Link Love From The Car Connection: Monday Edition
Link Love From The Car Connection: Monday Edition

Here are a few recent stories that got away: Toyota's president cancels plan to attend Detroit Auto Show. Maybe he was trying to emulate his U.S. counterparts who motored to D.C. a few weeks back. Add "crossing the Pacific" to that list of things the Prius can't do. Technological innovation can...Read More»

Cerberus To UAW: Take Our Company--Please!

As Tom Cruise ramped up publicity for his warm and fuzzy yuletide Nazi slaughter gift to moviegoers, Cerberus Capital Management--you know, the company named for the three-headed dog from Hell?--was wrapping a very special holiday prezzie of its own for the UAW. Only thing is, no one's sure if it's...Read More»

Ford logo BEST
Big Three Bailout: Ford Buffs Its Brand

Every motivational speaker in the world knows the old chestnut about "crisis" and "opportunity" being the same word in Chinese. And although that isn't entirely true, one of the Big 3 is working hard to find the silver lining in all this mishegas: Ford. Below deck, Ford's accounting and legal...Read More»

2009 Chevrolet Avalanche
Would You Buy American for a $1,000 Bonus?

It's safe to say that American automakers didn't get into their current predicament because of one Titanic-sized iceberg. Instead, there were a lot of little, tiny icebergs chipping away at the hull of that ship for many, many years. (In fact, the snowball may be a more accurate, wintry metaphor.)...Read More»

Rube Goldberg
Big Three Still Trickling, Still Down

Judging from some comments on recent posts, a few of you are a tad excited--nay, giddy--to see Ford, GM, and Chrysler get their comeuppance. And that's to be expected: watching the mighty fall has been a popular pastime since the era of Davey and Goliath--not to mention David and Goliath. However...Read More»

U.S. Capitol
Big Three Bailout: Southern Senators Immune to Irony

Like rain on your wedding day, irony has descended on the venerable institution known as the U.S. Senate. As everyone knows, the Detroit bailout legislation that passed handily in the House bottomed out in the Senate, and according to United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger, the bill's most...Read More»

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