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2012 Chevy Camaro Celebrates 45 Years With Special Edition
2012 Chevy Camaro Celebrates 45 Years With Special Edition

In 1967, Chevrolet introduced the Camaro coupe as their answer to Ford’s wildly successful Mustang, and through its ups and downs, the Camaro's held on to its loyal following--outselling the Mustang on occasion, even, as it has this year. In honor of the Camaro’s 45th Anniversary...Read More»

2011 Jeep Wrangler
Is Jeep Splitting Hairs When It Comes To Facebook Fans?

Jeep announced today that it now has over 1 million Facebook fans. It joins other automakers such as Porsche and Ford in this elite, but growing group. Jeep is also quick to claim that it is the "first domestic automotive brand with more than 1 million Facebook fans." While this is true, at some...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible
Chevrolet All Over Super Bowl XLV

Chevrolet, GM’s bow-tie brand, plans a huge presence on this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV game broadcast on Fox Network. Not only will there be five 30-second spots aired during football’s annual contest for ultimate bragging rights as reigning champion, but Chevrolet will run ads...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Indianapolis 500 Pace Car
2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible To Pace 100th Indy 500

Where will you be this coming May 29th? If you’re like millions of Americans and race fans worldwide, you’ll be watching the 100th running of the famed Indianapolis 500 – either on TV or, if you’re really fortunate, in the stands. It’s an annual automotive race car...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Camaro 2-door Coupe 2SS Front Exterior View
Battle of the Steeds: Chevy Camaro Sales Top Ford Mustang in 2010

With the 2010 sales numbers now in, it’s interesting to note that two longstanding rivals, Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang, are back to racing neck-and-neck for customer bragging rights. Whether you’re a Camaro or Mustang aficionado, you’ve got to appreciate the competitiveness...Read More»

Evo MR in the snow
Good Grips: Snow Tires Make Driving Easier, Safer This Winter

When the icy, snowy roads you’re driving turn more than simply inconvenient and become treacherous death traps in-the-making, it’s too late to reconsider your inclination to purchase snow tires. One way to avoid becoming a snow-wreck statistic is to get prepared now for the next few...Read More»

General Motors' Robonaut 2
Video: General Motors Does The Robot, Dreams Of Moonwalking

The words "General Motors" conjure up different images for different people. GM's fans think of Cadillac, Chevy (not Chevrolet), the Camaro, baseball, Detroit. Detractors think of HUMMER, Saab, bankruptcy, bailouts. But few people think of robots -- and yet, that's just what GM is working on these...Read More»

2011 Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI
Dodge and Chevy - What's With the Stripes?

With the recent release of the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 at SEMA, I keep on wondering why Dodge and Chevy keep adding stripes and decal packages to the Challenger and Camaro. (The Mustang also but mainly on the Shelby). Now for the SEMA show this makes sense, but to carry these stripes on...Read More»

2012 Hyundai Genesis Sedan spy shots from inside Hyundai's Technical Center
Today at High Gear Media: 2012 Genesis, Tatas and Virgins

Today's Hyundai backgrounder is going nuts on social-media channels, maybe due in part to our 2012 Hyundai Genesis spy shot live from the event. [MotorAuthority] Last night, Facebook hosted the online reveal of the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible--but you were probably too busy on Farmville to...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Camaro Synergy Series
Chevy Showcases a Quartet of Hot Camaros at SEMA

During this week’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas (Nov. 2-5), Chevrolet is showcasing Camaro design, technology and accessories to jazz up Camaro customers who want to customize their rides. Remember that a lot of Camaro buyers have families, too. While Camaro...Read More»

2010 Fesler-Moss Camaro
2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392: Defining Muscle With Cubic-Inches

  Barracuda 426. Yenko 427. Boss 302. Coupling large numerics with a vehicle’s marquee immediately evokes nostalgic memories of raw American muscle. The integrated numbers represent the displacement of an engine in cubic-inches, and this is the way muscle should be measured...Read More»

Catching a Car Thief Using Social Media
Catching A Car Thief Using Social Media

Social media has invaded our lives. Many of us live out loud through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, just to name a few. But living out loud can be dangerous. People know when you are not home. Some may know where you live. Most will know what you drive and even what you eat. Like everything...Read More»

2010 Fireball Run day six, distributing flyers, shirts, and cards
Fireball Run: The Attainable Chevrolet Camaro SS Gets More Attention Than The Lamborghinis

The Fireball Run is over and the dust has settled. Done and gone are the days full of missions and bonuses, yelling and high stress discussions about where something might be. As a week has passed one thing has been stuck on my mind. The way the public reacts to the Camaro. In the Fireball run...Read More»

Fireball Run Day 2
Fireball Run: Camaro SS Video Tour And Apology

I had a ton of thoughts about how things were going to be at the Fireball Run. In fact I had so many ideas of how we were going to bring you coverage. I sit here now (after surviving the last 9 days) and laugh at all those thoughts. Originally it was going to be simple to bring all the live...Read More»

Neat Rear-Drive Sedan for Cadillac--and a Four-Door Camaro?

Could a new rear-drive Chevrolet sedan, and one for Cadillac too, be in the near future? Motor Trend reports that General Motors’ next-generation Zeta platform will provide the underpinnings for two new rear-wheel-drive sport sedans likely to come from Chevrolet and Cadillac. The magazine...Read More»

Camaro Convertible
Today in Car News: Camaro Convertible, Regal GS and Spoilers

Before the first one's even seen live, Chevrolet is auctioning off a 2012 Camaro Convertible at Barrett-Jackson. [Inside Line] High Gear Media will be there live when Buick shows off the production Regal GS in Miami in November. [eGMCarTech] Lance Armstrong, you are the first celebrity to get a...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Today at High Gear Media: Fireball Run, Big SUVs and Theft

It begins today: High Gear Media is running the 2010 Fireball Run Adventurally! We'll talk about it a lot over the next 10 days until @raywert covers his ears and goes, "La la la la I don't hear you." [MotorAuthority] Cool thing: for the Fireball Run, we've turned a Chevy Camaro SS into a mobile...Read More»

Mobile Command Center
Fireball Run: Turning The Chevrolet Camaro SS Into A Social Media Command Center

As we mentioned earlier we are going to be bringing you along with us for the Fireball Run. That's right! To do that we are bringing quite a bit of electronics (still hoping our actual clothes fit in the car after our electronics go in). So lets get to it. Joel's MacBook Pro Nelson's Sony Vaio...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Camaro
Today at High Gear Media: Fireball Run, Camaro and Eddie Bauer

It's on: starting tomorrow, our trio of editors takes on Valentino Balboni et al in the 2010 Fireball Run in a 2011 Chevy Camaro SS! [SocialCarNews] Meanwhile, us schlubs stuck at the desk get to fill out the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro full review, and tease ourselves with a score of 9 for handling...Read More»

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