How Do You Get To Work? In A Major City, You Probably Drive Alone For 25.8 Minutes
How Do You Get To Work? In A Major City, You Probably Drive Alone For 25.8 Minutes

Centuries from now, our descendants may look back in wonder and amusement at the automobile. (Assuming humanity hasn't destroyed itself, of course.) Cultural anthropologists will give tours of history museums, announcing with dramatic flair, "Back then, people had to leave their homes for work, and...Read More»

The Jetsons Car
Transportation 2030: Study Envisions Autonomous Car Hell, Autonomous Bus Heaven, No Flying Cars

Look out the window. Are the roads in your city/town/hamlet clogged with traffic? Have they been that way for the past several decades? Do you wonder if things ever get better? New York University's Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management knows the answers to the first two questions...Read More»

Transportation and the New Generation, a study by the Frontier Group
Mass Transit Is Massively Popular: Brief Trend Or Long-Term Trouble For The Auto Industry?

Wise men say that the wheels on the bus go round and round. The men and women at the American Public Transportation Association agree, adding that the wheels turned a lot more frequently in 2013 thanks to soaring ridership on mass transit systems. The question is: is this a brief trend, or does it...Read More»

Gas Pumps
Sierra Club Wants You To Dump The Pump This Thursday

If you've ever been stuck behind the wheel in rush-hour gridlock, you might've wondered about alternate means of transportation. This Thursday, June 16, you'll receive a little more encouragement to follow up on those thoughts during the sixth-annual "Dump the Pump" day. "Dump the Pump" is...Read More»

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