2004 Geneva Motor Show, Part II
2004 Geneva Motor Show, Part II

2004 Geneva Motor Show Index by TCC Team (2/22/2004) Concept 100EX Is Ready to Rolls To mark the centennial of the company, Rolls-Royce lifted the covers off the 100EX, the latest in a long-running series of experimental automobiles that date back nearly to the day when Charles Rolls and Henry...Read More»

2004 Mini S MC 40 - Interior
2004 Geneva Motor Show, Part I

2004 Geneva Motor Show Index by TCC Team (2/22/2004) Switzerland Shows It Off Switzerland — you can set your watch by the trains, and you can count the number of major car companies native to the nation on no fingers. And that’s what makes the Swiss show a major hit with automakers, who throng...Read More»

2004 Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT
2004 Geneva Motor Show, Part IV

2004 Geneva Motor Show Index by TCC Team (2/22/2004) Maserati Feeding Need for Speed Even as it prepares to launch the third new model in its lineup, the Quattroporte sedan, Maserati has rolled out a fourth product, though getting one won’t be easy. The MC12 is the name chosen for both the new...Read More»

2004 BMW 5-Series 530i
2004 Geneva Motor Show Preview I

2004 Geneva Motor Show Index by TCC Team (2/22/2004) A6 Returns With Nuvolari Style At the Geneva Auto Show Audi will unveil its new A6 sedan, but in the meantime the Germans have release the first pictures and all the details. With the new generation of the A6 Audi aims at the top position in the...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
INDUSTRY REPORT: Feb. 16, 2004

NUMMI Marks 20 Years General Motors and Toyota celebrated 20 years of their New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) joint-venture near San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday. Both Toyota Motor Corporation President Fujio Cho and General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner, on hand for the...Read More»

2004 Toyota Tacoma
2004 Chicago Auto Show, Part I

2004 Chicago Auto Show Index (2/3/2004) New Dakota: Bigger, More Powerful Dodge says it's the biggest and best of the mid-size trucks with the new 2005 Dodge Dakota, a redesign of which debuted Wednesday. The new Dakota will go on sale this fall, offering the only V-8 in compact truck segment. It...Read More»

Detroit show - Rivera
2004 Detroit Show, Part X

2004 Detroit Auto Show Coverage (1/4/2004) Downtown Detroit came alive this week when automotive media and industry executives flooded in from all over the world for the 2004 North American International Auto Show. And despite a brief snowstorm and punishingly low temperatures, it was impossible to...Read More»

2004 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid concept
2004 Detroit Show, Part VI

  2004 Detroit Auto Show Coverage (1/4/2004) Chrysler Prices 300C/Magnum From $22,495 Chrysler will strike back at the heart of the mid-size sedan market with its aggressively priced rear- and all-wheel-drive 300C/Dodge Magnum sedan and wagon this spring. Chrysler Group CEO Dieter Zetsche told...Read More»

2004 Subaru Legacy
2004 Detroit Show, Part VII

2004 Detroit Auto Show Coverage (1/4/2004) Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Sedan and Wagon Although it’s been on sale in Japan since May, Subaru took the wraps off its next-generation, more upscale Legacy sedan and wagon for the U.S. The two, which will soon go on sale, offer a 250-hp, 2.5-liter...Read More»

2004 Toyota FTX concept
2004 Detroit Show, Part II

2004 Detroit Auto Show Coverage (1/4/2004) Toyota Goes Huge with FTX The purpose of Toyota’s new FTX concept is simple and to the point: “To show that Toyota is serious about full-size trucks.” The FTX, we were openly told, gives a preview of how the next-generation full-size pickups from...Read More»

2003 HUMMER H3T concept
2004 Detroit Auto Show Preview

You could be at home preparing for the holidays. Or you could be wondering who you'll rent out your 6x8 "spider hole" to, now that the last tenant has taken a very public powder (he won't be getting his security deposit back, you seethe). But if you're even only vaguely connected to the auto...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
DAILY EDITION: Dec. 1, 2003

TCC'S DAILY EDITION: Dec. 1, 2003 DB9 Droptop for Detroit Aston Martin will show a convertible version of its DB9 at the Detroit auto show in January. It will be called the DB9 Volante and will be built alongside the DB9 Coupe, which was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Both...Read More»

2003 Toyota Corolla LE
2003 SEMA Show Highlights

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) holds its annual trade show in Las Vegas every November. And every November the convention center there -- the entire convention center -- overflows with cars and stuff that can bolted, welded, glued, or spit-wadded onto them. Take the seven deadly...Read More»

2016 Ferrari 488GTB Spider  -  2015 Frankfurt Auto Show live photos
2003 Sydney Auto Show

by Alexander Corne Related Articles: 2003 Tokyo Motor Show Index by TCC Team (10/21/2003) Holden stole the Sydney International Motor Show, which opened on October 16, with a radical new production-ready coupe destined to outshine the 350-hp (260kW) 5.7-liter LS1-powered Pontiac GTOs even before...Read More»

 2011 Wiesmann Spyder Concept
2003 Tokyo Motor Show, Part III

2003 Tokyo Motor Show Index (10/21/2003) Cartoon Characters As reporters enter Makuhari Messe, the convention center housing the biennial Tokyo Motor Show, they’re greeted by the ear-splitting road of 20 road racing simulators. Along the side aisles, auto parts makers and aftermarket vendors...Read More»

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S, 2015 Geneva Motor Show
2003 Tokyo Motor Show Preview

TCC's Auto Show Index (2/23/2003) 2003 Tokyo Motor Show Index (10/21/2003) A Shinkansen bullet train whisks itself away from Tokyo's sleek Ueno train station, bound for the farthest reaches of Japan's major islands. It uses countless supercomputers and microcircuits to deliver its passengers...Read More»

2003 Nissan Murano
2003 Tokyo Motor Show Part II

2003 Tokyo Motor Show Index (10/21/2003) Where Are the Wackymobiles? Call them “fantasies in chrome,” if you wish, auto shows have traditionally been a showcase for over-the-top ideas. And no show typically features more of the way-out models than the biennial Tokyo motor fest at Makuhari...Read More»

2010 LA Design Winner: Cadillac Aera
2003 Tokyo Motor Show, Part I

2003 Tokyo Motor Show Index (10/21/2003) Dollar Versus Yen The opening of the Tokyo Motor Show was almost overshadowed by the long-festering argument over the value of the U.S. dollar. The Big Three have complained for more than two years that the Japanese competitors have gained an unfair...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
DAILY EDITION: Oct. 15, 2003

TCC'S DAILY EDITION: Oct. 15, 2003 Spy Shots: 2005 Chevy Corvette Don’t look for a carbon-fiber body and aluminum hydroformed frame on the new C6 Corvette — they’re reserved for the Le Mans effort. But shown here is the latest spy photo of the C6 Corvette coupe, photographed just hours ago...Read More»

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