From the Autobahn With Love: 2011 Buick Regal
From the Autobahn With Love: 2011 Buick Regal

This article is Part II in a series on the 2011 Buick Regal reveal held in Hollywood.  For Part I on the 2011 Buick Regal event, please click here. The 2011 Buick Regal is being marketed as a lower cost, sportier version of the Buick LaCrosse.  That doesn't mean that when the 2011 Buick Regal...Read More»

2010 Volvo C30
The 2011 Volvo C30: Looks Like Somebody's Been to the Plastic Surgeon

The Volvo C30, that odd little Parisian breadvan-style two door hatchback, has gone and had itself a little visit with the plastic surgeon for a nip, a tuck and a serious face pull. The guys in Sweden apparently decided to make the front end look like the face of a bulldog that had just survived a...Read More»

2009 Ford F-150
Ford's Supercrew Lariat F-150: This Is One Big Truck!

Lets set things straight right from the start. The 2009 Ford F-150 4x4 Supercrew Lariat 146 WB Styleside pickup truck has one long name and is one big truck. If there is a bigger F-150 in Fords product line-up, I havent seen it and am not exactly sure I want to. Whats big? Try 231.7 inches of total...Read More»

2010 Kia Soul
Is California The New Car Capital?

Well it sure isn't Detroit anymore that's for sure. I hate to be a pragmatic realist but the center of the U.S. auto industry left Detroit around the same time Ferris Bueller had his Day Off. Yes, it was obvious that the Big-Three had lost the plot decades before they finally were forced to admit...Read More»

Mercedes-AMG M178 engine
What You Need To Know Before Taking Your Vehicle In For Repairs

Once you have established where you will be taking your car to for repairs, contact them, & clear up the following points with them, before you book your vehicle in for repairs. 1. Warranty: If you leave your car with a well established Work Shop, you need to know if they Warranty their work...Read More»

2010 GMC Terrain
Exterior Styling Review 2010 GMC Terrain

  To put it bluntly, the GMC Terrain is an aesthetic atrocity. The newly introduced SUV is a variant of the Chevy Equinox, and is GMCs first foray into the compact crossover market. In all likelihood, designers were trying to evoke the look of the brands larger Yukon Denali, with heavy...Read More»

Ken Block's Subaru STI Trax
Ken Block's Subaru STI Trax

We haven't seen this thing (the mutant incarnation of a Subaru and snow mobile) since it made an appearance at a Rally America event last year. Afterwards, DC Shoes released an online film, which featured its co-founder and rally/viral video star Ken Block, showing off the Worlds Fastest Snow Cat...Read More»

mercedes benz esf 2009 experimental safety vehicle 032
A Brief History Of Auto Safety Technology

Call it the elephant in the room. The one nobody likes to talk about. Way more fun to think about performance and luxury and style, right? But here's the catch. The more we the manufacturers, designers, and drivers think about it, the more chance we have to avoid the dreaded accident. Way back...Read More»

2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Next-Gen: 2011 Mazda MX-5 Going Back To Basics

The newest generation Miata is currently in the R&D phase at Mazda's headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan, where engineers are finding ways to make it more like the original version that made its debut in 1989. The current generation MX-5 is just too heavy, according to Mazda's spokespeople. For the...Read More»

Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Richard Petty Joins Forces With Arrington Engines/

 When you hear the name Richard Petty, you have a clear mental image of a thin man wearing a cowboy hat driving a blue Dodge. Many would remember the Dodge Challengers he raced in the 1960s with the now famous B5 blue paint scheme. Well, not to worry folks because now the legend is building...Read More»

2009 Ford Flex
Ford Flex Finds Its Niche and Turns a Few Heads

Ford stepped into the unknown last year when it introduced its Flex, however, from the number that have been on the road lately, it looks like this slow-to-catch-on vehicle is going to be another winner. From some angles, it looks like a Rover, too. If you remember the introduction of the minivan a...Read More»

Flooded Car
Watch Out for Flood Cars: They Are Just Headaches Waiting To Happen

Here's an interesting conundrum that just happens to be very germane right now. It applies especially to online buyers or buyers at online car auctions that may be many states away. The conundrum for the buyer is this: with today's detailing technology as good as it is, how do you know if the car...Read More»

2007 Acura MDX 4WD 4-door Sport/Entertainment Pkg Angular Rear Exterior View
Sedan or Hatchback? Which Is Best in Case of a Dog Emergency?

This may all sound like a far-fetched concept (pardon the dog pun) but if you own a medium to large sized dog what would you do if that dog became utterly immobilized or passed away at home? Would you feel comfortable locking him or her in the trunk or trying to open the folding pass thru seats so...Read More»

branew nissan gt r 002
The Wooden-Bodied Ryan Travit

The Wooden-Bodied Ryan Travit Ken Ryan is not your typical car guy. Having spent a number of years abroad in Europe and around the world he has owned more interesting and rare cars then most of us could dream of. Having been a woodworker, building musical instruments and furniture, Ken was always...Read More»

1958 Berkley Roadster Found in the Southern Claifornia Mountains for $600
Lost and Found: How to find your Barn Find

Everyone in the car hobby is always looking for that rare"barn find" but if you know how to look they are far more common then you may think. Over the years I have found dozens of ultra rare cars, from a forgotten Boss 302, to classic Austin Healey's with racing history and everything in between...Read More»

1965 Shelby Daytona Coupe - Mecum Monterey 2009
Historic Dream Cars: The Shelby Daytona Coupe

In 1963, Carroll Shelby's Cobra racecars had dominated almost every race on United States tarmac. This included overtaking the Ferrari GTO racecars at the 12 Hours of Sebring. However, the Cobra roadster could not compete with the mighty GTO when the races moved into the European battlegrounds. You...Read More»

Plymouth logo
Muscle Car Flashback: The 1970 Plymouth Duster

With all of the recent merging and downturns for the Chrysler Motor Company, its time we looked back to the glory days of this once prominent automaker. It was 1970 in Detroit when the guys at Chrysler decided to restyle and rebadge the Plymouth Valiant into a lightweight, semi-fastback compact...Read More»

Toyota Prius gas cap
Fuel Fillers - left or right?

CrasherCarl:  EDGR Engineering, Design and Government Regulations Why are some fuel fillers on the opposite side from the driver? Maybe the first question is: Where is the gas tank? Years ago, about the time cars became smooth-as-soap streamliners without separate fenders, there was one solution...Read More»

CrasherCarl - EDGR - Snow White - Chapter 3

CrasherCarl:  EDGR Engineering, Design and Government Regulations C.S.I. AND THE P.I. The man or woman who becomes a Crash Scene Investigator is most often a police office for a city or the state. Just like the crime scene investigators, they have a lot of technical gear in one or more trucks that...Read More»

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