Fiat, Italian Labor Unions Ask Italy For Help
Fiat, Italian Labor Unions Ask Italy For Help

Fiat and Italian labor unions report the loss of up to 60,000 jobs unless the government steps in to provide relief. The cause - of course - is the dismal global economy, causing what Nissan's Carlos Ghosn termed a "slump" for the entire auto industry. The Italian government in Rome claims that it...Read More»

Alan Mulally
Ford's Fine--No, Really

Over the weekend, Ford CEO Alan Mulally told attendees at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in New Orleans that the company is in "relatively good shape" these days--especially when compared to rivals GM and Chrysler. Accordingly, Mulally insisted that Ford will not be asking...Read More»

Chrysler and Fiat logos
The Chrysler Fiat-sco Continues

What first seemed a match made in heaven seems to have become a much more contentious marriage of convenience. Of course, Chrysler and Fiat are still elated, but the rest of the planet...maybe not so much. On the upside, Chrysler will get Fiat's expertise in building fuel-efficient vehicles, which...Read More»

Jeep Dealership
Chrysler Announces 'Employee Pricing Plus Plus' for Everyone

Well, it looks like the U.S. Treasury's generous $1.5 billion infusion (last Friday) into Chrysler Financial is trickling down to your local Pentastar dealer. Harking back to the gonzo car dealers who warbled catchy phrases while slamming their fists atop hoods, Chrysler today stammers the arrival...Read More»

2009 Chrysler 200C Concept
Chrysler Dealers Respond To Fiat Deal: 'Best Idea In A Long Time'

Though the details are still being scrutinized by both auto giants (and causing plenty of concern and consternation among industry analysts and Chrysler executives alike), the merger of Chrysler LLC and the Fiat Group has disgruntled Chrysler dealers in a very hopeful mood. According to The Detroit...Read More»

Chrysler and Fiat logos
The Chrysler Fiat-sco

Believe it or not, there was some news yesterday that didn't involve swearings-in or motorcades or figuring out whose dress Michelle Obama was wearing. For car folks, the biggest of those stories had to be the merging of America's troubled Chrysler with spunky Italian automaker Fiat. Maybe it was...Read More»

Barack Obama
WWOD: What Would Obama Do?

It's no secret that G. W. Bush left Barack Obama holding the bag on several things, including the fate of the American auto industry. Perhaps most notably, Bush left the Big 3 with a bailout package that wasn't really to anyone's liking, full of stipulations--some vague, some not--and compliance...Read More»

Pink Floyd's Nick Mason in the Maserati 250F
Link Love From The Car Connection

A handful of the speed bumps littering our info superhighway: Most collectible car chosen: Friends of the National Automotive History Collection have tagged the 2009 Dodge Challenger as the most likely vehicle of 2008 to be prized by future car fans. Are they saying we should abandon our Matchbox...Read More»

Japanese worker
Japanese Lawmakers Not So Interested In Subsidies...Yet

Congress wasn't exactly thrilled about the recent bailout, but clearly legislators understood that something had to be done if the American auto industry was to survive. Folks on both side of the aisle also recognized that this "something" had to be severe, given the cashflow problems that at least...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Cruze
Detroit News Claims Chapter 11 "Must Be An Option" for GM

Today Detroit News columnist Daniel Howes dispenses with pretty grim predictions for General Motors based on cold, hard numbers. What was GM's "base case," a prediction of 12 million U.S. light vehicles sales in 2009 (the number they gave to Congress in December's hearings), has now fallen to just...Read More»

2010 Ford Fusion
Obama White House Likely To Enact Tougher EPA Emissions Regs

President-Elect Barack Obama pledged during his campaign to overturn the Bush administration's denial of California's requested waiver to navigate past EPA guidelines, which would allow it and 17 other states to move forward with new laws that further limit vehicle emissions in the fight to curb...Read More»

U.S. Capitol
GOP Senators Still Engaged In Urination Contest

"Change" may be the word on everyone's lips these days, but as Colin pointed out yesterday, "change" will likely come in theory faster than in practice. To demonstrate that point, we need look no further than the US capitol, where Republican senators are playing partisan politics yet again. You may...Read More»

2009 Dodge Caliber SRT4
Chrysler Claims No Sale of Brands, Plants

"Absolutely false" - those were the words used by Chrysler Vice Chairman and President Tom LaSorda today regarding murmurs of a sale of the Jeep brand, one or more manufacturing plants, or tooling for an existing vehicle. (And who, exactly, would be fool enough to buy the tooling for, say, the Jeep...Read More»

Senator Bob Corker in Detroit
Senator Corker Goes To Detroit

One of the US Senate's most vocal critics of the American auto industry has paid a visit to the Detroit auto show. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) arrived yesterday and stopped to chat with each of the Big Three. So far, it appears he's the only non-Michigan politician to make the trek. Corker's...Read More»

GM Logo
GM Going Green And Very Lean

The Scottish poet Robert Burns once said, "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Why bother planning then? Well, as Congress made abundantly clear during the Big 3 bailout talks last fall, you have to have some kind of plan in place before you can expect any help. (Unless, of course...Read More»

GM Logo
GM Backtracks, Admits To Possibly Needing More Than $13.4 Billion

It seems we spoke to soon in claming that GM would not ask for more than the $13.4 billion it's been granted in Federal assistance (from a recent post about Chrysler's request for an additional $3 billion). Today, GM COO Fritz Henderson "presented a worst-case scenario" to Congress, according to...Read More»

Chrysler Wants $3 Billion In Immediate Aid

Chrysler's finance arm is in "advanced talks" with the U.S. Treasury in hopes of obtaining an additional $3 billion beyond Federal assistance already granted. They hope a deal will be struck by this Friday. Last month, Chrysler received $4 billion from the TARP fund (Troubled Asset Relief Program)...Read More»

UAW not striking
UAW Barred From GM's Strike Zone

December's Big 3 bailout agreement has finally been filed with the SEC, meaning that details are coming to light. A close read shows that the Bush administration really put the screws to the UAW, but whether the union is totally screwed remains to be seen. Included in the fine print--specifically...Read More»

Detroit's Cobo Hall
Link Love From The Car Connection: Holiday Edition

Here's a list of recent news items we caught just before they slipped through the cracks. Hopefully, they'll keep you busy in-between eggnogs over the next few days. Enjoy your holiday--from work and from us. We'll see you soon! Toyota is still feeling the crunch: Toyota's second-ever loss is...Read More»

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