
Lots of Losers in December Sales

General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz all reported U.S. auto sales fell in December, leaving car sales at their lowest level since 1998.GM's sales of new cars and light trucks dropped 4.1 percent from a year earlier, according to Autodata, while Ford's total tumbled...Read More»

2006 Detroit auto show logo
2006 Detroit Auto Show Index

Show Coverage 2006 Detroit Auto Show, Part I by TCC Team (1/8/2006)Car and Truck of the year, Lexus LS has eight speeds, Enclave concept.. 2006 Detroit Auto Show, Part II by TCC Team (1/8/2006)Shelby GT500, Ford Reflex, predictions for 2006 and Lutz on GM financials.2006 Detroit Auto Show, Part III...Read More»

2005 Ferrari F430
2004 Paris Auto Show, Part VI

Confused in Paris The most frequent topic of conversation among automotive scribes attending this year’s Paris Motor Show was what, if anything, was the common thread. Several dozen new vehicles made their debut in the City of Lights, from the little Citroën C2 to Ferrari’s big F430. Yet...Read More»

2004 Ford Territory (Australia)
2003 Melbourne Auto Show

by Alexander Corne Related Articles:TCC's Auto Show Index by TCC Team (3/3/2003)Our coverage of the world's major auto shows, year to year. Australia’s big three motor makers, Ford, GM Holden and Toyota each contributed star cars to the Melbourne International Motor Show which opened its doors...Read More»

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