The Volkswagen Bus Is Dead! Long Live The Volkswagen Bus!
The Volkswagen Bus Is Dead! Long Live The Volkswagen Bus!

The Volkswagen Bus: facilitator of family road trips, pleasure pad of hippies, instigator of the infamous "chicken tax". After 63 years of production, it's finally heading to that showroom in the sky. If you live in the U.S., you could be excused for thinking that the Bus -- officially known as the...Read More»

The 'Drunk Mirror' drunk-driving campaign by Ogilvy for Allianz
Bar Uses Digital Mirrors To Remind Drivers They're Drunk: Video

Fixing the problem of drinking and driving isn't easy. Though alcohol-related traffic fatalities are on the decline in the U.S., there were still 10,228 such deaths on our roads in 2010, which is 10,228 too many. Efforts by law enforcement can go only so far in addressing the matter. To really...Read More»

2010 Fiat Uno
Fiat And Formspring Reinvent The Press Conference

Over 25? Chances are good that you're blissfully unaware of, a relatively new service that allows curious types (aka "gluttons for punishment") to receive anonymous questions from folks around the interworld. Users signs up for free Formspring accounts, let the world know they're open...Read More»

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